Cuckservatives: CPAC Chairman Condemns The Alt-Right

Editor’s Note: I wrote this earlier in the MILO Press Conference thread. I’m reposting it here in light of Matt Schlapp’s comments about the Alt-Right on MSNBC. The truth is that Schlapp needed MILO far more than we need conservatism.

I’ve given the “Dangerous Faggot” a hard time. My only real issue with him though is 1.) his association with the Alt-Right and 2.) his perversion which we have discussed at length. As long as he was calling himself a “conservative” or “cultural libertarian” and was doing good work on college campuses, I was content to ignore him and celebrate his accomplishments.

I agree with MILO on the “free speech” issue. I just assumed that he would implode at some point down the road when all the skeletons lurking in his closet started coming out. That’s exactly what has happened and has brought us to this point in the MILO story.

While we wait on the press conference, MILO is still being attacked for being associated with us:

“But the damage to the conservative movement had already been done. In a previous era, there was an élite conservative establishment that could police the movement and cast aside its fringe adherents. William F. Buckley, Jr., the founder of National Review, famously did this in the early sixties, when he attacked the conspiracists and racists of the John Birch Society, the alt-right of the day.

“The invitation strikes me as more important than the disinvitation,” Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, said of the cpac conference. “The invite said, ‘We are welcoming an alt-right (or alt-right-fellow-travelling) provocateur into the big tent.’ The disinvite said, ‘Well, O.K., since you’ve advocated pederasty, we’ll back off.’ cpac hasn’t set out a principled position here, and absent the tapes presumably would have forged ahead.” …”

As I pointed out last night, ten minutes of Googling should have sufficed to dispel that notion. MILO is a Jewish homosexual who boasts about being a “black dick supremacist.” How in the world can a black dick supremacist be an Alt-Right White Nationalist?

MILO is a mainstream conservative. He works within the conservative movement. He was invited to be the keynote speaker at CPAC. He has a platform at Breitbart. All the Dangerous Faggot ever did to earn the “Alt-Right” label was write a single article about us that was somewhat objective. He got some important things wrong about his subject, but that article wasn’t the usual breathless hysteria. That was his unforgivable crime that has earned him so much ill will from the media.

We’re the real Alt-Right. I’ve never been to CPAC. I have no interest in going there either. I’m not a conservative. I don’t want to be identified with “conservatism” which I associate with pearl-clutching weaklings like Cuck David French. Instead, I want to use all the tools of social media to build up our own rival nationalist populist rightwing movement, an international network like the one Niall Ferguson was talking about in the previous article here.

My job is to do alt-punditry and to build the network. I talk to the grassroots on social media every day. Once we have our mass movement, we can have our own version of CPAC and police the boundaries of the Alt-Right and deny these cucks a platform. The average National Review subscriber is 66-years-old. The average FOX News fan is 68-years-old. They are not our audience.

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  1. It’s pretty elaborate attempt to herd the people.

    We all knew this guy was being put up there to be pulled down.

    Most likely to associate Paedophilia-Homosexual predation with the Alt-Right.

    It gives the Tru-con some shadows to box now.

  2. I hop to G-D that Richard Spencer has some Trolling up his sleeve and crashes the Cuck PAC party with a sizable Protection Force.

  3. Very good article mate. I hate the conservative label. Conservative means being a pussy, a sellout and a hypocrite. For years now, conservative think tanks made billions from Jewish donors and made themselves fat with greenback. They never cared about your Average American. Their only aim is capitulation. I have meet with GOP minions who actually told me Hispanic immigration is good because they are naturally traditional and conservative. I really wanted to spit on their face for saying that.

    • Conservatives were ideologues who put theory before common sense. They’d have the gall to lecture the people in the Great Lakes region who saw factory after factory shuttered and moved wholesale to China that this was a good thing because it made the global economy more “efficient.” People who spewed this kind of nonsense ended up covered in tar and feathers 240 years back.

  4. Morning Joe simply doesn’t get it. He’s still living in the 1980s with Reagan as president. “White supremacy” curriculum is a staple at any university, especially the prestigious schools, yet his main concern about Milo was that he once mentioned Jews have a lot of influence in media. Joe is obsessed with “racism” (whatever that means today), and is the type of guy that likely gets excited when he sees a black guy in a Trump hat.

    The Conservative movement is completely lost. Half of them want to talk about the virtues of open borders & the Constitution and the other half just wants to pick on low hanging fruit and debunk Social Justice Warriors. They can’t even come up with a good meme, “Social Justice Warrior” sounds like a good manner to behave.

    Say what you want about Ann Coulter but she is right – as White people are replaced Conservatism will disappear also. The Conservative movement is the worst enemy of the Conservative movement.

  5. Does that cuck-roach know that everything he accuses the Alt Right of could be leveled against Jews, Israel, Zionism, and Globalism(which is just Jewish Supremacism in disguise)?

    If he at least condemned all identity politics, especially that of the Jews(who push the pushiest of all identities), he would be morally consistent.
    But he attacks white identity not as a principled attack on all identities but to force whites into submitting to the identity-supremacism of the Jews.

    When Jews(and their cuck-dogs) attack White Identity or White Nationalism, they are not saying that ALL OF HUMANITY should surrender identities. They mean gentiles, especially whites, should give up their identity and interests IN ORDER TO serve the identity and interests of Supremacist Jews.

    That cuck-roach surely depends on Jewish money and backing. Or Jews got the dirt on him and can blackmail him.

    • You have a flawed concept of objective Supremacy and therefore a liberated concept of white Supremacy.

      The Jew qua Jew is the archetype anti-(white) Supremacist…

      Being on top of the turd pile is Jewish degeneracy.

  6. I could tell Matt Bitch-Slapp was a cuck just by looking at him. Those low-T losers all look the same. And their wives are either neurotic coal-burners or fag hags. These are FACTS.

    • My theory has always been that many of those who adopt Niglets and Gook hatchlings do so in order to indulge in their sick fantasies – most of which are too repulsive to describe on this site.

    • Their friends are like that too. That’s why they expect everyone to be just as shocked and outraged about the alt right as they are. I bet they’re genuinely baffled when people aren’t.

  7. ‘Cuckservatives: CPAC Chairman Condemns The Alt-Right’

    Mr. Schlaap may not know it, but, his condemnation does work for us that we could never do – he makes our various brands of politicks much much more appealing to those coming of age.

    ALL generations automatically explore that which their parent’s generation was not exploring, and the nature compulsed exploration of that terrain is only made more urgent by the prohibition of it.

  8. “Conservative movement” = betrayal and surrender. CPAC follows in the footsteps of anti-White cuck William F Buckley.

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