Are Liberals Helping Trump?

The New York Times asks:

“Jeffrey Medford, a small-business owner in South Carolina, voted reluctantly for Donald Trump. As a conservative, he felt the need to choose the Republican. But some things are making him feel uncomfortable — parts of Mr. Trump’s travel ban, for example, and the recurring theme of his apparent affinity for Russia.

Mr. Medford should be a natural ally for liberals trying to convince the country that Mr. Trump was a bad choice. But it is not working out that way. Every time Mr. Medford dips into the political debate — either with strangers on Facebook or friends in New York and Los Angeles — he comes away feeling battered by contempt and an attitude of moral superiority. …”

The Left is composed of liberals, moderates and progressives.

Of the three factions, the progressives are our allies. They are the ones out there scolding White women about their “white privilege” at the Women’s March. They are ones out there demonizing the cishet White male, rioting at Berkeley, tearing down monuments, policing speech, assaulting people and losing their minds in the streets. They are the driving force behind political correctness.

The progressives have come to believe that political disagreement is immoral. They are more influenced by non-liberal traditions of leftwing thought like communism and anarchism. A liberal used to be someone who was openminded and tolerant of different points of view. A liberal was someone who prized rational argument. In contrast, the progressives are intolerant and dogmatic. They have moronic chants like “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” and “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!” They are a miserable, hypersensitive group of people. If you are in a classroom and a snowflake gets triggered and starts crying and throwing a tantrum, you are likely dealing with a progressive.

Fortunately for us, the progressives are alienating White Middle America. My sense is that their extremism has gotten worse since the election. They have pushed a lot of the suburban moderates closer to Trump. There is a growing perception that the Left has become unhinged and dangerous and it is due to these people. They believe everyone who voted for Trump is a racist, white supremacist or a fascist.

We need to define ourselves against the progressives. They are violent and intolerant. We are non-violent and reasonable. They are bigoted. We enjoy debates. They believe their opposition are wicked, immoral haters. We think our opposition is just misguided. They are unhinged. We are cool and collected. They are against free speech. We are for free speech. They are rigid and dogmatic. We are genial and laid back. They engage in no platforming. We are only asserting our constitutional rights. They are humorless scolds. We are irreverent. Actually, we’re already doing this, but as far as I can tell no one has openly said it anywhere. The strategy is working and we need to reinforce it with viral videos.

We can convince the middle that these people need to be contained in their coastal strongholds.

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  1. Yup to all the above.

    Maoist cadres: we have no obligation to yield power to them ever, even via “democracy”. Not that we shouldnt play the game, we should for as long as we can.

  2. ‘Every time Mr. Medford dips into the political debate — either with
    strangers on Facebook or friends in New York and Los Angeles — he comes
    away feeling battered by contempt and an attitude of moral superiority.

    The Left is the very embodiment for what they erringly project upon us.

    I learned in kindergarten that the only way to deal with this kind of personality, even if they are much bigger, is to pick a fight with them, and roll around with them, until, one day, it dawns on them that they want no part of messin’ with you.

  3. The left is the gift that keeps on giving. We should be encouraging them to delegitimization their racism charge by overuse.

    It may even make fence sitters into full blown racists.

  4. why not put the progressives on reservations, where they can be among like-minded folks & can put their energy into trying to prove us wrong – by making their reservations great & multicultural. like little weimar republics. eventually there might be war between their reservations. or between their reservations & us… that’s kind of what’s happening now!

    • Why not ship millions of blacks into Martha’s Vineyard and San Francisco under the guise of a reparations program? Don’t just condemn the progressives, humiliate them by exposing their hypocrisy. Any takers on how long it would take them to start fleeing?

  5. Liberals often shoot themselves in the foot.

    * * *


    Kike and kiked critics condemned The Great Wall as “racist”, and “anti-Chinese”, and “a whitewash” – because it stars a White man – Matt Damon, a well-known SJW, including as an “anti-racism” campaigner. The “racist” (“anti-Chinese”) movie is a massive hit in China.

    Budget: $150 M

    Box-office in USA: $21 M

    Box-office in PRC: $171 M

    Box-office outside USA and PRC: $74 M

    Weekend Box Office: Matt Damon’s ‘The Great Wall’ Crumbles With $21M U.S. Debut

    [The Kike’s] Hollywood Reporter, Feb 17/2017

    Acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, bombed in its U.S. debut over the long Presidents Day weekend with an estimated $21 million from 3,325 theaters, including a three-day tally of $18.1 million. That’s a poor start considering the movie’s $150 million production budget.

    Legendary Pictures teamed with Universal in making the The Great Wall. The monster movie, skewered by critics and earning a mediocre B CinemaScore from audiences, is billed as the first English-language production shot entirely in China.

    Great Wall has done giant-sized business in China, where it has earned $171 million. And it has taken in another $73.6 million in other foreign markets for an international total of $244.6 million.

    The pic’s story centers on European mercenaries searching for black powder who become embroiled in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures. Damon stars along with Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe and Andy Lau.

    “The U.S. is not the driving market and just one part of an overall strategy,” said Universal president of domestic distribution Nick Carpou. “The movie did huge business and continues to open in other international numbers. It just opened No. 1 in Russia. Zhang Yimou is an extraordinary action director.”


    “Asian Americans decry ‘whitewashed’ Great Wall film starring Matt Damon – Critics say forthcoming film The Great Wall is just the latest example of Hollywood putting a white person in a role that should go to a person of color”

    • “Asian Americans decry ‘whitewashed’ Great Wall film starring Matt Damon
      – Critics say forthcoming film The Great Wall is just the latest
      example of Hollywood putting a white person in a role that should go to a
      person of color”

      Translation: racist Asians say my people can’t do a movie where their people live.

      • Most Asians don’t care. That was the point. It was popular in China and most of Asia. Only kyked Asian-American SJW idiots bytched about it.

  6. Hedrick Smith, in his book ‘The Power Game’, about Reagan’s re-election, writes about Kike Leslie Stahl’s stupidity in promoting Reagan while thinking she was trashing him, and her failure to understand the majority of Americans:

    (Stahl was born to a wealthy Jewish family in Lynn, Massachusetts, and was raised in Swampscott, Massachusetts.)

  7. >The Left is composed of liberals, moderates and progressives.
    Funny way to spell, jacobins, fabians, and bolsheviks

  8. The Libtards’ 50+ year reign of tyranny is coming to an end. They have become as old, stubborn and foolish as the conservatives they used to make fun of.

    • I think Le Pen has at least as good a shot at winning as Trump had in November.

      The candidates opposing Le Pen are very weak, just like Hillary was. Fillon, the right wing candidate, has a huge finance scandal plaguing him. Macron, the left wing candidate, just put his foot in his mouth when he said French colonisation of Algeria was “crime against humanity.” Millions of French (real White French people) are descended from Algerian settlers.

      If Le Pen doesn’t screw up and has no scandals come out of the woodwork, she has a a real chance at winning.

  9. If you ain’t trolling progtards you are not trying, they are our greatest allies and the crazier the better.

    Sorry conservative intellectuals, nice try with your essays and your outreach to such people using facts, logic and reason.

    And Keith Ellison for DNC chair

  10. Progressives are the spawn of liberalism and indeed a gift to us. Liberals excuse and justify their violent and irrational behavior and that’s a bigger gift.

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