How to Form a ‘Hate Group’

Are you in a “hate group”? Would you like to be? Turns out that it is easy to be and I have some experience in this matter as my blog Southern Future was recently declared a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). “Hate groups” are very lucrative business – not for you though (more on that shortly). And there are some important things to know about them if you are considering the jump into “hate.”


Let’s look at the basics. Who can be a “hate group”? Basically, anyone who disagrees with the prevailing values of the coastal urbanite liberal elite. This means that roughly half the US population has the potential to be a “hate group.” Do you believe in traditional marriage? Do you oppose affirmative action? Do you believe in free speech even if that speech offends a minority group? Do you oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants? Do you support gun rights? Do you think a man who dresses up as a woman shouldn’t be able to go into the women’s bathroom with your wife and daughter? If you answered yes to some or all of these questions you have the potential to be a “hate group.” It also helps greatly to be White since nearly all “hate groups” are White – especially the ones which get the big media attention. So, roughly 100-150 million Americans could possibly become a “hate group.”


The main thing to remember about forming a “hate group” is that you don’t need to involve anyone else other than yourself. “Hate groups” are not necessarily groups. My blog, for example, is a “hate group” even though it is not a group. I alone write there. And it isn’t an organization. But that’s okay because it doesn’t have to be.

Also, your “hate group” needn’t hate anyone. Genuine hatred is not what “hate groups” are about. You just have to express opinions which the liberal elites don’t like. As explained below, this is really a business anyhow – not for you but for the people who label you.

All you really have to do is make a website or in some other way begin advocating for ideas which urbanite coastal elites find repugnant. This could take any form. I have a couple of friends who own businesses which are “hate groups.” That definitely qualifies. In fact, one of my friends was recently two “hate groups,” though for some reason he is now only one. I guess the “hate” dwindled a little on his front.


“Hate groups” are big business. Not for you but for the people who monitor them and designate you as a “hate group.” Hundreds of millions of dollars are involved. For example, the SPLC made over $40 million in 2012 and has an endowment of over $300 million.

How does it work? Let me briefly explain. The SPLC or Anti Defamation League or any other group which monitors “hate groups” first designate you as a “hate group.” They put you or your blog on their “Hate Map.” They write articles about you which put you in the worst possible light. Anything is fair game here. They will dig back decades if they can to find some piece of information which they can use to make you look bad.

They especially like to “link” you to others. This can mean anything. They regularly establish these “links” based on the weakest connections imaginable. If you write a book or blog post and someone reads it and then does something terrible you will be “linked” to that terrible deed.

Then they build a “rising tide of hate.” This is the real trick. They must designate more “hate groups” each year or claim that the “hate groups” are more radical, violent or fear-inspiring than in years gone by. In other words, they must build urgency and create a scary scenario in which “hate is on the rise” and threatens to sweep across society. This is easy to do because there are so many possibilities when it comes to “hate groups,” as we have seen, and they can all be “linked” in some way to something or someone terrible. It just takes a little digging and imagination.

Next, the monitors appeal to their urbanite liberal base for funds to “fight the growing tide of hate” sweeping across the country. Give until it hurts. Give if you care. Give for the children. Give for peace, tolerance and civil rights. And the money begins flowing in. Tens of millions of dollars flow in.

That is essentially how the scam works. Throw in a few high profile legal cases against poor, working class “hate groups” and some “educational” work to indocrinate the police and teachers in liberal, urbanite values for good measure. Maybe have people call and try to get “hate group” members fired from their jobs or kicked out of their apartments. That about covers the work of the “hate group” watchdog groups like the SPLC. The entire thing revolves around a money-grabbing scam.

Now, are you still interested in being a “hate group”? Perhaps you already are but aren’t yet aware of it. That’s possible. Or maybe you will soon be come a “hate group.” If so, I want to welcome you to the world of “hate.”

Morris Dees, chief scammer at the SPLC.
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  1. Great article except you got something wrong. Morris Dees is NOT the chief scammer at SPLC. He is simply a figurehead, an ex KKK lawyer, woman abuser (read his ex-wife’s divorce court papers, available on the web) mailorder businessman who figured out how to parlay that skill into making millions sending scare fundraising letters to wealthy Eastern Amish people. And most importantly, a goy, Here is the info, from the SPLC’s own website, on the founder of the SPLC, the real chief scammer, ideologue etc. there:

  2. If you do form a “hate group”, you’d better not go to Sweden. Like Canada, Germany and “Israel”, Sweden now also claims “universal jurisdiction”.

