The Deep State Politically Assassinated Michael Flynn

Damon Linker writes in The Week:

“Unelected intelligence analysts work for the president, not the other way around. Far too many Trump critics appear not to care that these intelligence agents leaked highly sensitive information to the press — mostly because Trump critics are pleased with the result. “Finally,” they say, “someone took a stand to expose collusion between the Russians and a senior aide to the president!” It is indeed important that someone took such a stand. But it matters greatly who that someone is and how they take their stand. Members of the unelected, unaccountable intelligence community are not the right someone, especially when they target a senior aide to the president by leaking anonymously to newspapers the content of classified phone intercepts, where the unverified, unsubstantiated information can inflict politically fatal damage almost instantaneously. …

But no matter what Flynn did, it is simply not the role of the deep state to target a man working in one of the political branches of the government by dishing to reporters about information it has gathered clandestinely. It is the role of elected members of Congress to conduct public investigations of alleged wrongdoing by public officials.

Those cheering the deep state torpedoing of Flynn are saying, in effect, that a police state is perfectly fine so long as it helps to bring down Trump. …”

Eli Lake writes at Bloomberg View:

“Flynn was a fat target for the national security state. He has cultivated a reputation as a reformer and a fierce critic of the intelligence community leaders he once served with when he was the director the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama. Flynn was working to reform the intelligence-industrial complex, something that threatened the bureaucratic prerogatives of his rivals.

He was also a fat target for Democrats. Remember Flynn’s breakout national moment last summer was when he joined the crowd at the Republican National Convention from the dais calling for Hillary Clinton to be jailed.

In normal times, the idea that U.S. officials entrusted with our most sensitive secrets would selectively disclose them to undermine the White House would alarm those worried about creeping authoritarianism. Imagine if intercepts of a call between Obama’s incoming national security adviser and Iran’s foreign minister leaked to the press before the nuclear negotiations began? The howls of indignation would be deafening.

In the end, it was Trump’s decision to cut Flynn loose. In doing this he caved in to his political and bureaucratic opposition. Nunes told me Monday night that this will not end well. “First it’s Flynn, next it will be Kellyanne Conway, then it will be Steve Bannon, then it will be Reince Priebus,” he said. Put another way, Flynn is only the appetizer. Trump is the entree.”

Noah Millman writes in The American Conservative:

“It certainly looks at this point like major elements within the national security bureaucracy are prepared to create a constitutional crisis in response to what they believe is a serious and real threat to American national security from the White House itself. And there is really only one way to avoid such a crisis: for Congress to step up and begin the necessary investigations of the Trump administration. …”

Just so we are clear, we all agree what just happened:

We have two governments, one elected and the other unelected, which are at war with each other.

The CIA has a long history of subverting foreign governments. We’ve also seen the “Color Revolutions” in foreign countries. Now, we’re seeing the same people try to do the same thing here.

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  1. Looks like a rather big divide between regular military and the CIA and Neo Con think tanks McCain Lindsey Graham and Libs that hate all things Trump

    • CIA and Neocons get rich off of a tense relationship with Russia. More CIA ops in former USSR, more bullshit Neocon think tank jobs. Connect the dots.

      • It is that, Mr. Finkelstein, and yet, it goes way beyond that.

        The Neocons and ‘the deep government’ have a vested stake in making the world of 2017 heal to the previous world.


        Because they have carved their own self-imagery and self-esteem from it, and anyone who threatens that threatens their psychick well-being.

    • Trump will rule only if he is willing to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

      Does he have it in him?

      This will be his test.

  2. Trump knows he has moles in his field. Now, how does he go about removing them? Short of setting fire to it all, anyway?

    • Turn the Deep State against itself. Use the NSA, FBI, and CIA to record the phone conversations, email correspondence, travel patterns, and contacts of ALL people who had access to this information, gather evidence, mass arrests.

  3. The Jewish Supremacists and Military Industrial Complex have no interest in America having friendship and trade with Russia. Only in conflict and War. All for the benefit of the New World Order and World Government. WPWW !

  4. History is littered with failed counter-revolutions. If these people are determined to illegally overthrow the legitimate, democratically-elected government, it gives that same government popular cause to overthrow them first.

    These people have been trying to overthrow the government for some time now. First, it was trying to treasonously bully and threaten electors into changing their votes. Then they tried floating impeachment – even before he took office. They followed that by trying to silence the opposition with the label of “fake news” (translation: things that disprove their BS). Next, it involved trying to create a false image of popular revolt with anti-democracy protests. Major media simultaneously began a barrage of attacks; Facebook changed its trending list to give major precedence to a selected list of “news” organizations, now virtually every story is anti-Trump propaganda. Just recently, they tried floating the lie that Trump is crazy so they would have reason to get rid of him (Franken was telling people that GOP senators were telling him they thought Trump might literally be crazy). Now, they have the intelligence services illegally leaking information.

  5. We need a new terminology to truly understand what is happening in America(and by extension the world since the US more or less controls it).

    We speak of ‘left’ and ‘right’, as if there is a fixed principled left and fixed principled right. Actually, both are very fluid and malleable depending on WHO HAS THE POWER.

    The fact that both Democrats and Republicans are so slavish to Israel and Jewish Power tells us who has the real power. Also, the fact that the ‘left’ became so homomaniacal and the ‘right’ was so muted about the homo issue also tells us about the true nature of power. Which group has been using homomania as proxy to promote minority-elite-supremacism all over the world? Since Jews got the power and pushed homomania, homos could run wild and crazy… and even Conservatives, so slavish to Jewish power, didn’t dare to resist what they knew was a Jewish agenda. If homomania had no Jewish backing, Conservatives would have opposed it with greater fervor. But since it had Jewish fingerprints and signature all over it, the GOP either remained mute or even argued that ‘gay marriage’ is a ‘conservative value’.

    Ideology follows the power.

    If there is a fixed ‘left’ with its iron principles, why were ‘leftists’ opposed to Bush’s wars yet silent about Obama’s wars and now bitching about ‘war-mongering’ Trump? If the ‘left’ is truly ideologically and reliably anti-war and anti-imperialist, it should have opposed Obama’s wars too. (And how come the ‘left’ antifa types don’t attack Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street that are dominated by ultra-capitalists?)

    If the ‘left’ is against politics of paranoia(as during McCarthy Era), why is it now going nuts about the Russian connection?

