Glenn Reynolds: The Crisis of Meritocracy

I thought this was a funny and accurate analogy:

“In fact, while America was losing wars abroad and jobs at home, elites seemed focused on things that were, well, faintly ridiculous. As Richard Fernandez tweeted: “The elites lost their mojo by becoming absurd. It happened on the road between cultural appropriation and transgender bathrooms.” It was fatal: “People believe from instinct. The Roman gods became ridiculous when the Roman emperors did. PC is the equivalent of Caligula’s horse.”

I could carry forth for hours on the problems with meritocracy:

“Well, now they’ve heard it, and they’ve also heard that a lot of Americans resent the meritocrats’ insulation from what’s happening elsewhere, especially as America’s unfortunate record over the past couple of decades, whether in economics, in politics, or in foreign policy, doesn’t suggest that the “meritocracy” is overflowing with, you know, actual merit. …”

The biggest problem with meritocracy is that it empowers a hostile elite that has no sense of loyalty to the people it rules. We’re now dealing with the long term consequences of that social experiment. We have produced an incoherent elite that doesn’t identify with and is unable to relate to the hoi polloi on the basis of race, ethnicity, culture, religion or ideology.

What do we share with our cosmopolitan elite? A common identity? A common tradition? A common culture? Oftentimes, these people live hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from us. They are aliens staring back at us through our television screens.

The products of meritocracy all believe they have the right to rule. They are the ones who made it to their current position. They owe the rest of us nothing. They virtue signal and condescend to us in order to display their status and lack of interest in our concerns.

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  1. Oftentimes, these people live hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from us.

    If that’s such an obstacle, then would you contend there’s no such thing as a common Chinese culture or common Russian culture? In fact, on those grounds, it’s hard to see how there could be a common Southern culture.

    They are aliens staring back at us through our television screens.

    That, however, was well said.

  2. A meritocracy would be the kind of ideal Aryan society that Hitler and Plato envisioned. What we have to deal with right now is an oligarchy / kikeocracy/ kleptocracy / jewmocracy.

    • Plato detested Democracy as a system built to satiate base desires.

      He favored Oligarchy.

  3. That arrogant street-shitter Fareed Zakaria needs to be sent back to Calcutta. Like most male dot-heads he’s probably a sex deviant.

    • Did you know that he’s actually “more American” than you? That’s what he claims. You were merely born here, see, while he came here. That puts him closer to the American ideal.

      He’s a quick study, I’ll grant him that. The protege learnt so well from his mentors that he eclipsed them in chutzpah.

      • “Did you know that he’s actually “more American” than you? That’s what he claims. You were merely born here, see, while he came here. That puts him closer to the American ideal.”

        More proof we were right to never allow in people from the Middle East/Indians.

      • And people like Zakaria will tell us that that’s what makes America great, that we allow people like him to come in and take over our country while his country would never allow that. Well that may make it great for people like him but that’s the kind of greatness I could do without.

        • It never fails to amaze me how well this ruse works. People see someone like Zakaria, they think he’s smart, polite, accomplished, basically likeable, and they think yeah, he’s right, more people like this really will help the country! People don’t seem to notice that he’s an extreme outlier, that most third world immigrants are completely and utterly worthless pieces of shit that they’d never consider associating with.

          I had a guy at the bar making just this argument to me last week about muslims, that he “won’t put up with” anyone putting muslims down because his best friend growing up was supposedly muslim and that one of this suppliers at work was some great guy, solid businessman. I managed to get him to the point where he could admit not all of them are that pleasant or accomplished, but he kept coming back to this idea that we need to find some way of identifying the good ones in order to let them in. I couldn’t be bothered finding out what he thought should be done about the worthless scum already here.

          It’s easy to get deflated when debating animated dopes like this, but it’s better to be encouraged by admissions that, shit, there’s actually a problem. The most consistent way I’ve found to elicit that admission is to agree that you can understand why some things should be kept from public knowledge, because “the masses” probably can’t be trusted to handle it with care – after all, they’re not all as intelligent and responsible as you [the interlocutor] obviously are; intelligent and responsible people, however, should be able to admit that there are certain very real problems with immigration inflows and that we need to find some of addressing them.

        • American greatness came about before people like Zakaria came here, and certainly before they were allowed to have a voice. Even Zakaria knows who and what built America.

  4. It’s not meritocracy. It’s the evolution of what was once called judeomasonry. At the core of it are anti-Christian sects. They don’t care about merit when they raise up people like Hillary Clinton and Elena Kagan. The war on the Christian white man is simply the continuation of the judeo-masonic war.

  5. A meritocracy implies competition. On the white side this is always individual competition. On the non-white side it implies group competition against whites, and if the whites aren’t a team, so much the worse for the whites.

    Non-whites consider it illegitimate for whites to form a competing team. They have succeeded in imposing this as a rule on whites, because groups defeat individuals, and if you win you make the rules.

    “Meritocracy” on these terms is a rigged competition for power, with whites handicapped. That is bad for the whites.

    • The current elite used our own ideology of individual merit against us. Their “best and brightest” were able to leverage the resources of their entire group to gain an advantage and get their foot in the door, and, once in, they used their position to game the system to their own group’s advantage to freeze us out. In the long run, cohesive groups working in a coordinated fashion will outcompete individuals, not matter how talented and able the individuals are. That’s why the one main sin for Whites in our society is “racism”. If Whites started working together in this way we would be so much more of a threat to them.

