George W. Bush: “I Don’t Like The Racism” of Trump’s Presidency

George W. Bush has done it again.

Yesterday, Michael Cushman wrote about W.’s virtue signaling. I woke up this morning to the news that W. has expanded his attacks to accuse President Trump of “racism”:

“For eight years since leaving the White House, George W. Bush has refused to criticize publicly those who succeeded him, saying he didn’t want to make an already tough job any harder for President Obama and, now, President Trump.

But one rocky month into Trump’s tenure, it’s harder to keep quiet.

“I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like the people feeling alienated,” Bush, 70, tells PEOPLE in an interview for the new issue of the magazine on newsstands Friday.

“Nobody likes that.” …”

The couple list some of the center’s work that stands in contrast to Trump’s isolationism: immigration ceremonies, women’s reproductive-health programs in Africa, and leadership training for Muslim women that the Bush Center brings to Texas from the Middle East. Asked if Trump’s determination to restrict immigration and travel from Muslim countries threatens the Bush Center programs, he shrugs. “Now that you mention it, it might bother me but we’ll figure out how to bring them over.”

“There’s a lot of ways to speak out,” the former president says, “but it’s really through actions defending the values important to Laura and me. … We’re a blessed nation, and we ought to help others.” …

As Richard Spencer has said, the Alt-Right rose in the 2000s as a reaction against George W. Bush’s presidency. It was the Alt-Right because it wasn’t mainstream conservatism as defined by George W. Bush and the circle of neocons around his presidency.

We’ve tried to explain this to reporters who have attributed the rise of the Alt-Right to Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Personally, I had already made up my mind about these issues years before Barack Obama was elected in 2008. When I was in college in the early 2000s, I hated George W. Bush’s warmongering. I hated his free-trade policies. Above all else, I hated his immigration policies. I hated his faux religiosity too. In fact, I disliked George W. Bush so much that I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry, not because I was a leftist, but because I was so alienated from mainstream conservatism.

George W. Bush symbolizes everything was wrong with the GOP before President Trump. He’s virtue signaling about “racism.” He’s sucking up to the Lügenpresse. He’s an open borders establishment neocon. He makes excuses for Islam while chastising Whites. I could continue, but I will just say that I am glad he is gone and we have closed the book on that type of “conservatism.”

Note: Laura Bush supports abortion and gay marriage and Barbara Bush is headlining an upcoming Planned Parenthood fundraiser. The “faith based initiative” was fake. Everything about the Bushes was fake and nothing more so than their social conservatism.

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    • It was especially bizarre how during the Election all those TruCons, who were down with Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” screeching about Trump being a Lefty because he didn’t repeat “small government” mantra. Truly these people have no self-awareness.

      • Sean Hannity comes to mind back in 2004 screeching about Bush. “He’s a conservative president!” on his radio program. Since those days of retardation Hannity has “grown” as the “liberals” would say in the since that he has dropped a number of neocon positions. Whether this is opportunism or genuine regret for previous idiotic positions I don’t know.

        • Hannity seems to be a rather impressionable fella. Maybe this is why he is a popular radio host: his enthusiasm is contagious. The downside of it is rather limited range of thought. Well, does fine for himself, so who am I to judge?

          • This is true. He’s been that way going all the way back to the days when he was on Atlanta radio. Anyway, I hope he keeps this up.

          • Hannity is not a genius, but, he is a geniunely kind, nice, fellow who is forthright about his convictions.

            I don’t agree with him about a host of things, but, I usually listen to him, and enjoy his interviews.

          • He was a radio host in Huntsville Alabama and I belive his wife is from here. I could be incorrect about the wife. He speaks fondly of Alabama
            and the South in general. He did though have less respect for us folks south of the Tennessee river in Marshall county.

          • Hannity is an avowed anti-racist and egalitarian, so, in that sense, he is another New England government liberal.

            That said, on other issues his positions are quite good.

            I can imagine that Hannity was as much out of place as my wife and I were up in New England.

            Thank you for sharing that with me.

        • Good point, Sertorius.

          Hannity has grown, as he has seen the failure of a lot of Bushisms.

          • Yes Junius, Hannity surprised me very much this go around with Trump. The last two times there was someone in contrast to the favored neocon, he was very much against them, that being the tea party and Ron Paul.

          • Well, Mr. Saint, Mr. Hannity is not a Southern Confederate, so, it is understandable that he would not embrace the deracinated rise of the Confederacy in The Tea Party, or Ron Paul.

            Effete though he is, Ron Paul was, even more than Trump, an unbelievable threat to the establishment.

            I’m glad Mr. Hannity has reassesst. That’s a sign of courage.

          • Thank you, Mr. Heeren, but, I always take people on faith – without cynicism, scepticism, or second guessing of any kind.

            I do this until the ,make it painfully obvious that I cannot, and, in Mr. Hannity’s case, I find there is no justification for that – he’s a very honourable guy.

            Thank you for your thoughts, however.

          • I get it, another irrational mind. Religion is a subjective delusion, shroud in myth and superstition. You have no proof your “god” exist or any “devil”. idiot. Please insert gun in mouth and pull trigger.

          • Dear Mr. Herren,
            I wish I could let you know the very real joys of living with The Holy Ghost, yet, as such will defy any semantick you would accept, I know I can’t.
            God bless you.

        • Hannity now claims Trump is conservative. Before the election he had Orrin Hatch on his show and both Hannity and Hatch claimed they had no idea why Romney hated Trump. Ya, right. Hannity wouldn’t dare ever tell the whole truth or he would be taken off the air.