    And if the ‘right’ is about ethno-nationalism, how come the white party GOP says NOTHING about white interests while foaming at the mouth over Israel, Israel, Israel?

    The ‘right’ in America follows the power. The Power decides what is ‘right’. That is why American Conservatism is essentially Cuckservatism. It’s about goy toys obeying their Jewish globalist masters.

    So, the discussion of ‘left’ and ‘right’ muddies up the true nature of power in the US.

    The power struggle is essentially ethnic, not ideological. After all, look how the Neocons are working with Democratic Jews to undermine Trump. Look at the likes of Bill Kristol and David Brooks who claim to be ‘conservative’. Sure, they yammer about ‘principles’, but it’s all about the Tribe. If they are indeed conservative, it’s about doing whatever to preserve the Jewish tribe and Jewish supremacist power.

    Now, there are some Jews for whom ideology or principles trump all else. But two swans don’t make a summer. It’s like there are principled blacks like Uncle Thomas Sowell, but two Negroes don’t make a fried chicken festival.

    If you question a ‘rightist’, he will likely be FOR something if it’s pushed by GOP and against it if pushed by Democratic Party. And if you question a ‘leftist’, he will likely be FOR something if it is pushed by Democratic Party and against it if pushed by GOP.

    For most people, it’s not about principles but about partisanship. They are too dumb and shallow to have any principles. It’s us vs them.

    Also, because it’s a matter of us vs them, the OTHER side’s appropriation of one’s own side’s positions doesn’t lead to satisfaction but anger. So, even though Clinton did a lot of things that should have pleased Conservatives, they hated him even more. And even though Nixon did a lot of things that should have pleased Liberals, they hated him even more for filching ideas from Democrats. If people really favored principles over partisanship, it shouldn’t matter WHICH SIDE promoted certain policies. But much of politics is about owning the right to certain views(even though they tend to shift from ‘right’ to ‘left’ depending on the time. Working class issues used to be leftist, but now they are seen as rightist.)

    Especially with the end of Cold War, dearth of literary culture, and demise of values, we are living in a post-ideological age. Homomania, tranny-mania, immigrant-invasion, tattoo-and-piercing freakery, and flipping out about Russia makes no ideological sense. These are attitudes, hysteria, or diversions. Look at the Pussy Hat March in Washington. I mean what the hell was that even about, with madonna and ashley judd talking psychobabble nonsense?

    And what does the ‘right’ stand for? National Review is a total cuckzine filled with second-rate hacks and shills. What does Jeb or Rubio stand for? They were the favs of the GOP establishment. They were for what? Illegal immigration is an act of love? Since when did conservatives talk like that?

    And Trump won because he was post-ideological. He has no grand theory of politics. He’s for nationalism, a kind of civic pragmatism. If he were to go ideological, he will fail. For one thing, all the current ‘ideologies’ are just toxic derivatives of ethno-supremacism of Jewish globalists. Whether it’s Liberal humanitarian intervention or Neocon ‘democracy building’, it all comes down to Wars for Israel and Banker class. And all this talk of Russia, Russia, and Russia isn’t about democracy or human rights. After all, the US is cozy with Saudi Arabia and other repressive nations. And US never says Israel must return Golan Heights to Syria. No, all current ideologies are mere tools by the Power.

    The only thing that matters if power in the 21st century. So, we need a new political terminology that addresses the true nature of the conflict in the US, and it is not about the ‘left’ and ‘right’. The Left used to be for nationalism + working class, the formula of the New Deal. But now, such concerns are seen as the ‘right’ whereas the ‘left’ is mostly about worshiping Homos with ass tattoos and welcoming masses of Muslims.

    Given Trump’s praise of homos against Muslims, even he can be said to be ‘leftist’ on homo issues. As for Islam, is it left or right? Since Islam is ultra-conservative, one might say it is rightist. But since Muslims now paraded as poor immigrants allied with ‘progressives’, Islam is now seen as part of the ‘left’. Ideological fluidity of the Current Year is quite amazing. Notice how all those Trump-bashers really have no ideology. They are spinning every issue this way or that way to create the illusion that they are ‘progressives’ against Trump and his Nazi deplorables.

    So, ‘left’ and ‘right’ makes no sense in current reality.

    We need to identify and name the real powers.

    And I see.

    Jewish Globalist Supremacism

    Demographic Imperialism(the immigrant invasion to leech off white America)


    Globalist Urban Elites

    Feminist Hysterics

    Black Thug Politics

    White Nationalism

    Christian Moralists

    Working Class/Middle Class interests

    Because of the sheer scale of Jewish power, it funds and supports demographic imperialists, homomaniacs, feminist nuttery, and black politics of intimidation.

    Without Jewish support, the non-Jewish identity politics wouldn’t amount to plate of beans.

    This is all called the ‘left’, but surely there’s a world of difference between the ‘leftism’ of Haim Saban and that of Islamic demographic imperialists. For one thing, the reason why so many Muslims have been uprooted is because of Jewish control of US foreign policy that waged many wars in MENA.

    This is why we must dispense with talk of ‘left’ and ‘right’ which only obfuscates the true character of the political conflict in the US. The conflict isn’t about ideology but identity. Now, some groups may adopt an ideology and pretend to stand for principles, but it all boils down to “Is it good for us?”

    Jews go with ‘leftism’ to weaken white gentile nationalism that they see as the main threat to Jewish supremacism. Jews use ideology to serve identity.

    Even though Muslims hate Jews who dominate the West and despise much of decadent Liberalism, they go with ‘leftism’ because it opens doors to Muslims who want better material lives in the West. Also, despite problems between Muslims and Western Liberals, Muslims find more hostility on the Western Right. (Ironically, Muslims and Western conservatives hate each other more because they have more in common. Both think more tribally, so their differences are more starkly drawn out even if their social values may have more in common with each other than with Western Liberals. In contrast, the cult of tolerance among Western Liberals make them overlook the socio-moral differences between themselves and Muslims.)

    Blacks go with ‘leftism’ because it simply means more goodies for them via government. Of course, increased immigration means more competition for blacks, but then, blacks look to government for largess. So, if more immigrants means more victory for the Democrats, it means more government jobs for blacks who are heavily invested in the Democratic Party.

    So, the struggle is about identity and group interest. It’s essentially tribal, not ideological. So, sticking to discussion of ‘left’ and ‘right’ often misses the point.

