David Brooks: GOP an ‘Ethnic Nationalist Party’

David Brooks of The New York Times claimed in a recent television interview that the Democrats are the party of “international peace.” This is despite their war in the 1990s under the Clinton administration against Serbia and their intervention under Obama in Lybia and Syria which led to the civil war in those countries, the migrant crisis and destabilization of the region. He also claimed that the Republicans are now an “ethnic nationalist party” because of President Donald Trump’s protectionist policies and encouragement of the public to buy US products. Brooks, a  also criticised Trump for saying that he is “not president of the globe.”

Brooks, who hails from a Jewish New York family, has worked for numerous media outlets, including the Weekly Standard and The Wall Street Journal. He has frequently praised neo-conservative warmongers such as US Senator John McCain and liberal Democrat leaders such as former US President Obama. He was part of the Never Trump movement and argues that Trump deserves no respect.

Trump, who frequently argues that his brand of civic nationalism can unite citizens of different races and religions under the same flag, is not an ethno-nationalist, despite support for his administration from many on the Alt-Right. Brooks’ comments actually say more about the worldview of those in his social circle of New York-DC insiders and elites and their fear and loathing of the Middle American hinterland and its unbearable Whiteness.

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  1. David Brooks is a Jew. He claims the Trump is now in charge of an ethnic nationalism party. I’d like to know his thoughts on the nation of Israel, and how their existence can be justified, if he believes that “ethnic nationalism parties” have no place in America a nation that gave the world democracy.

    • Praise the jews is good…But dont you DARE do what they do, or else that is “racist”, “”, “hateful”, “xenophobic”. And dont you DARE point out the double standards.

      • It’s always the same, Mr. Cushman; that, in this system, wherever Southerns congregate to try and advocate our interests, it just so happens to be that some aspect of The New England culture, and the myriad proxies they appoint, happen to be sitting in a supervisory role over us.

    • How could it be any other way, Captain? – if only because The Democrats have become so profoundly and obviously anti-White, to even the lowest information voter, this could be the only possible reaction.

  2. “Brooks, who hails from a Jewish New York family.”

    That’s all you need to know. It immediately discredits anything he says.,period.

  3. Brooks, like all Jews, is an arrogant bastard. He has the gall to denounce whites for defending white interests, when Jews have been brazenly organizing to push their ethnic interests for decades.

    • Is Mr. Brooks arrogant, Jim? – or is he so unself-aware, that he sees nothing wrong in actively protagonizing a system, which he alleges seeks a one standard parity for all, whilst maintaining an endless array of standards for those with whom he identifies not, within this land.

  4. Jews are scared shitless of White Identity politics. No matter how “conservative” or “right wing” they claim to be they will never support a White national party or a White ethno state. They don’t even like Trump’s “colorblind” civic nationalism.

    • Even though jews have a great deal of wealth and power they know they can lose it all as soon as the goyim wisen up to them. That’s why they’re so paranoid.

  5. “David Brooks: GOP an ‘Ethnic Nationalist Party’”

    David Brooks is also a member of an “Ethnic Nationalist Party”.

  6. Wilson got us into WWI, FDR gave us WWII, Truman has both Korea & The Cold War, LBJ’s gift was Vietnam: so all the major wars of the 20th century that Americans were in were brought about by the party of peace.

  7. Identity politics are hidden by what Bob Whitaker calls the “silence” and so it will be tricky going forward with the establishment.

    If I actually had a twitter account I would tweet to David the assumption of the sale that white identity politics are here to stay and that is that.

  8. If ONLY. The really amusing thing is the Heebs will make this happen. More and more Normies are “seeing” the Jew.

  9. Brooks has written that he has visited Israel every year since 1991. He is a fanatical supporter of Israels’ nationalist, apartheid state. One of his son’s is a soldier in the IDF.


    David Brooks Is All For America Taking More Immigrants, Israel Not So Much
    Posted on May 26, 2015 by Luke Ford

    Steve Sailer writes: “Does anybody know what duty the Israel Defense Force has assigned David Brooks’ son, the one who moved to Israel and enlisted in the army? It would be kind of ironic if Brooks the Younger turned out to be one of the Israeli soldiers keeping out African economic migrants at Israel’s new border fence…”

  10. ‘David Brooks: GOP an ‘Ethnic Nationalist Party…’

    David Brooks : a government pundit who, so long having cloakt himself as a bastion of civil reason and constitutional conservative, may have neglected to observe that he comes across as someone whose only distinction between himself and the liberal he sits across, on the PBS News Hour, is that he only disagrees with how quickly Washington D.C., and the shadowy constituencies it champions, gains a more perfect control over the life of every state and every individual.

        • “Now please go viral, Sir”

          How so?

          Thank you for your kind words…The globalists are on the run. They will rue the day they conspired against us.

          • No, Sir – I thank you for being right, and standing for right, in a time when wrong has been elevated to a sacrosanct paradigm.

          • It feels good, like discovering your real meaning and purpose in life.

            In the Southwest its great to see an end in sight, to see the alien hordes deported and forbided from returning.

  11. There is no need to say much about Brooks (whatever his real name is). He is a vile swamp thing, crawling out of the overflowing toilets of the Upper East Side. His hatred of whites consumes his entire being, but then what is new about that from such a mensch? What interests me far more is the apparent total lack of imagination of the Brooks of the world. Are they crazy? Are they so smugly arrogant that they can’t see what is looming over them like a sledgehammer? Can they possibly believe after the events of the past year or so that they can continue as if nothing has changed? If they were capable of rational thought they would be swarming the El Al ticket offices and selling off their belongings to anybody who will take them. The more astute would be pounding down the doors of Manhattan’s top proctologists to be fitted for the devices they will need to safely shove the diamonds and gold coins up their flabby butts. Every white Americans knows that this powder keg is going to explode and they have patiently stocked up on ammo, rifles and rope so they can take an honorable part in the cleansing of our country. Just what does Brooks intend to do when the airports are shut down and the arrest squads fan out with lists in their hands? Hell, he is such an obnoxious SOB there is a good chance he will be denied even such brief ceremonials. I shake my head at the Chuck Todds, the Hollywood bubbleheads, the screeching SJW’s, the capering BLM puppets. Have they never read history? Don’ they know what happens when a great people become self-aware after years of being beaten down and decide to settle things once and for all? These people all like Jews who decided to go into pornography big time in Berlin in January 1933 ,

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