The False Narrative: Her Name Was Henrietta Crawford

This is Henrietta Crawford.

She was kidnapped, raped and murdered. Her decomposing body was found in a wooded area behind a Waffle House in Greenville, South Carolina just off I-85:

“GREENVILLE, S.C. – Deputies say a 28-year-old man has been charged with kidnapping, rape and murder in the death of a woman whose burned body was found three months ago in Greenville County.

An arrest warrant said Markius Yeargin killed 34-year-old Henrietta Crawford sometime between Oct. 20 and Nov. 6, when the woman’s burned remains were found by a hunter in woods behind a Waffle House near Interstate 85.

Deputies said in a news release that Yeargin was connected to Crawford’s death through two other rape and kidnapping cases that court records show he was arrested on in November. …”

This is Markius Rashad Yeargin. He has been charged with doing it.

Apparently, he burned Henrietta’s body to destroy the evidence of his crime. He raped another woman at knifepoint and sexually assaulted yet another woman at gunpoint. All in one month.

Note: The SPLC has condemned the CofCC for spreading a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

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  1. Again I trust there will be rioting and marches in the streets as a result of this racist attack on a white woman ? Oh no hang on ….again the vic is white and the perp is black so not necessary .
    They can truly dish it out , but they can’t take it.
    The ‘equal’ race will always be inferior.
    Every negro crim should be sentenced to life in Africa . Its where they belong .

    • Most of them don’t even notice BHM. Just like elections. Most of them don’t know that there was an election, much less who was in it, or who won. In both cases, and many more besides, they couldn’t care less.

      SJWs just don’t get it that blacks are totally disinterested in a wide variety of subjects that interest everyone else.

      • That’s because, Mr. Owen, SJWs are thinking of the upper crust Negroes they knew in college, or the professional class in the big cities.

        They don’t know the rural Southern Blacks, or the inner city Northern Ghetto Black.

    • They do it much in the way of denial that White Northerners do, Mr. Kleinfeld, when cackling to themselves over forcing us to adopt their inclusive and egalitarian ways.

      P.S. – Not aimed at you, as you are an esteemed Copperhead

  2. “Markius”

    With this name, you don’t need a picture to know it’s a nigger. The propensity to set thing on fire gives it away, too.

      • No, M’am – the killer was a system that arranged the whole thing in advance, decades before either the victim or murderer were born.

        • The killer is a NIGGER.

          And no, they do not have to be corrupted by evil Yankees to do what they do.

          Your affection for Southern darkies is disconcerting.

          • I’m sorry. Sam – I live with many of them, so I know not just about the criminal problems of the young Negroes, but, i know the race as a whole.

            I dislike it when folks on The Left cast a blind eye to Negro crime and shiftlessness, just like I dislike it when those on The Right cast a blind eye to much good many in the dark race do.

            And yes, : I really dislike it when people just look at the crime, without seeing the society and government that had an important part, as did his blood, in making him.

            On a final note – I know a Klansman who is friends with a Negro, just as that Negro is friends with him, and yes, the Negro knows that his White friend is high up in The Klan.

            It’s a complex world, Sam, and I cannot simplify it, and yet, have it remain true.

            All the best to you, on this day.

          • Up north; they love ’em as a group and hate ’em as individuals.

            Down here we love ’em as individuals and mistrust ’em as a group.

  3. ” Her decomposing body was found in a wooded area behind a Waffle House…”

    Nothing says “poor white southern trash” locale more to me, than the waffle house. Sorry. But this just confirms it… Yet once again.

    • Gosh, how inconsiderate of the murder victim not to have sufficiently high social standing that you would feel any sympathy for her. The nerve.

      Why don’t you fuck off, you shit-stain, and take your anti-white hostility with you.

      • You vile foul-mouthed SOB! How dare you insult a priest that way!

        What I was trying to point out, is that the norms of civil discourse in the south, (because of this problem) are what they are. And every single WH I have ever been to, allows smoking, is not clean, and has a clientele that is basically what I iterated. If you have a problem with that, change the problem…. and don’t just take offense that you won’t enact decent zoning laws, because of “muh liberties.”

        A modern society needs to have SOME social controls, as much as the “independent” South doesn’t want to admit it. Sometimes a little ‘socialist planning’goes along way towards alleviating a problem.

        • For a priest, you don’t show much compassion for this woman. You pretty much ascribe to the idea that Whites should have to pay the “White Tax,” i.e. make a lot of money so they can afford to live in expensive Whiteopias with gated communities. Otherwise, they are “Poor White Trash” and not deserving at all.

          There was time when poor Whites may not have lived in fancy neighborhoods with the best restaurants, but they were safe and somewhat pleasant to live in. My grandmother lived in a Polish ethnic enclave in Trenton just a few blocks away from a lovely church and a nice sized park. Nothing but unspectacular rowhouses, but there were little shops and the area was clean with no graffiti.

          I think you need to re-read your post to figure out what triggered SLCain. God doesn’t make trash; people trash themselves and each other. The one thing that made me vote for Donald Trump is the episode where he fired a would-be apprentice for referring to himself as “White Trash” and implying that the project he was working on would appeal to people like him. It was clear that Trump was very offended by that term and it was obvious why.