    The ONLY people who seem to be sincerely ideological are white Liberals who will sacrifice white interests for some notion of the ‘higher good’. But are these white Liberals really such noble self-sacrificing fellers? Some are, but most are not. After all, their anti-white rhetoric is really directed at ‘bad whites’. Indeed, attacking OTHER whites as ‘racist’ is an easy way to pat themselves on the back and score pokemon points to be invited to cocktail parties and gain promotion in institutions and industries committed to ‘progress’. For these whites, their privilege is gained by denouncing ‘white privilege’. So, they are also into a kind of identity politics, that of the bobo elite class. Clintons and Bidens of the world only rose higher and higher by denouncing the ‘bad whites’.

    So, we need to talk of politics less in ideological terms and more in identity terms. We need to spell out Jewish power in this. It’s not ‘leftist’ or ‘liberal’ or even ‘neocon’. It’s Jewish globalist-supremacist. We have to call it by its real name.

    Just consider Jews and Muslims. Jewish ‘leftists’ pretend to care so much about those Muslim ‘refugees’ and denounce Trump as new Hitler, the kind of person who wouldn’t have saved Jewish refugees during WWII. But these very Jews used the American war machine to destroy the Muslim world like Nazis destroyed Poland. NYT was fully with Clinton when he was killing Iraqis with sanctions. NYT was also with Bush and Iraq War. NYT endorsed Obama’s wars that spread the conflagration all over MENA. If Jewish ‘leftists’ are all about sympathy for the Other, why do they care about Muslims ONLY AFTER they are turned into ‘refugees’ by US aggression? So much for ideology. It’s really about identity. When it’s useful for Jews to destroy countless Muslims in the Middle East, they will not hesitate to do so. Jewish communists in the 20s and 30s demonstrated that they can kill just as cold-bloodedly as the Nazis, and we’ve seen the same kind of ruthlessness since the End of the Cold War when Jews took control of US foreign policy.

    As for masses of immigrants, they are not ‘leftists’ or ‘liberals’ but demographic imperialists, documented or undocumented. Even legal ones are problematic since current levels of immigration will fundamentally change the character of Western nations. These demographic imperialists will latch onto ANY ideology to get free tickets to the West to enjoy better material lives.

    Now, do a mind-experiment. Suppose Iranian-Americans made up 2% of US population and had decisive control of media, academia, deep state institutions, courts, Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and etc.

    Suppose these Iranians are very ethnic-conscious and invested in further expanding their power and influence even more. And they mold and manipulate both ideologies of ‘left’ and ‘right’ to push their agenda.

    Now, would it make much sense to hardly mention Iranian-American Power while yammering endlessly about ‘right’ and ‘left’? But both ‘right’ and ‘left’ would heavily be funded by Iranian-American supremacist elites. Given that reality, wouldn’t it make more sense to talk of ethnic power along identity interests?

    Isn’t it odd how we always mention the RUSSIAN, the CHINESE, and the IRANIAN, but we don’t mention the Jews? We are supposed to see the world in terms of Russia vs America, China vs America, and Iran vs America. But whose America? Are Jewish views on Russia really ours? Jewish control of media would have us believe so. But in fact, Jewish hostility toward esp Russia and Iran owes to ethnic interests. If there were no Jews in America, would most Americans have this animus against Russia or Iran? No. The dire truth is that many Americans, on both ‘right’ and ‘left’, have been made to see Russia and Iran as enemies because Jews who control the media have spread this notion that Russia and Iran are threats to America.

    If Russian and Iran foreign policy seem at odds with the American, it’s because America has been aggressive toward them. And why? Because the US is ruled by Jews who seek supremacist control everywhere they go. The Rule of the Jewish-controlled Media is: All Americans must hate those whom Jews hate(for the time being); All Americans must love those whom Jews love(for the time being). We must be like dogs who who greet or growl others based on the master’s wishes. Russian minions were like this under Stalin. If Stalin said Nazi Germany was the enemy, it was the enemy. But if Stalin said Nazi Germany is an ally, as during the Nazi-Soviet Pact, it was a friend. So, bark or smile according to Stalin’s wishes.

    We cannot understand American politics(and by extension the world politics) without recognizing the fact that Jewish Neurosis is the animating factor of American Power. So, if Jews freak out about Iran, their neurosis had ripple effect because Jews control the media and political donations. If Jews feel rage, then the rage ripples all around to the likes of Hillary, Trump, and Rubio who bark at Iran too. Not because they have personal animus against Iran but because they bark according to their master.

    Jewish neurosis is the result of the contradiction between their tribalism and universalism, a combo that turns into globo-supremacism. If Jews want to be only tribal, no big deal. They’d be like the Amish or Hasidim. No one has any trouble with Amish. Conservatives and Liberal just ignore them. Amish are tribal, have their own communities, and just mind their own business. And this goes for American Indians on reservations too. I mean who cares about Pueblo Indians think in their reservation? Likewise, if tribal Jews just wanna be Jews in their own place, that’d be fine.

    Problem is Jews are tribal but not only tribal. They have universal ambitions. And this leads to neurosis. If Jews want to be truly universal, they should adopt a totally universalist ideology like communism, Christianity, or Islam; they should abandon the narrow blood identity of Jewishness. And there was a time when some Jews did convert to Islam or Christianity or become communists.

    But the core of the Jewish community in the West did not surrender tribalism even as they promoted universalism. They could have become atomized cosmopolitan individualists of libertarian bent, but they didn’t opt for that either. They clung to their Jewish tribalism while seeking power and influence all over the world.

    This combination of tribal persistence + universal reach could only result in Jewish globalist supremacism(especially as Jews favored other Jews in global networks of power). Jews try to penetrate into every nation. They want to take over everything: US, Canada, EU, Russia, Middle East, Japan, and even China.

    But if Jews want to merge with all of humanity, why stick to Jewish tribal identity? Why cling so tightly to something so ancient and ethnic(atavistic) while trying to weaken all other identities in the name of universalism, globalism, and cosmopolitanism?

    Indeed, we can see Jewish neurosis in Jewish promotion of Diversity. Just think. If Jews really prized diversity, they would discourage mass migrations of peoples that lead to mongrelization and confusion of identities. Unique cultures and identities are lost if all nations are overrun by masses of foreigners. The world will remain diverse IF every nation maintains its unique identity and culture. Globalism also destroys diversity by spreading the same Hollywood images, rap crap, and homo ‘rainbow’ into every nation.

