John McCain Sides With ‘Enemy’ vs Trump

US Senator John McCain has publicly attacked his party’s leader, siding with the liberal media against President Donald Trump. NBC reports:

“Republican Sen. John McCain took a veiled swipe at President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media, cautioning that suppressing the press “is how dictators get started.”

The senator went on to talk about preserving “democracy as we know it” by maintaining an “adversarial press.” In contrast, Trump has repeatedly attacked the press for its Leftist bias and called it an “enemy of the American people.”

McCain is fresh back from a trip to Europe where he insulted the Trump adminstration, portraying it as dishonest, and promoted open borders and bringing in vast numbers of more migrants. As a US senator McCain has long advocated flooding the United States with Third World immigrants, driving down wages for native workers and displacing his party’s White conservative base. He also recently opposed Trump’s travel ban on immigrants from several Islamic countries. Additionally, “Democracy as we know it” has been an opportunity for McCain to endlessly advocate war around the world with his BFF Senator Lindsay Graham. The two routinely stand together to advocate war abroad and open borders at home – policies President Trump campaigned strongly against and has opposed during his first month in office.

Note: McCain’s son, who married a mulatto woman, was in the media last year for attacking Alt-Right trolls who objected to Old Navy’s use of interracial couples in its advertising.

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  1. Look at the bright side: How much more time does this white anti-White cuck have left? He is part of the generation responsible for the mess we’re in now. They are all passing away. The rising, younger White generation has had the biggest, most ungodly dose of Diversity shoved down their throats by McCains and Boomers. They hate the taste and will not take it passively.

  2. McCain is part of the system that Trump is fighting and as soon as Trump is gone these globalist Com mies will try to swarm all over and destroy the nationalists…


    Excerpt from letter by President Jefferson Davis to the Grosvenor of NC, Zebulon Vance
    “…I cannot recall at this time one instance in which I have failed to announce that our only desire was peace, and the only terms which formed a sine qua non were precisely those that you suggested, namely ‘a demand only to be let alone.’ But suppose it were practicable to obtain a conference through commissioners with the Government of President Lincoln, is it at this moment that we are to consider it desirable, or even at all admissible? Have we not just been apprised by that despot that we can only expect his gracious pardon by emancipating all our slaves, swearing allegiance and obedience to him and his proclamation, and becoming in point of fact the slaves of our own negroes? Can there be in North Carolina one citizen so fallen beneath the dignity of his ancestors as to accept, or to enter into conference on the basis of these terms? That there are a few traitors in the State that would be willing to betray their fellow-citizens to such a degraded condition, in the hope of being rewarded for treachery by an escape from the common doom, may be true. But I do not believe that the vilest wretch would accept such terms for himself. I cannot conceive how the people of your State, of which none has sent nobler or more gallant soldiers to the field of battle (one of whom it is your honor to be), can have been deceived by anything to which you refer in ‘the recent action in the Federal House of Representatives.’ I have seen no action of that House that does not indicate a very decided majority, the purpose of the majority to refuse all terms of the South, except absolute, unconditional subjugation or extermination. But if it were otherwise, how are we to treat with the House of Representatives? “It is with Lincoln alone that we would confer, and his own partisans at the North avow unequivocally that his purpose, in his message and proclamation, was to shut out all hope that he could ever treat with us on any terms. If we break up our Government, dissolve the Confederacy, disband our armies, emancipate our slaves, take an oath of allegiance binding ourselves to obedience to him and disloyalty to our own States, he proposes to pardon us, and not to plunder us of anything more than the property already stolen from us, and such slaves as still remain. In order to render his proposals so insulting as to secure their objection, he joins to them a promise to support with his army one-tenth of the people of any State who will attempt to set up a Government over the other nine-tenths, thus seeking to sow discord and suspicion among the people of the several States, and to excite them to civil war in furtherance of his ends….”

    • ‘Have we not just been apprised by that despot that we can only expect
      his gracious pardon by emancipating all our slaves, swearing allegiance
      and obedience to him and his proclamation, and becoming in point of fact
      the slaves of our own negroes?’

      This, Turn Hearts, is STILL the condition of The New England Government – that The White South can ONLY be granted permission to be a part of His Majesty’s Puritan Realm, IF, it is submissive to the grand bespeckled coalition of minorities, scalawags, prairie-dogs, and sexual deviants it has assembled to rule it.

  3. But is not a free and independent press. It is a press controlled by Jews and used by Jews to promote Jew interests at the expense of America and her people.

    • ‘But it is not a free and independent press. It is a press controlled by
      Jews and used by Jews to promote Jew interests at the expense of America
      and her people.’

      And a Jewish press licensed, Miss Fee, by The New England Government for it’s own end.

      You got the tail of the beast, not the head.

      • I must respectfully disagree, sir. A jewish press is merely another arm of the usurers who control money. A certain Rothchild banker seemed to feel that control of money meant control of the government. I cannot find any argument which refutes his opinion. The “New England Government” seems to have “ends” which curiously are always those which match an answer in the affirmative to “is it good for the Jews?”

        • Thank you so very much for your thoughtful reply, Coyote.

          As I see it : the Alliance which dominated the world in the 18th and 19th centuries was the Anglo-Jewish one; and, after WWII, as the baton passt from 10 Downing St. to 300 Pennsylvania Ave, it became the New England-Jewish alliance.

          At this point. there lies a tree that has long played host to an invasive vine, they are so intertwined, it’s downright difficult to tell them apart.

          Why are they wed?

          That only The Good Lord knows, BUT, I can say this –

          #1. New England Puritan culture and Jews believe in one world universalism.

          #2. Because they both believe they are right, and that they are the only ones who are so.