    • Unfortunately, the WN response of characterising the fightback as Whites vs The Rest of Planet Earth makes the challenge seem too daunting. That’s why so many whites shrink away and insist on meritocracy for all. Remember though, the Jews didn’t do it all on their own; they routinely employed proxies to fight for their own ends. Whites will have to do the same, even if it’s “not fair” to have to.

    • A great point. I’ve said the same thing for years. They play as teams and theire teams are organized and in many cases subsidized by the government.

      The purpose of the Orwellian, mis-named civil rights laws has always been to srip whites of their rights of freedom of association and freedom of contract. If whites even acknowedge the existence of separate and distinct white racial interests it’s “racism.” if Whites organize to exercise 1st amendment rights like every one else, it’s “white supremacy” and a violation of the anti-discrimination provisions of “civil rights” laws, which relevant to civil rights only to the extent that they deprive whites of theirs.

  6. Peggy Noonan in a great article called them the ‘protected class’. The ‘insulated class’ perhaps captures the gist better.

  7. Jewish headstone story…

    Dindu’s smoking weed and raising hell?

    The area around cemetary is Groid central no doubt.

  8. Ban the Ivy League from all government posts, and you will have your country back in a fortnight.

    Richard Spencer wondered if these folks were golems; to an extent they are. To go to the ivies you need to have your stuff together at quite a young age. That’s not the child, it’s the parents doing. The child being an extension if the parents’ will.

    I’m not saying that’s bad, but would you want your governing class drawn exclusively from these de facto damaged people?

  9. I call it the Progressive Caste System, while whites especially contards are oblivious to it the non whites and white libtards fight for their spot with ferocity.

    That is why trolling these people is a lot more effective than putting our people to sleep with overwrought boring essays, no better lesson than to see who holds the whip hand.

  10. I hear endless hatred against Middle America from the bright kids, they all want to abandon their homes and go to either the left coast or the Accela Corridor. What is supposed to be so horrible about middle America? What do they do there that they can’t do here? Chop these coasts off and let them float away like an old Eskimo on an ice flow.

  11. Rigged games aren’t a meritocracy. The banksters lost big but got bailed out, honest and right people still lost.

    • Meritocracy is just a code word for the Jewish elite and their allies. These people used and outmaneuvered the older WASP elite, cheating and manipulating their way into power. The myth of the “meritocracy” is just their rationalization of their position and power in our country.

  12. Meritocracy is just doublespeak meant to cover nepotism and corruption. The system is rigged from top to bottom, from Chelsea Clinton’s and Malia Obama’s greased skids to affirmative action and set asides throughout the rest of the economy. Ability and willingness to work are among the last things that propel individuals to success in our society.

    I usually associate the meritocracy with Jews, since they are the ones who usually babble on about a meritocracy as a way to cloud their obvious nepotism and support for every self-serving, corrosive social and economic scheme that they can think of.

    • ‘The Crisis of Meritocracy’

      For me, Todd, this is doublespeak for…

      ‘The sudden and vexsome ebbing of the minority coalition looking to force the Whites into permaenent submission…’

      And, for that reason, I think you are right : it ought be associated with the overall subconscious inclination of The Jewish Community.

    • I remember when they first started to push Meritocracy back in the early ’90s. I initially like the idea, after all, who can disagree doing things based on merit?

      It was only later when I came to understand the people of “merit” are Jews and their shabbos goys.

      I took the knowledge gained and when the same crowd years later started pushing “American exceptionalism” understood this to be the same sorry crowd pushing BS that the rest of us want to stay the hell away from.

  13. My time as an undergraduate at an Ivy solidified my own analysis which is shared in this article. Not only do they not care about you, but they hate you. If you are an outsider you can never become one of them, although they will let you think so to use you for their own advancement.

    There may be temporary friendships, there may be long lasting friendships, but the day you espouse a different worldview from those forwarded from, NYC, Boston, DC, SF, you are as disposable as the help.

    The working and middle class are looked at with the same kind of fondness of a house servant, nothing more, nothing less.

  14. The logical conclusion to rejecting blood and soil and accepting the shining city on the hill. The native White population is supposed to rejoice in the fact that torrents of 3rd worlders can flood us out and become real Americans too. Like hell, who needs White people?

  15. We didn’t create these people. Jews have been organizing for over a century to take over America by hook or by crook. The people in positions of power and influence in the media, academia, think tanks, and other institutions are mostly Jewish/crypto-Jewish and were selected and promoted by Jews acting on their Jewish supremacist ideology. Anyone not supportive of that ideology was culled. This is just a fact. You can’t view these institutions as generically anti-American. They are Jewish. Even the Senate is about 40% Jewish/crypto-Jews.

    • Mr Wallace,

      Meritocracy, much like democracy is an elevator. When you are being invaded, aliens tell you that because they can do it better, they should be able to go up. When they get to where they want to stay, they get off the elevator and the “meritocracy” is now replaced by their system of ethnic cohesion. It’s a formula for cuckoldry, in my opinion.

      Best regards,


  16. Someone drew up a chart comparing our social hierarchy with feudalism, and I pointed out that the latter had noblesse oblige — as the social order was set by God, one owed not just deference and obedience to those above, but compassion and protection to those below.

    Our system ostensibly being a “meritocracy”, everyone below you is a lazy fuck who should have studied harder in school.

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