    Now, one could argue for massive migration and mongrelization on the basis that cultures are not worth saving since all people are members of Same Humanity. So, one could argue that cultures are ‘atavistic’ & ‘reactionary’ and should be destroyed to make way for One World Culture of Common Humanity. And globalism has this effect(though its idea of One World Culture is Trash Pop).

    But then, Jews say they are pushing massive immigration for the sake of diversity. They are doing the very thing that does most to undermine diversity in the name of serving diversity. This is why Jewish Politics is so neurotic. In a way, this confusion about Diversity reflects the very neurosis of Jews. Jews want to have the cake and eat it too. They want to maintain their unique identity and tribal interests while, at the same time, merging with all of mankind. Jews want to penetrate into every society and gain control of every nation… but they don’t want to assimilate with rest of humanity. They want to maintain their own identity. The Jewish historical experience has shown that a people could be move all over the world and STILL maintain their unique identity. But Jews are an anomaly in history. After all, most cultural identities of the Ancient World vanished, especially when people were conquered by others or trekked to distant lands as minorities and ended up being swallowed by larger groups. So, what applies to the Jews doesn’t apply to other groups. For most groups, mass migration means the weakening and loss of identity. Jews were a special people for whom the experience of exile had the opposite effect of strengthening ethnic bonds. But then, Jews had the idea of the Covenant that instilled every Jew with a sense of special relation to the one and only true God. One of the side-effects of such worldviews was contempt for non-Jews. So, it’s hardly surprising that the relation between Jews and gentiles has not been a pleasant one.

    Anyway, just like Jews had a spiritual neurosis in relation to the world, they now have a material/political one. Jewish spiritual neurosis arose from the fact that Jews believed there is only one true God for all the world, all people, and all the cosmos, BUT Jews were special and the Chosen of God. So, Jewish spirituality was universal and all-encompassing but obsessed about Jewish-centrism.

    In the modern world, we have Jews clinging to their own identity — esp in relation to Holocaust(“No people suffered like the Jews”) and Israel(“Jews finally regained their sacred homeland”) — but also believing themselves to be the rightful rulers of all the world. When Jews were religious, it was enough for them to believe that their God ruled all the world. They didn’t have to rule the world since their God ruled the world, and through Him, they felt their power over mankind.

    But now that Jews no longer believe in God, they believe that their POWER should dominate all the world; and Jews see it within their grasp since they control the US, the #1 power in the world. This is why Jews hate Trump. Trump isn’t anti-Jewish and is wildly pro-Israel. But Trumpism indicates that gentile Americans, WHITES INCLUDED, have a stake in America’s future too.

    Also, Trump’s rabid pro-Israel-ism implies that Jewish power should be restricted to Jewish national borders and not mess with Libya, Syria, EU, and Russia. So, paradoxically, Trump’s pro-Israel position is seen as anti-Jewish-supremacist. Trump’s extreme Jewish supremacism IN Israel implies no Jewish supremacism OUTSIDE Israel; other nations should have their own supremacism that is gentile. So, Jews should be supreme in Israel while Hungarians should be supreme in Hungary. But Jews want to be supreme in ALL nations. Since Jews don’t have the numbers to take over European nations, they use Diversity and Homomania to weaken the power and authority of the majority native population.

    This Jewish or Zionist Neurosis — Jewrosis or Zionosis — has to be identified and discussed if we are to have a honest discussion of what is really happening in America and the world.

    Also, it is necessary in order to break up both the phony ‘left’ and ‘right’. So many dupes and minions are part of angry coalitions in various ‘ideological’ camps because they are still under the impression that the main power conflict in the US is between the ‘right’ and the ‘left’. In fact, it is really along various lines of identity.

    Ideology is useful to Jews because they need to form a coalition of non-whites and win over sufficient sucker whites. After all, if blacks, browns, yellows, and etc ONLY thought in terms of identity, they would never come together. Each would pursue its narrow tribal interest and may well hate one another. So, ideology is useful in creating this notion that their tribal interests are ‘progressive’ in combating white ‘racism’ and ‘white privilege’. Also, if political discussion was only tribal, most whites would identify as white and pursue white interests. As such, they would totally outnumber Jews and non-whites. If all whites were to support GOP as the ‘white party’, it’d be game over for the Democrats. So, Jews need to win over some whites to the Democratic side, and they make use of ideological appeal. The notion of ‘social justice’ means that ‘good whites’ must side with ‘victim groups’ against the ‘bad whites’ or ‘racists’ or ‘fascist’ or ‘nazis’.

    Never mind that Jewish-controlled US foreign policy has been most nazi-like in wreaking havoc all over the Middle East. Never mind that Jewish War on Russia is most like Nazi-rhetoric during WWII and or like McCarthy’s anti-communist crusade. Never mind Jews have promoted rap music urging blacks to sing about killing one another and treating women like whores. Never mind all those facts. Jews manipulate ideological discourse to fool enough white suckers that the white community is divided between Good Whites and bad ‘nazi’ whites who need to be punched. Smart people use ideology to manipulate the idiots.


    • And don’t forget your usual BS — negro men are superior to white men. That’s why white women prefer them.


      • I’m not celebrating it. It’s the sad fact. That is why I call for racial separation. White men need safe space from Negroes cuz Negroes will beat them up and take white girls who are into jungle fever.

        • The only thing that you call for is a threesome with Tyrone and De’Andre. The use of negro style spelling (cuz) is a testament to how much chimp juice has been pumped into your worthless ass over the years. I’ll bet your house smells of cheap incense, blunt smoke, and despair.

  6. “We have two governments, one elected and the other unelected, which are at war with each other.”

    A good reactionary, I presume, is rooting for the latter.

    • A good Yankee reactionary would root for the unelected, John, but, not a good Southern reactionary, for our horse is the Manhatten Shark.

      • Well–I’m glad you Southern gentlemen are not letting your theoretical disdain for democracy blind you to the essentials.

        • John – at stake is the cultural and physical survival of the South.

          Southerners are weak at this time in history, and are punch drunk from decades of poison media.

          We took the easy way out and appointed a Yankee champion.

          If the ‘deep state’ wins the fight, there will be no more easy way out.

          It will be nooses, bayonets, rifles or submission.

          I’ll stick with Trump no matter what, but, if he falters, I won’t choose submission.


          I’m glad you are with us.

          The Deep State has no idea what the fury of the people will be, if they geld our champion.