          #3. Because they both believe in meddling and usurping everyone else’s culture.

          #4. Because both cultures, in their modern incarnations, believe in Liberalism.

          #5. Both cultures are profoundly anti-racist, except when it suits them, and both are profoundly anti-nationalistick, except when it suits them.

          Which brings me to another point :

          #6. Both cultures are profoundly gifted at creating one standard for themselves, and an endless supply for others, in the world.

          #7. Both cultures always think any resistance to them is criminal, and demonizes anyone who opposes them.

          #8. Both cultures believe that they are God’s gift to mankind.

          #9. Both cultures are not only anti-Christian, they hate The Lord so much, they have substituted themselves (secular humanitarianism and science) for him.

          #10. Both cultures live in such a state of denial, they can never understand why anybody dislikes them, or would, even.

          #11. Both cultures are lockt permanently into a cycle of rebellion; a revolt against God, Nature, Race, Gender, Family, and any other thing that might seem to threaten their belief that they ought be able to do anything they want, any time they want.

          #12. Both cultures believe they are on a God-given march to utopia, and, hence, any man who does not agree with them is a dystopian neolithick Nazi.

          And being in this state of entitled denial, they both pass, together and apart, through one scenario after another, without really learning anything of spiritual import –

          Thus, Dear Coyote, the question : ‘Is it good for the Jews’? is never posed outside of the context of, ‘Is it good for The New England Government.

          As a Southerner, my response to this alliance is that we have to get out and away from it and the collective them – both the head, the tail, and the doo-doo that they leave in their tracks for all to step in, after they pass by.

  4. The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. McCain’s father aided in the coverup of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 208 Americans. Hopefully, a suspension by the neck will greet him one day in the not too distant future.

    • McCain’s father also kept him from washing out of the naval aviator program. McCain started the fire on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal. Which his father took care of, too.

      • ‘McCain started the fire on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal.’

        Genius is what you are, Mr. Owen; because, when you want to sum up Senator McCain, and the effeckt he would like to exercise on this nation, you gave the ultimate in pithy analogies.

      • As far as I can tell, that story is not true. The tail-pipe of his plane was pointed over the edge of the deck, and his drop tank was hit by a missile inadvertantly launched from across the deck.

        Look, I don’t like McCain either. But just making shit up doesn’t help our cause. Just because somebody somewhere on the internet said something, doesn’t make it true.

        • The first time I heard the tale, it was on a documentary. That one claimed he was fiddling with the arming switch in the cockpit and fired a couple of 2.74″ rockets into the plane ahead of him. The second time, about the fuel stunt. However, I’ve heard of him crashing two planes and nearly washing out of the program. I’ve heard that he was considered a lousy pilot, too.

          • He did indeed crash a number of planes (I don’t know how common that was). I believe he also graduated close to the bottom of his class at Annapolis. And even then, one wonders if his ranking wasn’t helped along by the fact that his father was an admiral.

            I’ve never served in the military, and ordinarily I don’t consider it my place to point out the deficienies of those who do. After all, who am I to criticize? But this guy has traded on his reputation for thirty years now, and for the last fifteen or twenty years, he’s used his position to screw over this country. He seems to actually dislike the people who vote for him, and goes out of his way to do harm to this nation. So, f**k him.

        • I really can’t stand McCain but I don’t slight his military career. Landing on aircraft carriers is REALLY dangerous and the planes we had then were probably more dangerous than the ones we have now. He also fucked up a few times hotdogging. Well that’s what pilots are. Hotdogs and aggressive fighters. I saw some F-4 pilots come back from a mock dogfight with dirt, grass and a one inch deep dent in their wing tank…they go too close to a mountain. OMG,OMG,OMG.

          I certainly don’t hold it against McCain for breaking due to torture. A minuscule number of people can stand up to that. Also remember they told him they would let him go back to the USA for propaganda purposes and he refused.

          That being said I think the Jews are blackmailing him for something really dark as his positions really don’t make sense. He should have been put out to pasture a long time ago.

  5. Wow! This old lunatic’s son is a race mixer? Amazing. This totally explains McCain. Hey, “Lt.” McCain, enjoy your brown sugar while you can. Your times are over. 500 lashes should tune your perverted ass up right smart. Then we will dump you in your dad’s cell.

  6. So, are we getting our ducks in a row for recalls and primaries? Ted “my dad killed JFK along with the Bushes” Cruz comes to mind. I’m sure other commenters can think of others. Paul Ryan?

  7. ‘John McCain Sides With ‘Enemy’ vs Trump’

    A big government, eternally wide open border, ‘free-trade’, stuck in yesteryear, ‘we’re right – y’all are wrong, never saw a war he could not make or wanted to flame kind of guy that the senator is, it’s impossible for Senator McCain to ‘side with the enemy’ , when he is that.

    In fact, Mr. Cushman, when I project a human face on what North Carolina has got to get away from, he pretty much embodies it – melanomas and all.

  8. The CIA has to have dirt on this guy that can be leaked. There was a rumor that he had an affair once. Any truth to that? Leak that shit. I’m sure he was the one behind the Golden Showers thing anyway.

    • His wife was also stepping out on him. Apparently, they were well known for very public, nasty arguments, where he would heap abuse on her.

      But……he’s a war hero, as he’s often humbly reminded us.

  9. Senor PoisonToad or is that Senator VenomousViper is of course, once again, Wrong, as he always is. Senor Mac is The Enemy of the American People. He will do or say anything including giving sloppy BJ’s to get glowingly positive mention in the Captive Press. He thinks that being the pet stooge of the Social Fascist Propaganda Machine is the end all, be all of being a Senator. A Senator dead set on disserving Arizona

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