Report: White House Considering Activating 100,000 National Guard Troops To Serve As Deportation Force

If it is true, this would be so awesome:

“The Trump administration is considering a proposal to mobilize as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up immigrants in the U.S. illegally, including millions living nowhere near the Mexico border, according to a draft memo obtained by the Associated Press.

The 11-page document calls for the unprecedented militarization of immigration enforcement as far north as Portland, Ore., and as far east as New Orleans, La.

Almost immediately after the Associated Press published its report, the White House issued a denial. “That is 100% not true. It is false,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer told the media pool aboard Air Force One before President Trump headed to South Carolina to tour a Boeing plant later Friday. …”

In case you were wondering, this is what an Eastern Jew is saying about the subject:

“Whom do federal immigration agents despise more: former President Barack Obama, or the immigrants whose lives are in their hands?

That uncomfortable question came to mind as I read articles over the past week of the growing numbers of raids, roundups, the knocks on the door, the flooding of “target-rich environments,” a phrase an anonymous immigration official used in speaking to The Washington Post. What’s a target-rich environment? “Big cities,” the official explained, “tend to have a lot of illegal immigrants.” …”

We’re reacting to the news with “right on, right on.” By and large, these people support the invasion that has been going on across our southern border. We’re the problem to them, not the illegal aliens.

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  1. If that’s fake news, it’s the the kind I want to hear more of. Only I want it to be true. I hope they “accidentally” deport all the whinny liberals too.

      • Me, too! The MSM (Mendacious Snake Media) wants to portray President Trump as a dangerous Anti-Semite about to launch a Red, White and Blue Pogrom, so we need to make sure he gets an American moniker.

        Der TrumpenFueher sounds, well too German and Il Duce already not only was taken by Mussolini, but it sounds too Italian.

        Big Orange works. Big Orange, it is!

  2. Oh please God! Also allow us to help out! I can’t think of anything better than herding illegal filth onto a bus to dump them back in their sewer country. Adios pendejos!

  3. An AP reporter must have found the memo on a table in Burger King. The AP reporter’s editor must have decided to run with it after consulting with AP management. I’m sure that’s what happened.

  4. Every day Yahoo news has a spate of articles hyper critical of Trump.

    Relentless attacks.

    The plan is to impeach him over any trivial thing they can ginny up.

    Donald Trump May Have Just Committed an Impeachable Offense
    The Hive Thu, Feb 16 1:25 AM PST

    President Donald Trump’s first month in office has been dogged by one misstep after another—botched executive orders and attacks on the judiciary, punctuated by bizarre, and often inappropriate, boasting about the size of his electoral victory and inauguration crowd. There’s an inquiry into his ownership of the Trump International Hotel just down Pennsylvania Avenue, a call to discipline his counselor Kellyanne Conway for giving his daughter Ivanka’s brand a “free commercial” on Fox News, and an investigation underway about whether or not there’s enough security in place at Mar-a-Lago after the president decided to review national-security documents on a terrace at the Palm Beach resort last weekend in plain view of prying dinner guests. According to ABC News, Trump received a big, fat gift from China this week in the form of a 10-year trademark on his name for construction. The award marks a sudden reversal of fortunes for Trump, who had reportedly been trying to win the valuable rights to his name for a decade. …

  5. Wheeee!

    A notion. While the media is pushing, “The Russians Hacked the Election”, we should not let good press coverage got to waste. Just like “fake news” backfired on them this can too. We should demand non-hackable, secure elections. This CAN be done. When this is done a huge amount of fake votes for the Democrats will be stopped. If we don’t do this then they will steal so many votes the next election that we are bound to lose.

  6. But what about the 8,000 Guardsmen(and women!) “defending” European and Central Asian borders and pseudo-sovereignty?

    The EUCOM State Partnership Program: 22 State National Guard partnerships (the year they were formed in parenthesis):

    Alabama / Romania (1993)
    California / Ukraine (1993)
    Colorado / Slovenia (1993)
    Georgia / Georgia (1994)
    Illinois / Poland (1993)
    Indiana / Slovakia (1994)
    Iowa / Kosovo (2011)
    Kansas / Armenia (2003)
    Maine / Montenegro (2006)
    Maryland / Estonia (1993)
    Maryland / Bosnia (2003)
    Michigan / Latvia (1993)
    Minnesota / Croatia (1996)
    New Jersey / Albania (2001)
    North Carolina / Moldova (1996)
    Ohio / Hungary (1993)
    Ohio / Serbia (2006)
    Oklahoma / Azerbaijan (2003)
    Pennsylvania / Lithuania (1993)
    Tennessee / Bulgaria (1993)
    Texas, Nebraska / Czech Republic (1993)
    Vermont / Macedonia (1993)

    • Don’t worry. Illinois, Indiana,
      Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota , New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, won’t bother to show up. They could only spare troops for the invasion and conquest of the South. They’ll leave it to the Southern and Western states on the list to do it for them.

  7. This would definitely boost the efficiency of the deportation scheme…hopefully the talk of “lies, ALL LIES” is just the usual BS official speak.

  8. I think the Trump Administration is putting out all kinds of plausibly outrageous rumors in order to find out who is leaking sensitive information to the press. I hope this leak nails the perpetrator to the wall.

    Trump needs to round up the leakers and the those who got the information and throw them into the slammer for the rest of his term of office!

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