The Privilege of Freedom

Dr. Drew Gilpin Faust, President of Harvard University, described the organic and conservative world-view of Southern leaders prior to secession and invasion in her book A Sacred Circle: The Dilemma of the Intellectual in the Old South, 1840-1860. It was an outlook on life which rejected both the social compact theory (which arose during the Enlightenment) and “the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family” (as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

Faust noted that Fire-Eater Nathaniel Beverley Tucker “conceived of the social world as an intricate structure. Sweeping theories about natural law and natural rights appeared meaningless in [the] face of the complex customs and interrelationships that had evolved over centuries to constitute contemporary society.” To Southerners, “Society appeared a natural phenomenon, an organism, in the sense that its course of development was determined by a set of constituent elements with which it initially was endowed.” The intellectual reformers in Dixie who she focused on in her book:

found in their historical explorations no record of men establishing social compacts, as Locke had suggested. Human beings, they concluded, never had existed independent of societies; they were born into a social state and from the first were linked with those around them by ties of custom and tradition. Men did not possess natural rights, but instincts like “ambition, avarice, lust” which they had an inescapable duty to control. Because they viewed men as inherently evil and morally frail, the five Southerners could not imagine them independent of social restraints. Freedom was not a right but a privilege man earned by demonstrating himself able to suppress the “profound corruption” that was the essence of human nature.

Imagine if this standard for freedom were applied today – if people had to earn it rather than be granted “space to destroy.” And imagine if society were viewed as an organic and historic body rather than a sociology experiment in de-constructing Western Civilization.

As the Alt-Right moves into the real world and the Alt-South emerges to lead the way it is time to red-pill ourselves on the liberal assumptions which underpin the crumbling social order around us. Then we can move forward more effectively.

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    • Bondage of the will. “All have sinned,” etc. Moreover, the Gospel is not meant to go to non- Whites.

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        • I was reading a very interesting account of the Roundheads and Cavaliers where they looked at the core beliefs of the soldiers.

          It was pretty rare to find any troops that could actually quote a Psalm or a line from the Gospels.

          They had to bring in an American lunatic from Harvard called Hugh Peter to rustle the jimmies of the Russet Coated sectaries.

          It was mostly a class based revolt and a chance to be a “hooligan”. Most of the religious aspect was a transparently cynical gloss over a yeoman obsession with Getting and Spending.

          • I imagine most of the soldiers were illiterate, hence their inability to quote any lines from Scripture.

            I just saw an interesting film about the English Civil War on Netflix, “A Field in England”. There’s also the classic 1970 film “Cromwell” featuring Richard Harris, Timothy Dalton and other well-known British actors from that era.

          • Almost none could write. Some could read simple things. Few could apparently quote anything from the Bible or identify characters and situations there in. So it’s quite interesting that they are considered theological extremists. Most were just plundering and taking a break from being apprentice cobblers, tailors etc. Sure some leaders were flaming mad but think about the people you run into today who don’t have any General Knowledge.

          • It’s a excellent film. Cromwell is a very formidable man who found his vocation after 40.

        • Not so simple, it was also a reaction about massive amounts of wealth flowing out of Norther Europe to prop up a corrupt Latin Church. Henry the 8th also didn’t like the idea of being ruled by the Spanish Crown which was essentially who pulled the Papacy’s strings. But I do agree as religion was “democratized” the effeminate classes had greater influence to pervert society into this petty moral tyranny which became todays secular political correctness with the Jewess as the high priestess.

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      • Is that what we’re discussing here, Captain, at this blog entry headed “The Privilege of Freedom”? Whether blacks should live as free persons in the white world? In the style of Occidental Dissent, the text of the entry pretends to be a discussion of a wider subject.

          • Your question is a no-brainer, since I think blacks and whites should not be living among each other. Via that photograph, Mr. Cushman has unwittingly disclosed Occidental Dissent’s true interest, which Mr. Wallace, our host, is generally at pains to conceal: vindication of the Confederacy—and its enslavement of blacks.

  3. Why is it that readers of Occidental Dissent complain about blacks but have no concrete solutions to solve the problem? No one rallies behind a complaint but most will support a clear solution.

    • At minute 52-55 Oswald Mosley encounters Arthur Greenwood in a Labour Party cabinet meeting.

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      • The solution that SHOULD have been advocated, by North and South, was AND is REPATRIATION. Had the South, in particular, advocated for the repatriation of its freed slaves to Africa, even after the WBTS, it would have received the full support of the North composed as it was by the White working class who did NOT want to compete with freed Blacks for jobs and housing.

        The American Colonization Society was formed in 1817 and purchased Liberia for such a purpose. Though Liberia declared its independence in 1847, The ACS oversaw the transfer of Blacks until 1867. Liberia is a typical African cesspool that the USA has had to help more than once. Repatriated “African-Americans” should have and should be tied to any aid.

        Since Blacks compose a huge proportion of prison populations, we could build prisons there, pay Liberians as guards and parole the Black prisoners there. I might add that the best way to encourage Mestizos to self-deport if they know that they could go to jail in Liberia. Of course, we’d house White prisoners ourselves.

        The one thing that bugs me, Hunter is how you think that all the South has to do is succeed and suddenly you have a population of docile Negro workers. This stubbornness is peculiar in the face of slave uprisings in Haiti and other places. Like the Whites of Rhodesia and South Africa, you have a mind set that dictates that it is better to be murdered in your bed than make it yourself.

        Whites can do manual or menial labor. Whites should only hire Whites. Those who bought slaves or have hired much cheaper labor by so-called “people of color” are just now finding out that nothing is really for free, cheap, Non-White labor is labor on the installment plan, and your White descendants are going to end up paying for it, with outrageous interest, through the nose, in the future! Stop it!

  4. This article makes some interesting points. By and large, America’s Founding Fathers understood that the liberty they advocated for was only to apply to whites who spoke the same language. Thanks to the modern, mainly post-1945, push by International Jewry for absolute equality and tolerance, many American patriot types have embraced a civic nationalist fantasy that the Founders never envisioned, aka Neo-Babelism.

    • I remember seeing an 18th century drawing in which the children were drawn as demonic little beings, with almost an evil cat like grin and sharp teeth. The lecturer mentioned to one student who noted how the children were depicted that people of that time didn’t view children the way our feminized society does as “little angels” but rather as wild animals in need of “taming” by civilization. Probably a true Patriarchal notion of childhood from a male perspective.

  5. America has a problem with the Constitution. The Constitution was put together at a time of Christianity in our Land. Also a time of social order and White Pride. However things have changed with the Demographic Replacement of our People across America. God’s freedom and liberty is for people who act right. Not those who’s goal is the destruction of the South and World. WPWW !

    • It was also written by a Virginian in the context of a Seigneurial society that simply didn’t exist in the New England and Middle Atlantic Colonies that later became the North.

    • And the holy grail of the left is rapid demographic replacement as if your supposed to accept all these strange people who have shown up over the last generation as having an equal voice in the body politic to yourself. I don’t know if it’s just our particular customers of if the demographic situation is that bad, but looking at the last names of the orders and returns we ship to consumers well over half the customers are either Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or some form of Asian. Maybe it’s just because we peddle off brand Chinese knock off junk and these lowlifes are stupid enough to buy it, or maybe the invasion really is that bad.

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