          Every White person, regardless of rank or income, is deserving of courtesy and respect. Poor Whites have the same right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as their well-to-do counterparts.

          Once you understand that, priest or no, to the media, your White Nationalism files you under the White Trash category you placed the victim in. But you have subconsciously assimilated to the lying media view of things that only rich White (looking) liberals have any rights that Non-Whites need to respect.

          Sermon over.

          • First off, I didn’t know it was a woman. So, that’s an unfair comparison. Secondly, though, however… Foolhardiness in the comments, is still foolhardiness.
            So if someone insults me, abuses me, or impugns my office, I have scriptural warrant to at least acknowledge that fact. You, now, entering into this discussion…(for lack of a more perfect word) are doing the very same thing.

            I do not acknowledge the fallacy of egalitarianism: I cannot -it is not in the Bible, it is not in European history, and it is not in the Praxis of the Founding Fathers.

            It is merely a ‘cloud cuckoo-land’ idea from the Enlightenment, given specious autonomy by Jefferson’s phrase, and clearly does not apply in the real world, as Trump’s election is making clear.

          • “First off, I didn’t know it was a woman

            The fact that her name was “Henrietta” didn’t tip you off?


          • No, you idiot. The poster.

            I do believe that is what Clytemnestra was referring to.

            Descending to the level of ad hominem attacks without thinking… oh Frabjous day…

          • I assume nothing.

            I simply observed that the (((Js))) almost always resort

            to sexual ad hominam early in a debate.

            Probably the result of 2,000 + years of inbreeding.

            As an example; consider how they have abused
            the President and Mrs Trump.

          • Okay, take it up with them, then. Not my tribe.

            What is your particular problem, dipshit? Are you an offended Moon-hoax believer too? Sticking up for for your idiot “priest” friend?

          • Don’t really know about the moon missions,

            but the Govt. has been involved in so many hoaxes
            that it is not unreasonable to suspect everything they are involved in.

          • I’m sure there are a lot of things you don’t really know about.

            “it is not unreasonable to suspect everything they are involved in.”

            Actually that sounds almost like a definition of unreasonable. Reason doesn’t seem to be your strong suit. But, hey, knock yourself out, clown.

          • I haven’t seen a single thing you’ve written here that is correct.

            But I don’t necessarily think you are ignorant. More likely you are willfully stupid.

          • It’s funny seeing a criticism of someone else’s thinking by a guy who thinks Bart Sibrel or “Fr. Dipship” (or whatever his name is) is smart.

            You are certainly a very persistent spambot. Although not nearly as convincing as others I’ve seen. With luck, and better programming by your creators, you might someday pass the Turing test.

            Good luck with that.

          • You, my not so esteemed interlocatur, are the one who has an overblown estimation of his own intelligence.

            I had no beef with you concerning your intellectual / dialectical disagreement with the good father; disagreements are a part of life.

            It is your epic egocentrism [totalitarian, mocking and controlling] and instant resort to the crudest ad hominem [both, as a rule, leftish tropes] that got my attention and made me resolve to give you a taste of your own medicine.

            Yer a rude creep.

            Yer mother should have taught you manners.

          • “You, my not so esteemed interlocatur, are the one who has an overblown estimation of his own intelligence.”

            No, I have a quite accurate estimation of my own intelligence. And I am certainly a lot more intelligent than you, not that that in-and-of itself would be anything to brag about.

            “It is your epic egocentrism [totalitarian, mocking and controlling”

            You don’t even know what words mean. How is anything I said “totalitarian” or “controlling”? I don’t control the terms of discussion here. I replied to someone; he replied to me, etc. If anything it was Fr. John who acted “totalitarian”, calling for me to be banned.

            As for “mocking” – sure – I mock idiots like Fr. John. They deserve to be mocked. So do you, dipshit.

          • I shall simplify it for you.

            Anyone who dares disagree with you will be on the receiving end of your gutter level abuse…….

            So, if you deal in it, expect to receive it in return.

            I do disagree with Fr. John’s call for you to be banned;
            although it is regrettable that your father [if you knew him] didn’t teach you grace and class, and, apparently did not beat you enough to prevent you from becoming
            a pseudo intellectual roue.

          • “Anyone who dares disagree with you will……….”

            No, just offensive and stupid people like Fr. John, and gratuitous assholes like you.

            And………..gutter level? Was it not gutter level of Fr. John to impugn the character of a helpless murdered woman? Fuck him.

          • No, he “started it” – by being a contemptible ass. Apparently you are a like-minded follower. Nitwit.

          • You’re a fine one to talk about “pathetic”. You are apparently such a passive-agressive little manlet as to even say what you mean.

            For my part, to you, I wish you a sincere Fuck You. Fuck you very much. Twat.


            Wow. I bet those would be strong words, if I or anyone else understood your own peculiar idiolect.

            I’m sorry. I have no idea what you’re saying there. I don’t speak retard.

          • The world hereabouts doesn’t seem to, to judge by up-flags and comments to you posts.