    * * *

    The following story is so disgusting. Sweden has no jurisdiction to convict this Haji, Sakhanh Furthermore, there’s no definitive proof that a crime took place. Now Sweden has made itself responsible for him for the rest of his life. He should be deported to Syria, where the Syrian authorities can put him on trial for killing a Syrian soldier, if that’s what they want to do.

    Syrian asylum seeker is jailed for life in Sweden after horrifying footage emerged of him taking part in the execution of seven men in 2012

    Refugee Haisam Sakhanh, 46, joined the armed group Suleiman Company in early May 2012, and shot a person [A SYRIAN SOLDIER] dead with an assault rifle

    Sakhanh had confessed to the shooting but said he should not be prosecuted

    A [Swedish] judge said victim was shot dead along six others under ‘cruel circumstances’

    Daily Mail, 16 February 2017

    A Swedish court on Thursday sentenced a Syrian man to life imprisonment for participation in the 2012 mass execution of seven government troops in Syria.

    The Stockholm District Court ruled that 46-year-old refugee Haisam Omar Sakhanh joined the armed group Suleiman Company in early May 2012, and shot a person dead with an assault rifle.

    Judge Tomas Zander said the victim, who was not identified [non habeus corpus], was shot dead along with six others ‘under particularly cruel circumstances’.

    The seven men who were shot were part of the Syrian regime [i.e. were soldiers] who had been captured by the independent [“independent”] Islamist group, which was founded in 2011.

    The [US-and-EU-backed?] Islamist armed group [“moderate rebels”?] captured the men during an attack at the beginning of May 2012, and the seven were shot to death less than two days later, according to Stockholms Tingsratt.

    In the years since the execution, it has been impossible to identify the victims.

    Sakhanh had confessed to the shooting but said he should not be prosecuted because the death sentences had been made by a legitimate court, something the Swedish court rejected [on what basis?]

    It also rejected his defense that he had been following orders.

    The group Sakanh was part of, the Suleiman Company, is a Islamic rebel group independent of [US-and-EU-backed] Free Syrian Army that was formed in 2011 during the Syrian uprising.

    The group is mainly active in the Idleb countryside’s Jebel al-Zawiya region, and is led by former drug smuggler and Salafi militant Abu Suleiman al-Hamawi, according to TrackingTerrorism dot org.

    The court said Sakanh had been active in Italy in 2011 and 2012 where he protested against the Syrian government.

    Italian police helped investigators in Sweden to identify him via fingerprints and photos of him illegally entering the Syrian Embassy in Rome during a protest, according to the court ruling obtained by The Associated Press.

    After his stint in Italy, Sakhanh returned to Syria before heading north to Sweden where he sought asylum in Sweden in 2013. He failed to inform authorities about the executions and was given refugee status and permanent residence permit [in spite of having passed through numerous other countries between Syria and Sweden] in early 2016. He has been held in pre-trial custody since March.

    In a statement, the court said Sakhanh’s crime [which Sweden has no jurisdiction over] ‘is so high that the punishment has been ruled to be life imprisonment’. In Sweden, life imprisonment is normally ten years. The court said Sakhanh should [sure, “should”] then be expelled from the country and banned from returning.

  3. Hysterical!; – in a dark way.

    In your honour,Mr. Cushman,I’ve decided to form a hate group with my cat.

    We don’t you want to be lonely.

    • Very true, Mr. Kleinfeld.

      Only it ain’t just The Jews, here, but, any group New England Government style White liberals hate.

  4. How to a join a hate group…

    Convert to Judaism and get hired on the staff of the New York Times?

  5. Please stop showing off and reminding us of our insignificance. It has always been a dream of mine to be given ‘Hate Group’ status.

    Alas, it just hasn’t happened for me yet. I keep telling myself that this is my year; but years come and go and still not even the tiniest of dots for me on the SPLC Hate Group map.

  6. There once was a time when white people who thought that we have unique interests worth defending were the only ‘haters’. These days however, the extent of ‘hate’ has extended well into the mainstream into complete meaninglessness. For example, if you don’t even identify as white but solely ‘conservative’- you are considered a ‘fascist’. If you’re a gay Jewish guy (Milo) but do think Muslim immigration needs to be controlled and restricted- then you’re a neo-nazi and your event must be shut down with violence and Malitov cocktails. Or perhaps you’re a Donald Trump supporter frustrated by mass immigration and supports the wall. Well, to them you want to kill 6 million Jews and must be physically assaulted on sight! Don’t feel bad, these days anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is a ‘hate’ group- you’ve just joined the ever expanding crowd…..

  7. Hate group-any group thats white and want whats best for their children by having sensible measures put in place to protect their race , culture , and way of life .
    BLM , any Green or Leftwing group…perhaps not hate groups as they want the opposite .
    Do I have it about right ?

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