          They will be hanging from telephone poles, just like the Hungarian communists were, when the Soviet tanks rolled back into Budapest, in 1956.

          Too late for the ‘deep Hungarian state’ …

          • No, Junius—with your friendship-laden heart, you would persuade yourself that I am on the side of the South, as I would persuade myself of it; but should the South prevail, it will have done so, as each of us knows, without either my assistance or my sympathy. Not even at its full height, which may have been reached, could the edifice that is leftism cast a shadow long enough to cover completely the differences between us. The South is not merely outside of but is hostile to white civilization, which I cherish and of which the North, deformed and darkened though it is, by liberalism’s weight and shade, is yet a part. The following is white civilization—my civilization—to which the South is enemy …

          • Yes, I understand how you think, John, but, the way life is, sometimes you wind up allied to those you thought your worst enemies.

            God is a practical joker.

            On the notion of the North being a part of White Civilization, and The South being outside of that, you do lose me just a bit there, as I could not help notice, after having lived up yonder in the New England for so many years, that y’all, as a whole, believe in massive non-White immigration, and in passing out equal democratick franchise to every Tom, Dick, and Harry y’all’s government lets in, and then forcing us to do the same.

            For the record, that’s not our idea of ‘democracy’.

            So, while I respect and accept how you feel, I cannot see how that squares with the culture that lives right outside of you.

            But then, if you mean by ‘White Civilization’ – the taking of science in the stead of The Lord, the preferral of the technogical laboratory to the fields, the elevation of book-learning to that over the tactile life-learning, and the embracing of a grim march to some hypothetical utopia, with not committment to y’all’s heritage and customs, then I can see enough into what you say to kind of understand what you mean.

            If them thangs is ‘Whyte’, then whatever we is, we shore ain’t thet.

            When you oft mention that we, Southerners are backward, I always take it as a compliment, and I would pass that compliment to you – because the kind of Yankee you are, is more like your average Yankee of 1945, NOT today; although, to be sure, there still are other artifacts like you, but, they are the wee aged minority.

            To conclude – it was our mistake to join a union with y’all in 1783, just as it was y’alls mistake to to prevent us from leaving in 18 & 61, just as it has been a mistake for y’all to use y’all’s courts to try to break down our civilization – because y’all have been hurt by this very much – not just us.

            I think the sooner we (North & South) are split, the sooner we can move past emnity and settle down to being neighbourly.

            God bless you and your mama!

          • If you could go back in time, Junius, to 1783, and have the South not join with the North, then there’d never have been rock-and-roll. I doubt you’d want that on your conscience.

          • Hysterical!

            But, wait – The South invented rock-n-roll, didn’t we?

            We could have used Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley to influence y’all’s elections!

            Wow! : just think of that!

          • It’s an amazing story, Junius. One century after a bitter war, the descendants of both slaves and slave-owners produce music that, as refracted by four Liverpudlians of Irish descent, shakes the entire world. Probably, the Beatles’ ancestors went to Lancashire in the 1800s, as did some of my own Irish ancestors, to work in the mills there, including, maybe, the many mills that received Southern cotton. If the slavers who first transported Africans to the New World could somehow be apprised of what their deeds ultimately wrought, they’d be astonished.

            Below is a sort of fiftieth-anniversary performance of “Move It,” which was a 1958 hit, in the UK, by Cliff Richard and the Drifters. Notice that the lyrics, written by a young Londoner, refer to rock-and-roll as a type of “country music”—“real country music that just drives along.”

            As you’ll hear in the clip, Ian Samwell, who, we are told, wrote the original song on a double-decker bus, eventually added a second verse. That was first recorded in the 1990s and reveals how thoroughly the mystique of the South—and of America as a whole—had been received …

            Come on, pretty baby, let’s move it an’ a groove it
            Dance, honey, dance, baby, please don’t lose it
            It’s all over town there’s a brand new beat
            It’s hangin’ in the air like a Mississippi heat

            Fireflies in the night an’ bullfrogs croakin’
            Well here comes the train an’ boy is she smokin’
            Headed out from New Orleans ‘n’ clear to L.A.
            You better get ready it’s a brand new day.

          • Well, John – if multicultiralism produces many problems, it also produces blessings – and the Amercian musick scene of the 20th century eas exactly that – a blessing.

            And let me give credit where creit is due – Rock-n-Roll is largely a negro invention, as is Dixieland Jazz, Swing, serious quartet jazz of the 50s and 60s, as well as the blue and gospel which spawned all of that and R & B, as well.

            Even hard rock and heavy metal, though arisen from a larger White contribution, owes a lot to Southern Negroes – as any cursory listening of Led Zeppelin will convey.

            I did not know this Cliff Richard song, but, it was cute.

            My answer to it is this… (Guest pedal steel player Jeff Skunk Baxter of Steely Dan and Doobies’s fame)

          • Great treatment there, Junius, of “Sleep Walk.” Although I was not familiar with Jeff Baxter, I see now, at Wikipedia, that it was he who recommended that Michael McDonald be brought into the Doobie Brothers and who thus changed the direction of that group.

            An interesting study, I think, respecting what you’ve said, is “Suzie Q,” the 1957 record by Louisiana’s Dale Hawkins. Recorded in Shreveport in, apparently, latter 1956 or early 1957, it was released by Checker Records, of Chicago, in April of that latter year. Listen to it in reverse chronological order with “Smokestack Lightning,” the 1956 record by Mississippi-born Howlin’ Wolf. That record was recorded in Chicago and released in early 1956 by Chess Records, which was owned, as was Checker, by the Jewish Chess brothers. As you listen to the two records, you can hear musical forms moving racially and geographically across an America that was being changed by ghettos in the North and the mechanical cotton-picker in the South.

            Apparently, “smokestack lightning” was a colloquial term for the sparks amid the smoke from steam locomotives, so its use in the song is like the mention of the “smokin’” train in the verse that was added to the Cliff Richard hit. It’s a glimpse of an America in which the diesel locomotive, too, had not swept away a past.


          • I’m glad you enjoyed it.

            Baxter was incredibly versatyle, as a beautiful Spaghetti western vignette by him, off that great Doobie Brother’s album, ‘Stampede’, will demonstrate.

          • I liket Hawkins. Had not heard him. Reminded me of Tarheel Lumbee Indian, Link Wray, who got his signature distorted guitar sound by poking holes in his speaker mesh with pencils.

