Nationalists Explode On Social Media

Editor’s Note: Here’s the link to the study.

There is a new study out which shows that nationalists and other groups the SPLC dislikes are reaching a large audience on social media:

“A study released this week shows that engagement by hate groups on social media has been booming in the last two to three years —and the largest shares of activity are focused on anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment.

The study titled “Hate on Social Media: A Look at Hate Groups and Their Twitter Presence” was conducted by, an organization of home security experts that conducts research aimed at making communities safer. The study used data collected by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit based in Montgomery, Ala., that tracks hate groups nationwide. …

Heidi Beirich, who heads the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, which logs hate group data, said she was “not surprised” at the timing of the increases in hate group engagement on social media nor was she surprised by the geography. Beirich said President Trump’s campaign promoted anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment, with promises to build a wall blocking off Mexico and the recent travel ban targeting Muslims. She also said the SPLC’s data shows hate group concentrations in the South, so that did not surprise her either.”

Until recently, I didn’t have much interest in social media. I signed up as @occdissent on Twitter in 2010 but neglected my outpost there for years. I’ve never used Facebook much because of the censorship and its tendency toward shit stirring and infighting. In 2010, I called for systematic discourse poisoning by White Nationalists on Reddit, but I personally never followed up with it.

I’ve changed my view. Instead of spending an hour a day engaged in discourse poisoning on Reddit, we need to be doing it for hours across multiple platforms like Twitter and YouTube. We also need to be cultivating our networks on alternative social media platforms like Gab and Voat. I credit the shitlords and troll armies for reawakening my interest in social media in 2015 and 2016. They were pathbreakers in illustrating the efficacy of meme warfare and trolling on social media.

In the long run, we will be able to launch comprehensive attacks on the Narrative across multiple social media platforms: WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Periscope, Gab, etc. The holy grail of social media is the point when we will be able to effectively create our own television network. Essentially, we can already do this with Periscope, YouTube and Facebook Live which allows anyone to broadcast live video to their followers, but imagine the influence we could have with a nationalist primetime lineup.

I credit the Alt-Lite brands for causing me to rethink everything I have been doing here. I’m only at the very beginning of the process and still don’t know much about the subject. Look at Infowars not for its content but as a model of what we should be doing. They have a very slick understanding of social media and marketing and have used it to tap into an Alt-Right audience.

Note: So far, @occdissent has made 4.32 million impressions in February. That is down from the 5.29 million impressions I made in January. I’ve been more active on OD this month though. Impressions are the number of times a user is served a tweet in a timeline or search results. To put this in perspective, @occdissent only had 122K impressions in June 2015.

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  1. You downplay your role.

    There’s no need to spread yourself so thin.

    Anglin for example imitates your story lines, you allow him to repost your best stuff too.

    Better to be a club. Others will imitate and copy if you are producing good content.

    Keep this treehouse as it is. But yeah, figure out a good salary doing it too.

    • IMO, if our discourse and narratives are spreading, then we are winning and becoming more influential. I don’t care if others are reposting my material. I don’t see other sites as competitors for the same reason. They are allies in propagating a discourse that is having a corrosive impact on “mainstream” norms.

      I don’t want to be a big fish in a small pool. Instead, I want to be maybe a medium sized fish in an ocean. In order to expand from a small pool to an ocean, we need as many people working together to generate content and build networks as possible.

  2. I’ve noticed increased output from Hunter on OD, and twitter. You’re really stepping up your game and it is appreciated. Keep it up!

  3. It is very important to make as much noise as possible. They don,t have those ” hate speech” laws for nothing.

    Troll those morons as much as possible. Some people claim that keyboard warriors are useless. I claim that first we need to kick them out of internet. First internet will be ours and then streets and then everything else.

    I find very weird that Guardian, Huffpost and Salon comments and Facebook pages are still open. We here in Eastern Europe got rid from hate sites long ago. Nazi trolls finished them off.

    My current fun is for example is to send every morning bunch of emails to German newspapers editors and remind them how Julius Streicher ended up. Hate speech has consequences…:D

  4. I had an early morning epiphany. All of a sudden I realized something was going on with pro-Trumpers and that something is we were no longer actively helping Trump. With all the constant onslaught he receives, his supporters have gone back to sleep. We are no longer attacking his opposition like we did before the election. Folks, they are planning and plotting to get rid of him every second of every day and we are doing nothing to protect him. We cannot believe that his deep state and non-deep state supporters will be able to fight the enemies of which are massive and have bottomless pockets. We need to wake up and begin the hardest battle of them all. Otherwise, we will lose our country and possibly become a minority worldwide. Government will not protect him.

    • Well I say we now have most of the Presidency (Secretary of Education woman sucks – it’s all vouchers for Black students). The regular military is looking better and regular army is being put in to intelligence places – might be a regular army takeover of CIA and NSA.

      I say we should concentrate on 2 things:

      Going for state and local politics
      Going for cultural power (media, academia)

      We have all the Southern state hoses and governorships – let’s start using those powers.

      Look for Trump style celebrities with Trump populist politics to get power at the state and local level.

  5. We also need to be trolling breitbart, as the people who read there are only a degree of separation from us, unlike trying to force redpills some place like huffpo, progress can be made there.

  6. I got banned from Facebook last week for something I consider to be very trivial. I just responded to some posts where people were saying “F*** the Jews Fuck Nig**** and I said that people SHOULD NOT do this as it was counter productive. I got banned. So FB free speech for anything remotely pro White, anti immigrant, anti Muslim is being ended there.

