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  1. I think Spencer nailed it in regards to Milo. Did those on the Alt-Right or even among White nationalists really want to be identified with Milo’s faggotry? Is this who we are? How many beltway Americans would this flamboyant ferry have attracted to our cause? Even though Milo didn’t actually claim he was ‘Alt-Right,’ some within the movement sure wanted him to be, including those among the Left so they could smear us. The more insightful among us knew that identifying with this guy’s effeminate stunts would eventually bite us in the ass.

    Anyone with an ounce of discernment should have seen that this guy’s implosion was just around the corner. You can only act unhinged for so long before your life spirals out of control. You can only talk about how many Black men you have performed oral sex on before you start to feel you need a shower to clean off the filth.

    Though Milo said some good things at times, he was never of one us. Personally, I viewed him as a ‘useful idiot’ of the Right who may have served as a help in crossing some people over to our cause, but that’s about it.

    Let this be a lesson to us: Watch carefully who we align ourselves with. We have a vital message for our people, and we need to protect and secure its integrity by being selective and making sure we surround ourselves with solid and honorable folks.

  2. Our side always turns on each other. Harold Covington made our own Hunter Wallace the Lindsey Graham type homo Neo Conservative anti White President enemy in his latest NorthWest novel. It’s just what happens in American White Nationalism, the Patriot movement – turning on each other, competing for donations, 13 year old girl gossip type stuff.

    That’s why President Trump’s victory has been so great – loyalty, success, honor.

    • All political movements, paraphrasing Jonathan Bowden on Evola, split between the professional and the hobbyist.

  3. Flaming fags always do go up in flames, sooner or later. Most of them self destruct out of sight of the country at large.

  4. ‘There is no way The left will defend him’

    Wow – when does The Left pass up an opportunity to defend someone Conservative Whites don’t like?

    In fact, under normal circumstances, if Adolf Eichmann appeared and, in the process of giving interviews, was reproacht and shunned by White Society, he might likely be defended by them – silver runes and all.

    It seems surreal.

  5. The alt-light, being closer to the mainstream culture than the alt-right, see white nationalism as worse than pedophilia apparently. What a sick, insane culture we have. Great analysis by Richard.

  6. Anti-whites “embrace” Christianity like they claim to embrace Free Speech and the Constitution (document) when it suits them. Plenty of hot air, very little substance—and by the way, I care not for Free Speech nor the Constitution (document), only using them as examples.


  7. Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)…I’m glad he trolled the the shitLibs as long as he lasted. Their tears tasted like honey.

  8. In my youth during the early 90’s I worked as an apprentice hairdresser –
    and no I am not in the slightest bit gay. I worked along-side gays
    every day and for the most part they were a provocative but funny lot to
    be around. I was never seriously propositioned in any way, just a few
    harmless innuendo jokes. They knew i was full on heterosexual and they
    were fine with it. One of them told me what they liked about me was my
    masculinity, something which gave me an understanding how gays
    think and its stuck with me ever since.

    A big part of the
    conversations they had was ‘get em young’ but said with shock factor humor. They weren’t talking about pedophilia, but more like the
    second they had come off age. I’m sure though a few of them would have
    been happy to bend that rule with a willing accomplice (Victim) which is what
    Milo is. Overall though the gay blokes I worked with and hung around were a decent bunch and they did know when and where to tone the language down. Not so with Milo.

    The language he was
    using in those videos whilst quite normal in gay circles is not normal
    in hetro circles. I believe he started to forget this. What I liked about Milo was his ability to take on the
    feminists and red pill many thousands of normies – or at least set them on that path. What I didn’t like about Milo was him constantly pushing his obsession for black men and constant references to bbc and blowjobs. Just a tad much Milo for us hetro blokes…
    Someone should have told him to calm
    down. He didn’t ever need to go there. Everyone knew he was gay but he
    pushed his gayness to stratospheric levels unnecessarily.

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