            It was kind of a landmark presaging, Link Wray’s sound, as by Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts, everybody was playing the distorted twangy tremoloed sound that became known as ‘psychedelick’.

          • Yeah—I love that. On YouTube, there’s a clip of Jimmy Page listening to “Rumble,” which I think he pulls out of a bunch of his own old records. It’s probably from a documentary that Jack White, of the White Stripes, did some years back. Until you mentioned it, I hadn’t known Link Wray was an Indian; but having just now looked for photographs of him, at Google Images, I can believe it. It’s funny how well that record, “Rumble,” seems to capture the “menace” that became part of rock.

            On the Dale Hawkins record, that’s James Burton on the guitar. I think Hawkins was a cousin of Ronnie Hawkins, whose group The Hawks included Levon Helm and morphed into The Band. That transition involved, as I’d guess you know, several Canadian musicians, including the half-Jewish, half-Mohawk Robbie Roberston, so we can really see how this music was spreading amid all three races of the old English-speaking North America.

            If you ever want to get a vivid picture, by the way, of life in the Arkansas Delta, before the mechanical cotton-picker, read the first twenty-nine pages of “This Wheels on Fire,” Levon Helm’s autobiography. It’s at Google Books.


          • ‘Until you mentioned it, I hadn’t known Link Wray was an Indian; but
            having just now looked for photographs of him, at Google Images, I can
            believe it. ‘

            Hey, get this, John : Link was a Lumbee, and The Lumbee Indians are the Whitest Indian around – and their ladies are knock down gorgeous.

            Well, that’s the part that will ‘get you’, but, this : The Lost Colony apparently was not lost’, but, taken by The Lumbee, whose genes, having been recently examined, bear Shakespearian English DNA!

            So, hey – you had to like it, right? …

            So, Link was a mix of Crazy Horse and Alfred The Great. No wonder he figured it all out before anybody else.

            How’s that for some uselessly fascinating information?

          • You don’t have to sell me on Levon Helm. I love his vibe!

            OMG – Robbie Robertson half-Jewish half Mohawk?!?@#$^!?

            Holy Cow!

            No wonder ‘The Night Ole Dixie Died’ was so dang expressive.

            It’s all that wild contrasting blood.

          • Obviously The Chess Bros. were geniuses.

            As to Howlin’ Wolf, this is standard listening for all Southerners.

            Thank you for sharing it. Southern nigger musicians were the best thing to happen to America in the 20th century. Does a lot to offset all the crap their grandchildren do, which, by the way, if we got to put up with, then, we might as well enjoy what’s good about them.

            My favouryte negro musick, however, is this kind of thing, below. This particyular blues’s singer was Miss Bonnie Raitt’s favouryte.

          • You’re probably right, Junius, about Robbie Robertson: that dynamic blood.

            As to Levon Helm—yes, great vibe. At YouTube, there’s a clip of him doing “Watermelon Time in Georgia,” which is a Harlan Howard song I really like. It paints a great picture of a Southerner who’s heading back home, for the summer, after a moneymaking stint in the great Detroit of old. Not sure of the details, but the clip is from a show of some kind that Helm must have done shortly after his performance as the father of Loretta Lynn in “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Onstage with him are Sissy Spacek, who played Loretta Lynn, and Beverly D’Angelo, who played Patsy Cline. If you’re ever interested, just run a search at YouTube.

            Maybe you’ll be pleased to know that I never find fascinating information useless. Right after I read your remark about the DNA of the Lumbee Indians (of whom I’d not heard until you mentioned them), I did a Google search that took me right away to a brief, tidy webpage on the subject. It’s at and has the following subheading: “How does a group of people who have American Indian ancestry but no records of treaties, reservations, Native language, or peculiarly “Indian” customs come to be accepted–socially and legally–as Indians?” Wild.

            That brief instrumental by Jeff Baxter was choice. Since I was always a radio listener—as opposed to an album listener—the only track I know from “Stampede” is the single, “Take Me in Your Arms.”

            Jeepers—that reminds me of an occasion when two attractive young women approached me on a university sidewalk about forty years ago and asked me with buoyant desperation who did the song “China Grove.” Because I’d never known the name of that song, I had to run the tune through my head to come up with the Doobie Brothers; but once I’d done so, the two lasses brightened. Had I had money to spend on dating, I’d probably have taken advantage of the opportunity they’d thus been good enough to give me; but alas, I had no choice but to let them continue on their way—happy enough, I suppose. Allowing for my circumstances, I accounted it a win.

            That Son House performance you linked was great. Until I watched it, I’d never heard Son House, who’d simply been a name I’d encountered. There were a few times when his voice moved in a way that reminded me of Bonnie Raitt, but maybe that’s only because you’d mentioned he was her favorite.

            With the Son House performance in mind, I’ll conclude my contribution to this our exchange with the clip below. Directed by Wim Wenders, it mates a Blind Willie Johnson recording with actors, props, and a setting that, with the help of a hand-cranked 1920s movie camera, bring to life the world in which Johnson lived. It’s from a 2003 documentary series that was produced by Martin Scorsese and that originally aired on PBS. God bless you, Junius.

          • And one more thing, John : thank you for your very elegantly worded and thoughtful reply!

            It’s good this is not July of 1863 : because if it were, you would be Blue at the top of Seminary Ridge with your hi-tech cannon, trying to blow my dang eyeballs out – which, all in all, would be laudable, when you consider that if you didn’t – my bayonet would find it’s way into your gut – even if Pickett was nowhere in sight.

            I thank The Good Lord that we could meet now, and come to love each other as friends.

            That’s a blessing.

  7. Grab the Popcorn. Bannon and Miller are trying to kneecap Priebus and Spicer.

    We can only hope the GOPe wing is forced out of the White House. The GOPe wing is responsible for forcing out Flynn, now they’re responsible for Spicer’s statement that Trump wants Putin to cede back Crimea to Ukraine.

    If this is from Breitbart, you know Bannon is leaking this. We want Bannon to purge the GOPe cucks and fight the Deep State CIA spooks who get fat off hostilities Russia.

    • Spicer seems to be loyal and doing a good job, it’s that Kike rat Kushner and his liberal Jew wife I’d like to see gone along with Priebus.

  8. The key to the Deep State is the non-intervention camp embodied by
    former senior officer of the military, Martin Dempsey. Trump cannot
    advance the banner while losing this faction. Period. End of story.

    How do you lose this faction? Warmongering.

