Washington Post: Is It Good For The Jews?

Is it anti-Semitic to notice?

“In the White House, the threat comes from those, like Stephen K. Bannon, who admire nativist strongmen. The blood-and-soil nationalism of men like Russian President Vladimir Putin, or women like France’s Marine Le Pen, is never good for Jews; even when they don’t specifically target Jews, they attract strong support from more vigorous anti-Semites. On social media, we see anti-Semitism from anonymous trolls, and while we can’t say anything about the sincerity or strength of their intentions, they are terrifying (to Jewish reporters, among others). …

But for now, we Jews should worry less about whether attacks against us are “on the rise,” because it’s not clear whether they are. That’s not the most important question, because to any student of history it’s no comfort if anti-Semitic attacks aren’t on the rise. In many times and places, Jews have been the canary in the coal mine; when racist authoritarianism arrives, we Jews are among the first to sniff it in the air. “

Is it good for the Whites though?

Why is the Lügenpresse so concerned about anti-Semitism? Why not, say, Russophobia or anti-Whitism or anti-Christian sentiment instead? Why is it “mainstream” to carry forth in The Washington Post about what is “good for the Jews,” but it is “fringe” to discuss what is “good for the Whites?” Isn’t it strange how we can discuss the interests of every group but the majority population?

I think we all know the answer. We Gentiles aren’t the ones who control the media. That’s why we never hear questions like “why is there so much hatred of White people” in the media? Why is there so much hatred of Russians? Why is there such a strong dislike of Christians?

The New York Times (Jews) and Chuck Todd of MSNBC (Jew) and Peter Beinart of The Atlantic (Jew) are all working together to construct the Narrative. This is only a small example of how Jews are so overrepresented and networked in the “mainstream” news media that they have the power to inject their own peculiar ethnic obsessions into literally everything. In this case, it was a national press conference and the news cycle that rolled off of it. It became about THEM.

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  1. I will risk repeating myself. But Bannon if you are reading this…

    The Jews in France have had it pretty rough from the Muslims pouring into France. The Hebdo attack and Bataclan can be interpreted as assaults on Jewish property. Day in a day out the Jewish community in France gets squeezed by the Muslims.

    The best thing Trump can do to reduce Anti-Semitic attacks on Jews in the US is to bar further Muslim migration to the US and to encourage the remaining Muslims to repatriate themselves to one of the dozens of Muslim nations in the world.

    Jakob Turx knows full well the Muslim origin of these assaults in France and elsewhere. But he doesn’t appear to care one way or another about a solution.

  2. The passage of the 1882 Chinese Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act was very very good for THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS!!!

    Precise mathematical meaning of MAGA!!!=The passage of the 1882 Chinese Legal Exclusion Act!!!

    The moral of the story:when ALT RIGHT celebrities do College Rock Star Tours they only have to say this over and over again:WHY SHOULD THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY WORKING CLASS BE IN FAVOR OF THAT?…..no need for endless-mind-numbing-the-eyes-glaze-over-discussions of IQ Test score psychometric jibber-jabber…

    Just stick with NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS RACIAL NATIONALISM-TRIBALISM+VIOLENT HATRED OF THE WHITE LIBERAL GREEDY CHEATING CLASS MEGA CEOS…….VIOLENT VIOLENT UNBOUNDED HATRED!!!!!…..focus white laser beam working class hatred on these subhuman filthy cockroaches……..dip them in fucking car battery acid….

  3. I can’t think of a better argument against importing more “refugees” than the fact that these descendents of past refugees, despite living generations in our country and being privileged, still tend to identify with potentially violent and hostile outsiders over Americans. I say deport them too.

  4. Grew up in New York City, left that hell hole years ago…And speaking as someone who is half Jewish, am always amazed by the stupidity, arrogance and paranoia of American Jews. Yes, they do look down on Christians and those of us who live in “flyover country”. Unfortunately, I have relatives in my family who just can’t understand how anyone could have voted for Trump. As for screeching nonstop about anti semitism, maybe, just maybe, if American Jews looked at their own actions and stop trying to destroy this country through believing in stupid ideas like open borders and multiculturalism, they would start to understand why many people dislike them. But I’m not holding my breath…

  5. When have Jews every done anything good for a host nation? There is a reason that they are often shown the door. I don’t care one bit about what is good for Jews. If oppressing or expelling Jews is good for actual Americans, I’m all for it.

  6. Don’t forget that multiculturalism, open borders, mass immigration, feminism, identity politics, cultural Marxism, all of it is the brainchild of one specific ethnicity for one specific purpose which is not very good for the whites. Survival, will to power, whatever it is, it’s not good for the whites.

  7. “That’s not the most important question, because to any student
    of history it’s no comfort if anti-Semitic attacks aren’t on the rise.”

    When anti-semitic attacks are on the rise, it’s because of anti-semitism.

    And when anti-semitic attacks are NOT on the rise, it’s because of…………..anti-semitism.

    Got it.

    • You’ve gotta love the heads I win, tails you lose logic of Jewish ethnic activism. There’s no slimier people on the earth.

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