        • I learned that my conclusions were correct. The North is still at war with us. All politics in America® are still North vs South. Radicalism is coterminous with Northern culture. All these causes that the SJWs push for, are simply vehicles for Northern supremacy and ego gratification. Hence the cries for “justice for workers,” while attacking Southern Populism, or any other such movement not created by, or controlled by, them.

          • Yes, Mr. Owen, I see what you see.

            Both of us have agreed numerous times and ways that, though, The South is permitted a nominally equal role in the ‘United States’, the reality is that it is largely ceremonial and in the sense that we can veto.

            Essentially we are neither allowed to seriously propose or make substantive detours from the course they chart.

            The problem continues to be that our Southern Brethren are punch drunk on years of JewEngland Government usurpt academick institutions and media, so, they still mistakenly identify with our enemies, and still think themselves a proud part of this here ‘United States’.

            And a great deal of it is rather subliminal, though, most pronouncedly there.

          • Good news and bad news, Mr. Owen.

            First the bad : I was commenting on Mr. Cushman’s post of a Pat Buchanan article on secession being the best solution for the culture war.

            When i sad some of the essential things that you and I see, one of the fellows who took great exception later revealed himself to be a native and resident of The Volunteer State.

            When I expressed my surprise, he was surprised, and told me that he and his Tennessee Brethren see themselves as patriotick ‘Americans’.

            Again, I expresst my surprise, sharing with him that I knew quite a few Volunteers, of which many were modern Southern Confederates, who were dedicated to removing Northern Government tyranny from our soil.

            At that point, he said I was too far gone living the animus of yesteryear, and that, consequently, he was no longer going to take me seriously.

          • The good news :

            About a month ago I decided to take a break from attending the local Freewill Baptist church I attend, in lieu of the fact that there is no Orthodox church anywhere around here.

            I received a letter, last week from my bible class leader saying that they misst me, not least of which they found my points of view (modern Southern Nationalist interpretation of current events) very interesting.

            Last night, the wife and I stoppt in at our favourite local diner, and there was a member of our class, and his wife. Of course, the four of us decided to share a table and gabbed for well over two hours, during which time my church friend told me that I had taught him a lot about what was what.

            I felt good about that, because I have put a lot of effort in to helping mt fellow congregatns at this church realize that our enemies are The Jewish New England alliance, and that it is not just the faceless raceless Left, as Gox News would have them believe; that, in fact, not only they, but, their many proxies, such as the leadership of the SBC, itself, are purposefully trying to destroy our whole culture, and remake us over in their image.

            Furthermore, I started going to this church (which has never allowed a negro member) at a time when a determined minority were out to change that policy, and the majority others were to ashamed to voice a resistance (because they did not wish to seem racist)

            So, I voiced it for them, over and over again (that, as long as the South is under attack we ought not cede one solitary inch of our ground on any issue -right or wrong) – until the majority became comfortable enough to stand behind the customs set by their very own great-great granddaddies, and the minority threw in the towel.

            I have repeatedly emphasized to my fellow congregants the virtues of our culture and the lack of a need to change or apologize to anyone, anywhere, any time.

            Now, let me be perfectly clear- these people are wonderful folks and they have honoured my wife and I with so much giving and kindness; so, in no way, do I wish you to think that I am doing doing all the giving. Not by a long shot.

            Yet, I have been giving raising as many of them as I can to a new consciousness about who we are, and what is besetting us.

            This is how I see my Southern Nationalism – working, primarily, locally to reconstruct what has been deconstructed.

    • I raised a group of thousands in a group called, ‘North Carolina Secessionists’, and, in the process of writing articles that criticized Obama, Merkel, and protagonizing Southern White Supremacy, had my account deleted from Facebook, as well.

      Many suggested I open a new account, but, not only would doing such be disrespectful, it just so happens that I don’t want my energy to support Facebook.

  7. ‘The study titled “Hate on Social Media: A Look at Hate Groups and Their Twitter Presence” was conducted by,…’

    Now, let me ask : who might it be that funds this ‘SafeHome group’?

  8. Okay, couple observations.

    First, – obviously a leftist organization. For one, only leftist ideologues give a rat’s patoot about looking for “hate” anywhere. They’re obsessed with thoughts that run counter to their own whereas conservatives don’t focus on these sorts of issues at all.

    The name SafeHome, an innocuous-sounding name designed to induce thoughts of the ultimate of safe spaces; your home. But given the left’s Orwellian style of bestowing names on groups, bills, etc., that at the least have nothing to do with what it sounds like, and ultimately are the opposite of what the named item is (i.e., the Affordable Healthcare Act, which is anything but, and the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which fed kids measly portions of bug and mold-infested mystery foods, etc), turns out it has nothing to do with “making communities safer,” as they claim. It’s sole purpose is to root out people who despise the left’s agenda to flood white, Christian societies and nations with non-whites and non-Christians.

    The fact that SafeHome used the SPLC as their source for the data that “shows engagement by hate groups is booming” is the final nail in the coffin of this bogus group. The SPLC has a long history of being an anti-white hate group itself and holds zero credibility as a “hate group watchdog.”

  9. They are mad that a guy with a laptop/smart phone can counter their T.V Networks, their movies, their public school lies with greater and greater ease….They like all leftists can not compete which is why they use the state against their betters..

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