FOX News Poll: Americans Don’t Trust The Lügenpresse

It has been a while since we had a poll:

“Some 44 percent have faith in the media. While that’s mostly unchanged since 2014, it’s a significant 19-point drop since 2002. A majority, 55 percent, lacks confidence today.

Equal numbers of voters have no confidence at all in the media (36 percent) or the presidency (36 percent). Both are record highs. …”

It has been that way since 2014 though.

Nothing much has changed. Republicans have less confidence in the media. Democrats have more confidence in the media. Generally speaking, we inhabit our own bubbles now.

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  1. News tonight was wall to wall bullshit. Russia, Gravestones, Confederate flags, Hindu killers…

    Thank fuck I rarely bother to look any more!

  2. Is this FakeNews???
    (only Rufus’s hairdresser knows for sure)

    Bizarre Negro & Born-to-Lose Outlaw’s Birthday-Party Armed-Robbery

    South Carolina teen pleads guilty to armed robbery at kid’s birthday party

    Fox 32 News, Feb 23 2017

    A South Carolina teen has pleaded guilty to armed robbery at a child’s birthday party and was sentenced to 5 years maximum in prison.

    [Pled guilty and was sentenced…. or: Has pleaded guilty and (has) been sentenced….]

    Rufus Gates [a.k.a. Rufus De Raisin, a.k.a. Raisin’ de Roofus], 17, along with another man who was already [‘already’ meaning prior to the robbery? or prior to Gates’ plea?] sentenced to 10 years in prison, stormed into a room at the Santee’s Delta Motel in December of 2015 [awkward placement of temporal clause] where four kids and two adults were having a birthday party. Both men were armed with guns.

    Gates and the other man, Lamar Outlaw [from a long line of Outlaws, born to lose], forced the kids and adults into a corner and demanded money from one man.

    The men were arrested soon after.

  3. The mainstream media has an agenda. It’s a liberal agenda. Fox News isn’t much better but more on the right. The majority don’t understand the media and it’s agenda. Good thing for the alternative media and online. We can share the truth with the People. WPWW !

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