PewDiePie: It’s Because I’m White

As I said on Twitter, Disney, YouTube, The New York Times and the rest of the Lügenpresse wouldn’t have cared if PewDiePie had only made a few video saying “kill all White people.”

Note: The Independent is calling PewDiePie the thin edge of fascism:

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  1. I’m watching Amazon’s “High Castle” series and the second season has me in a binge watching mode now. Basically when I first turned into it I thought well in 1962 the Nazis would not be seen as liberators, but now they basically would be. The show is captivating the Nazis are glamorous good looking people who don’t have to lock their doors and they build awesome stuff. Counter Currents has a good into into the series.

  2. Calling someone a Nazi or a Fascist is the last anti-bacterial super drug left to the establishment to attempt to quash the super resistant alt right. Bigot, racist, and xenophobe are no longer effective.

  3. Nationalists have a real opportunity here. The System is increasingly showing itself to be repressive, hypocritical and representing a corrupt older order. The Alt Right, meanwhile, is becoming cool, hip and the wave of youth.

    Activists like PewDiePie are bringing the Alt Right into the mainstream. And they are staking out territory as defenders of freedom and White rights. They are going to need support. If “normies” come to Alt Right websites then they have to be given something constructive to do. Right now, there is some very good analysis on Alt Right websites. But it has to be taken into the real world. Which means front organizations and activism in the streets.

    Look at the various nationalist and identitarian movements in Europe. They conduct demonstrations, street theater, and acts of civil resistance. The Alt Right can do the same in the USA. Imagine, if you will, if the Berkeley antifa had to go up against Ukrainian Right Sector.

    Let’s not blow the opportunity.


    As, with the passage of each day, it becomes clear that members of the intelligence community are leaking Trump Administration communiques to quickly sabotage him, we are at the dawn of a new era.

    Just a parting thought :

    I have to respect the courage of these establishment intelligence officials who are trying to destroy Trump, because, as this tumbles out, not even with the squirrels in the piney woods, will there be a place for them to hide from the wrath of the small town and rural man, who see in Mr. Trump a last chance for a society in which they wish to take part…

  5. And here I thought PewDiePie was just another no-talent idiot on JewTube. Some “idiot”, he makes $15 million a year!

    • For me as well, the day Pewdiepie posted DM’s between himself and Taylor Swift may have been the best day of Anglin’s life. No doubt her (((handlers))) will now put an end to her having any further discourse with him.

  6. In a way these people are doing us a favour. They are systematically eliminating the possibility of any moderate postition for Whites. Pretty soon our only choice will be to really become the Nazis they say we are or to accept complete subjugation and extermination.

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