President Trump: ‘Cunning, Dishonest People’

President Donald Trump doubled down on his attack on the hostile press today. He repeated his claim that the US media, overwhelmingly Leftist and anti-White, is “the enemy of the people.” Politico reports:

Reporters, he said, are very smart, very cunning and very dishonest people who cry “First Amendment” when their stories are criticized, or, in the president’s word, “exposed.”

…As you saw throughout the entire campaign, and even now, the fake news doesn’t tell the truth. Doesn’t tell the truth,” he continued. “I say it doesn’t represent the people. It never will represent the people. And we’re gonna do something about it, because we have to go out and we have to speak our minds, and we have to be honest.”

Of course, Trump is correct. And when we look at the personality types and dominant ideology of those who control the media, anti-White organizations and major social media platforms don’t they look strikingly similar? Aren’t Tim Wise, Richard Cohen (SPLC), Abraham Foxman (ADL), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Jeff Zucker (CNN) “cunning, dishonest people” and “enemies of the people”? Certainly, they are.

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  1. You have to realise Trump grew up with Jews in Queens and has know them all his life. He knows how to get along with them and he know how to fight with them.

  2. Trump: “And we’re gonna do something about it”

    So, what is he going to do about it?
    I’m impatient to see…

    • Remake NPR into a mouthpiece for the administration. God are the current shows awful. I can’t believe Bill Curtis has gone from making hour long cable TV exposes to doing one of the worst NPR shows ever. Called “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” he co hosts the show with an vicious Jew named Sagel who makes “Trump Jokes” every 30 seconds followed by canned laughter. They also have a horrible car show with two fools who laugh endlessly at their own jokes, since when is a call in show about car maintenance supposed to be funny? Isn’t this something that should be serious and informative like say a discussion on Quarks and the Standard Model of Particle Physics?

  3. The reaction of the Jews is funny. Here’s an example found in The Guardian:

    Headline: The White House’s radical attack on the First Amendment cannot go unanswered

    Excerpt: “The turning of the opposition into the enemy is often a prelude toward the final step of authoritarian consolidation: turning enemies into criminals. Do any of us dare to believe that Bannon, the system-destroyer, would shy away from this? And need we ask who is the real enemy of our constitutional democracy?”

    But what can they do? Not much. They are already vilifying him as much as they can, and they are discrediting themselves by doing so.

    I like how Trump is always cheerful when he tells people about fake news agencies. By comparison, the jewsmedia always sound bitter, nasty and unpleasant.

  4. Yes. (((Those People))) certainly are cunning and dishonest – but not very smart at all. They never learn. They could have lived off of us, beautifully, forever – but they would rather destroy everything. I don’t think this is smart, or healthy, or SANE at all.

    • Life is full of torment. How difficult it must be to live with your diseased body and a small dicked husboon and to earn a living by whoring yourself out. God bless you

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