            Keep doinnuffin, Dan. It’s what you’re probably best at.

        • And you are a vile, foul-minded asshole.

          Fuck you, priest.

          By the way, he’s also stupid (this is the guy who recently gassed on about the moon landings being fake). He’s an idiot.

          • Blasphemer? Are you God now? You’re just a priest, or somebody who claims to be. It isn’t blasphemy to call out a ridiculous clown like you.

          • You never offered any proof to refute the notion, and you probably didn’t even look at the YouTube video I may have included: “a funny thing happened on the way to the moon.”

            It amazes me that people like You come on this forum, still thinking like so many other deluded people, Who congratulate Trump on winning, who are happy that the Jews media are being exposed, and yet… Who still still hold to the BS that the federal government, the Jews media, and your lying instructors have taught you for the last 60 years, and then still think yourself informed?

            Talk about being an asshole!
            “Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be thought what is in his own eyes.” Proverbs 26:25

          • You never offered any proof to refute the notion, and you probably
            didn’t even look at the YouTube video I may have included: “a funny thing happened on the way to the moon.””

            I’ve seen it before. It’s bullshit. Exceptionally stupid bullshit, and if you believe it, it indicates that you are exceptionally stupid yourself. It was made by a nitwit – Bart Sibrel – who knows nothing. He’s a fucking taxi driver.

            On the contrary YOU never addressed any of the points I brought up, which is typical of people like you. You bring up point A, I rebut it, and you don’t even respond. You just go to point B. When I rebut that, you will go on to C. etc. You don’t argue. You obfuscate and dissemble.

            And what do you know about anything pertinant to this topic. Are you an engineer? A physicist? What single thing do you know that would make anyone give a damn what you think?

          • I don’t give a fuck. But nobody doesn’t wan’t to get the last word, do they? You obviously seem intent on it.

      • Mr. Cain,
        While I appreciate very much your honour soliciting you to defend Miss Henrietta, and to perhaps draw the Father’s attention to what you feel is a lack of compassion, I do wish to say this to you :

        I live in the olde plantation area of The South – the original outgrowth of The Jamestown Colony. As you might expect, our demographicks are, in a 10 county area, 71% Black.

        Though I live in the only White Majority town in that area, and though practically everyone still follows The Jim Crow customs betwixt the races, not quite everybody does.

        No, Sir – and when there is an exception, it never fails to be a white girl and a Black boy, both of which arising from the edge of our town – where the trailers are.

        This area has it’s share of half-breeds, always has, and almost always, when such occurs, the White element in it is never upper class, middle class, nor lower middle class, even.

        In fact, some of these girls sound and act in such a manner that, if your eyes did not tell you they were White, you’d think ’em not.

      • I know. I read that as well as you.
        I was instead talking about/alluding to the willful allowance of all sorts of persons in all areas, and the lack of consistent zoning of homes of like value in many areas of the South, as a sort of passive acceptance of the ‘negro problem.’

        I’m not saying we are perfect up North, but ‘those people’ have pretty much stayed in certain areas in our part of the world, because economics as an apartheid barrier works…. Living in more southerly climes now, I don’t see that as often.

        And as for restaurants that will still allow smoking, even over in Germany when we were there a couple of years ago, it was surprising that almost all the restaurants didn’t allow smoking inside for at least had non-smoking section. Waffle house is a throwback to the 1950s or earlier without the benefit of and as for restaurants that will still allow smoking, even over in Germany when we were there a couple of years ago, it was surprising that almost all the restaurants didn’t allow smoking inside for at least had non-smoking section. Waffle house is a throwback to the 1950s or earlier without the benefit of whites only fountains etc. “whites only” fountains, etc.

        • You said this:

          “Nothing says “poor white southern trash” locale more to me, than the
          waffle house. Sorry. But this just confirms it… Yet once again.”

          Confirms what? That you think the victim is a whore? That she had it coming?

          Fuck off, you loathsome piece of garbage

        • If ?ot published somewhere, just where are they supposed to encounter the truth…..i agree with you about the depressing nature of this but I really do think it is a good service to the community to be informed….it becomes ammunition in discussions.

  4. this is why the south had jim crow laws. one hundred years ago this animal would never have touched a white woman. so much for that mlk bullshit. put a bullet in his head.

  5. HW, I believe SLCain needs to be banned. He’s insulted everyone that has responded to him, and has offered no rational corroboration to his slanders.

    • “He’s insulted everyone that has responded to him,….”

      No, just you, and perhaps your sock-puppet.

      “….and has offered no rational corroboration to his slanders.”

      They are not slanders, and – on the contrary – I have offered rational arguments as to why your silly belief that the Moon landings were faked are wrong. What you do is what your ilk always does: ignore any argument proferred and move on to the next specious point, and then the next, and the next. Tell us again – what knowledge do you have that makes your opinion on the matter of any value at all?

      You come here to what is essentially a White Southern Nationalist blog, insult the memory of a murdered white woman, insult the South in general, and figuratively piss all over the accomplishments of White America, and you demand that others be banned?

      You’ve got a lot of nerve. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make up for intelligence or judgement, both of which you evidently lack.

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