    The rest of this is long and requires a slow and close read, but as always, well worth it:

    “A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”

    Frank Herbert’s Dune

    “Listen carefully, Feyd,” the Baron said. “Observe the plans within plans within plans.”

    Frank Herbert’s Dune

    Many superficial thinkers go back in forth over Obama’s tenure as Chief
    Diplomat; some pro, some con, but almost always oblivious to what goes
    on behind the scenes in the much talked about, but seldom understood
    “Deep State”. To his credit, Obama dialed down the warmongering as much
    as he could, but even he was penned in on things like Libya, where
    Clinton literally threatened to take Obama down unless he gave in; and
    Ukraine, where Jewish agents fomented a civil war and brought the New
    World Order to the doorstep (literally and figuratively) of TOTAL
    VICTORY. But on the whole, Obama, along with people like Dempsey, did an
    “aw shucks” routine for 8 years, and succeeded by appearing to “fail”
    across the map, while isolating Obama from decapitation for actively
    thwarting the NeoCons (a point Trump needs to heed well).

    Many lessons were learned, even by folks as cagey as Putin, such as never
    rely on “personal diplomacy” (as Putin tried in Libya and early Ukraine,
    and Trump still believes in); always understand that we are in the
    midst of an epochal transition of history (space colonization, AI,
    robotics, genetic engineering, transhumanism), and that individuals
    don’t matter against the cycles and tides of history. If you have to
    think of the chess board as the incarnation of supernatural forces like
    Order and Chaos, Good and Evil to understand things, then do so. Better
    than not getting it at all: we fight not merely for “our race”, but also
    humanity as we know it.

    Since the recent Flynn dust-up is fresh on everyone’s mind and also instructive, I will use it even though, again, individuals don’t matter:

    Let’s start with our good friend Ron Paul just after Flynn’s putting Iran “on notice” and just after his resignation (a de facto two-week “notice” by Flynn?)

    think Flynn is about some obscure rule on personal diplomacy that is
    violated every single second of every single day by all parties
    involved? Sure. OK. You do that. This is about the loss of confidence in
    Flynn and almost by extension Trump by members of the coalition that
    Trump cannot afford to lose with insane tweets and warmongering. In
    other words, Shut Up and Build the Wall. (We had this conversation so
    many times, did we not? the President can NEVER just say whatever comes
    to mind, Trump “may” be an idiot savant who can’t grasp such elementary

    The upshot of Trump’s Flynn-lead belligerence on Iran
    and China? The Russians began to be wary of any deal with Trump, and
    Trump began to freely give neocons numerous tripwires to drag Trump into
    fatal wars for NOTHING. The real war is embodied in the struggle
    between the Godly forces anchored by the dwindling yeoman of the
    English-speaking nations and the ever-spreading devil-worshippers
    anchored by international Jews. The shaping battle is over white
    demographics in America, the key to which is Building a Wall and
    Deporting them All. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Not health care, not trade,
    not taxes, not education, not the economy, not foreign policy. NOTHING.

    Thankfully, forces within the Deep State on our/my side measured
    Flynn and found him wanting, not just in strategy, but also just plain
    old talent. Flynn was in WAY above his head. He was the poorest
    performing Trump nominee to date by a huge margin. I was making my case
    about this over the weekend when someone clued me in on the use of the
    “Russian personal diplomacy” hook to yank Flynn from the field. Whatever
    gets it done.

    Winning the battle of the Deep State requires Trump to simply rip the neocons out of power and replace them with Dempseyites, of which there are hundreds and thousands from the military who had to endure the Evil Neocon Wars. It requires funneling money to defense contractors to keep them and their employees happy. It requires putting strong commanders (like Gen Kelly) on the front lines of the
    battle for immigration. It also requires Trump to not give us Neoconservatism-by-the-back-door with people like Michael “on notice” Flynn.

    Trump needs to embrace Putin and Putinism, in other words
    world-wide anti-globalism AND QUIT F-ING AROUND. He
    MUST seal the “Northern Alliance” via honorable and trustworthy behavior
    both in public and behind the scenes. How can he expect to retain Deep
    State allies around the world if he is dithering on this point?

    Putting this another way, as immigration is a red line for us, there are others
    in the Trump coalition for whom Evil Neocon Wars are a red line, and
    they will abandon Trump to the wolves if he keeps f-ing around.

    On the political front, this is another tempest in a tea cup, much like
    Pussy Gate. No real American cares, either about back channel talks with
    Russia, or Flynn. They do care about another war, which would destroy
    Trump, and by extension the white race in America, if not the world.
    First the Deep State, then Immigration – QUIT F-ING AROUND!

  9. The media has little legal protection I think from not turning in the sources

    Maybe I’m naive but I think Trump is in the cat bird seat here

  10. The (((Deep State))) already got rid of two presidents – Kennedy and Nixon. Trump will not allow them to claim a third.

    • He’ll have to use fear, Mr. Kleinfeld.

      Is he up to it, a cloak and dagger war, and does he have enough loyal soldiers?

    • Seems like a stretch to put all US intelligence services in with the Washington Post. The Washington Post – Woodward and Bernstein were the principles in taking down Nixon. Some low level Jewish Defense Department was leaking classified documents to the Washington Post saying the Viet Nam war wasn’t going so great, as if that was a big secret. Some lower level Nixon aids harassed this Jewish Defense Department guy Daniel Ellsberg – didn’t rape or kill him or even beat him up, just bugged his hotel room.

      Nixon didn’t order it, just apparently covered it up – big deal, crime of the century.

      But now it is reality that deep state intelligence (CIA, NSA) is cooperating hand in glove with the Lugenpresse – CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times to get anything on Trump including

      Restarting the Cold War with Russia!

      Weird times indeed.

    • You are enamoured of JFK and Nixon…two politicians who nearly started nuclear WW3…and accelerated the demographic transformation of the US in a way that gave us OBAMA 2008-2012…..are you really this stupid?


    Curiously enough, a
    headline at Drudge is the presence of a large Russian spy boat, about 70
    miles off the Delaware coast. (read below)

    When I first read it,
    I thought to myself – : ‘hmm, why would they need to get so dang close,
    when they already have every manner of satellite intercept they could
    possible want?’

    Along the way, I read some
    articles about the numerous sources that now indicate President Obama is
    conducting a stealth war to ruin the Trump Administration.

    it came to me ; The Russian spy boat is this close in order to pick up
    internal building communications of the New England Government government departments,
    where carefully placet Obama-ites are conducting treasonous sabotage
    against the Trump Administration.

