Cuckservatives: John McCain Trashes Nationalism In Munich Speech

I don’t have any regrets about declining to vote for John McCain in 2008. I’m glad this warmongering neocon never won the presidency. As bad as Obama was, he was the lesser of two evils in that election. This old fool sucked so bad he even managed to lose Indiana.

As President Trump said, John McCain has been losing for so long and so badly that he doesn’t know how to win. I will never forget the time that John McCain and the Straight Talk Express came to Gee’s Bend, AL to ride a ferry across the Alabama River as a virtue signal. Obama ended up winning Wilcox County, AL with 71% of the vote which is 72.5% black.

What must it have been like as a White person standing on the shores of the Alabama River in Camden that day? Did they laugh at the cuckservative and his consultants fording the river?

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    • Noice…”nationalism is dangerous, unless you are an Israeli or a Ukrainian.” John McCain

      • Typical New England Government philosophy – it’s okay as long as we authorize it in specifick places, and it is conducted by our officially licensed agents and proxies.

        Ad hoc hypocrisy is their Northern Government’s operating principle..

  1. I do have to wonder what the hell even goes through this old fart’s mind anymore.

    He was literally DESTROYED by the very people he goes out of his way to loudly defend now. He was called the whole 9 yards: “racist,” “misogynistic,” troglodyte, senile, warmongering, mean old man in 2008. (At least now we know the last 2 are true!) People who held him up as the model, “reasonable” Republican for years, until he inconveniently was the one standing between the first affirmative action President and his destiny!

    Apparently doesn’t matter, all is forgiven. He STILL sees enemies only to his RIGHT! Why even be a Republican??

  2. In the Open NC primary of 2000, I voted for McCain.

    At the time he seemed a good man who was dedicated to doing right.

    Since then I have come to regard him as the living embodiment of William Tecumseh Sherman; and I would say that I am glad he lost to George Bush in 2000, except for the fact George Bush was such a terrible president, I am afraid I would choke on the words.

    Even thinking of my choices that year (Al Gore & George Bush) I shudder just as I shuddered then, which was why, that year, I voted for Harry Browne – the Libertarian candidate.

    Though I was not 1/100th so well informed politically as the internet has made me now, I still think I made a prescient and justifiable vote in the general election, but, am horrified I ever considered voting for Senator McCain to do anything but run a small-town bingo game.

  3. I voted for McCain in the primary in 2000. After his shilling for amnesty, I vowed to never vote for him, and I didn’t. I voted for some no-hoper in 2008 (Constitution Party) rather than vote for McCain. McCain would actually not have been worse than Obama, which is saying alot.

  4. He betrayed his country in Vietnam when he became “Tokyo Rose”, he betrayed once again at home when he assisted in covering up the existence of left-behind POWs. Can anyone be truly surprised?

  5. The (((Establishment))) candidates for president from 2000 – 2012 were so awful I didn’t even bother voting. The only guy I liked was Ralph Nader, but he didn’t have a Chinaman’s chance of winning.

  6. The discussion should move towards how this movement defeats such people electorally, either in the primary or by voting for their opponents in the general.

  7. The day when Songbird McCain is sent to a nursing home and gets smacked around by colored janitors and orderlies draws nigh.

  8. Remember when Republicans used to chide Democrats that “Politics ends at the waters edge”; i.e. that they shouldn’t criticize other American politicians when they’re abroad? But, “Maverick” John McCain, who has been as good for America as his namesake was for Goose, seems to have forgotten that.

    McCain is a shameful, bloody-minded old fool, who ought to be clutching a sippy-cup in a nursing home, not presuming to lecture the country that (very wisely) rejected him as President. I bet somebody has a pretty tight grip on his balls, what with his collaboration with the Vietnamese and his efforts to bury any investigation into what became of American POWS in Southeast Asia.

  9. John McCain has the blood of over 100,000 Iraqis on his hands and yet he lectures others? He’s a warcriminal. The lying press still uses him as a voice of authority though. It’s control by false consensus building.

    • I remember when Trump dared to criticize this contemptible old warmonger. It was pretty much then that I decided to vote for Trump.

  10. The people of arizona should be ashamed for continuing to put this waste of skin in as their senator. I do umderstand he ran a pretty dirty campaign this last time around though have no details on how….i cannot stand to even see or hear this pos anywhere.

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