    And then something else came to
    me : The New England Government hates Trump more than anyone else in
    the world, even us and even Czar Putin.

    And then it occurred to me : if Trump is going to survive, he is going to need information on who is trying to destroy him.

    And where might he get this information?

    rule out The Russians; because they, more than anybody else at this
    point, have the true measure of The New England Government
    Establishment’s machinations to dispossess the candidate that we, The
    Southerners and the smalltown and rural Rust Belt & Prairie-Land men
    put into the office.

    You can’t trust The New England Government further than you can
    throw a stick.

    • That would be great but impossible that it is being done with support of the administration because Trump is under total surveillance by the FBI and CIA who are trying to take him down. However, if this were done independently by Russia and fed to Wikileaks that would be a different matter.

      • Thank you for your thoughts, Dissident.

        Obviously I don’t know.

        It is just conjecture.

        After all, the say, ‘politicks makes for strange bedfellows’.

        Have a good day!

      • Dear Miss Denise,
        Jews have certainly infested the New England government, but, as you know, I call it that, because not only does that government most embody that region’s will, it does not represent The South.

        In fact, that institution has been most averse to The White South.

        I cannot change that, nor am I original in calling that, as, if you look up many speeches from notables of The League of The South, you will see this – frequently!

        That said, if you see it some other way, that’s fine.

        I know it’s unpleasant for northerners to hear that this government is largely theirs.

        I don’t often call it ‘The Yankee government, because that would include people in western Pennsylvania, New York, and The Midwest, and those folks are downright different than Northeasterners.

        If you want to be exact – The Government that flies the Stars & Stripes most closely represents the historical puritanical and radically subversive cultural will of Massachussetts.

        I do hope you have a day that brings great joy to you!

      • One more thing, M’am : I know you are hurting because of what is happening to our president; our champion.

        I was struggling with it yesterday, feeling pretty damn angry and vengeful.

        It got to be too much for me, so I did what I always do : I asked Jesus Chryst to take some of the weight off of me and restore my inner balance.

        When I asked, He, as He always does, healed my innards, so, I’m better today.

        It’s harder for you, I know,m because you don’t have that. You have only your ire.

        Ire is right, but, it’s helpful to have The Lord, as there is but so much right we can bear.

  12. I am not a fan of Flynn, right now we need to take back our nations and not seek a war with Iran for the sake of Israel
    It is good news he left.

    Salute From Italy.

  13. Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer called for martial law just as the Flynn story was breaking and this may have been a very perceptive call. In order to take down the deep state Trump may have to pull out all the stops. What is very worrying is the undemocratic demand by the Trump administration that Russia hand back Crimea to Ukraine despite the wishes of 85% of it’s people, that Trump has done zero to contain NATO’s attempts to start a 3rd world war on the borders of Russia and indeed that vile and hateful bitch Nikki Haley has rattled up the war drums at the Jew-N, that he has done zero to stop the Syrian war all of which weakens his Russia stance. It is almost as though he is now following the Neocon line. But we know that Trump has been a master player in the past and may be leading his enemies towards a hole, tempting them to show their hand and their faces by giving them reasons to feel they are defeating him before taking them down. I expect further depression for his supporters when the PM of the Great Satan Israel arrives today.

    • “we know that Trump has been a master player in the past and may be leading his enemies towards a hole”

      and what if he’s playing you?

        • The only thing he’s been consistent about is supporting Kykestan-in-Palestine, so we can assume that its enemies are Trump’s enemies.

          • I’m hoping he understands that outward support is what’s needed, despite how he feels inside. He doesn’t need a “heart attack” or to end up like Traficant or any other person that exposed the eternal parasite. Realistically, Trump is the best we’ve got right now. Maybe he’s kissing ass now so he will be able to turn towards our domestic issues without that threat over his head. Or maybe I’m full of it and a total sucker. I guess only time will tell.

          • He’s definitely unpredictable, and playing war games on another dimension. His approval ratings higher now than ever.

  14. Be careful with Eli Lake, he is another anti-Russia Jewish Neocon pundit that is trying to appear friendly to Trump supporters.

    • No Jew can EVER be trusted. I have a lot of suspicious about the Jew Miller. and Kushner? Total predatory GARBAGE.

  15. Trump must use this CRIME – the spying on an release of info by the Israeli NSA – to CRUSH ZOG. Build the ovens, Trump!

    • Trump, Feb 15, 2017:

      “Today I have the honor of welcoming my friend, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to the White House. With this visit, the United States again reaffirms our unbreakable bond with our cherished ally, Israel. The partnership between our two countries built on our shared values has advanced the cause of human freedom, dignity and peace. These are the building blocks of democracy.

      “The state of Israel is a symbol to the world of resilience in the face of oppression — I can think of no other state that’s gone through what they’ve gone — and of survival in the face of genocide. We will never forget what the Jewish people have endured.

      “Your perseverance in the face of hostility, your open democracy in the face of violence, and your success in the face of tall odds is truly inspirational. The security challenges faced by Israel are enormous, including the threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, which I’ve talked a lot about. One of the worst deals I’ve ever seen is the Iran deal. My administration has already imposed new sanctions on Iran, and I will do more to prevent Iran from ever developing — I mean ever — a nuclear weapon.

      “Our security assistance to Israel is currently at an all-time high, ensuring that Israel has the ability to defend itself from threats of which there are unfortunately many. Both of our countries will continue and grow. We have a long history of cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the fight against those who do not value human life. America and Israel are two nations that cherish the value of all human life.”

  16. Dear Bill Kristol, you’re not going to like what follows normal democratic and constitutional politics, no matter who wins round one.

  17. Surprise: At the End, Obama Administration Gave NSA Broad New Powers

    In its final days, the Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.

    The new rules significantly relax longstanding limits on what the N.S.A. may do with the information gathered by its most powerful surveillance operations, which are largely unregulated by American wiretapping laws. These include collecting satellite transmissions, phone calls and emails that cross network switches abroad, and messages between people abroad that cross domestic network switches.

  18. Kevin MacDonald ?@TOOEdit
    Kevin MacDonald Retweeted Bret Stephens
    Neocons smelling blood in the water.

    Bret Stephens @StephensWSJ
    Impeached by November? If other Russian shoes drop, GOP members will want that. They always preferred a President Pence.

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