          • Hannity grew up in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. I lived in Nassau Cty for almost 15 years and know it very well. It was a solid Republican county until its finances went to hell around the turn of the century. Its one of the wealthiest, most high taxed counties in the country but the Republicans in charge had everyone and his brother on the payroll. I remember newspaper articles about how they lost money on Off Track Betting because of the payroll.

            Nassau County was – probably still is – very segregated. Archtypal suburbs like Sean Hannity’s Franklin Square and Bill O’Reilly’s Levittown didn’t sell to blacks in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Blacks were in pockets and the unspoken promise of the Nassau County Republican Party was to keep blacks in pockets. Because, crime. All the years I lived in Nassau in the 70s and 80s the local paper ran articles on trying to keep A&S Department store in Hempstead when no one wanted to go to Hempstead – by then very black – any more. It was like A&S store should stay there as a public service.

            So, what kind of “conservative” is a Sean Hannity?

          • Real good question. Problem with labels is they become too inclusive and when one deviates from them they claim to have “grown” when the reality is they had never thought things out in the first place? Off topic, are you a Mets or Yankees fan? I like both.

          • I guess I’d have to say Yankees because they were such winners when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s. My brother was a big Yankees fan as a kid. I don’t really follow it any more, though. You get old and you’ve seen so much come and go, I guess. (Thats depressing, I know.)

            Another thing about Hannity. As a radio host in NY – maybe before he went national – he got very invested in the cops in the Abner Louima case. The monster cop who really did shove a broom up Louima’s rectum was a college grad whose father was also a cop, an elite cop on the art forgery task force. All of the cops were lying about what went on in that station house. I think Hannity was traumatized by that case. He dropped it like a hot potato. I would bet money that his screeners make sure not to let any caller thru who MIGHT bring up that case.

        • It’s both. Hannity has redeemed himself. Had Trump lost – his career would have been DOA. He and a few others took up the Trump Cause, and stuck with Trump through thick and thin. They didn’t double cross like OReilly did.
          Hannity has redeemed himself, and deserves his new-born career. FYI – you don’t see his old Handler Mark Levin around him these days, do you?

    • The Bushes are infinitely worse than the Clintons. I think both families are equally corrupt, but there WAS a difference between the Clintons that was overlooked by people who align to party affiliation more than anything else.

      The Clintons were true conservatives pretending to be liberal socialists while the Bushes were Fabian Socialists pretending to be True Conservatives. Aside from the Hillarycare Fiasco (and there are a lot of people on the right who would have preferred a single-payer healthcare system as well), the Clintons passed a lot of conservative initiatives especially and including anti-crime programs.

      Yes Clinton passed NAFTA, but I think Papa Bush would have passed it if he had won election again.

      But until Trump came along, I noticed that Democrats would say stupid things to get their rainbow coalition to vote for them and then do nothing, but when the Republicans won office, they’d double down on the stupid stuff Democrats said by actually passing it!

    • “Which is worse, the Bushes or the Clintons?”

      Third option:
      A Fake President who uses Public Money to fund Communists in our Universities. Who won’t call an anti-White an anti-White, because he’s a Politically Correct coward.

    • True, they feign to be on our side throughout the post Carter era but in fact have worked against us.

      Republicans sold us a bill of goods. We were squabbling back and forth between good republicans and evil democrats, when in hindsight, they both were corrupted to the core.

      Trump was a way many of us punished the anti-Southern, anti-Confederate, anti-George Wallace, Lincoln loving sycophant Southern Neocon Republicans. It worked.

      Trump is the Rodney Dangerfield character, Al Czervik, in Caddy Shack and he has invited all of us to the White House. I’m loving it.

      • ‘Trump was a way many of us punished the anti-Southern,
        anti-Confederate, anti-George Wallace, Lincoln loving sycophant Southern
        Neocon Republicans. It worked.’

        Great words, Mr. Saint, and how very very true!

      • I’ll tell you what most Democrats, in North Carolina, would say when I was a child about Republicans : ‘ you can’t trust them – they are the party of the rich man screwing the working man.’

        They, also, are the Party of Lincoln – always trumpeting how great their ‘civil right’s record is.

        It makes me sick that I finally had to register as one, otherwise you cannot vote in the primaries, in NC.

      • Very well put, Mark Saint. I’m glad Bush is coming out now with this nasty, spiteful sniping at Trump. He’s hardening more Republican voters against the Bushes. Thats a good thing because the Bushes were always a big mistake. The father was one of Reagan’s big mistakes.

        George H.W. Bush’s son being elected president in 2000 was as Banana Republic as the Democrats promoting Bill Clinton’s wife. Thats not a way to get the best people, its a way to discourage the best people.

        I don’t like Trump promoting his daughter Ivanka, either. I don’t like seeing her hanging around the White House. NO ONE believes shes some great entrepreneur/business leader. Hardly any working women get to have their children in the workplace with them like Ivanka does. Aargh. She’s very annoying. Her “childcare” ideas are absurdly tilted towards wealthier women. I don’t think Bannon and Miller will go along with Ivanka’s ideas. Everyone will have to tiptoe around breaking it to Ivanka that only families with incomes under $100,000 (or less) are going to get childcare tax credits.

    • Amen to that, Mr. Cushman!

      Plus, Bill Clinton, despite NAFTA, was a vastly better president than W.

      The tyranny, the debt, the horrible foreign policy, and the usurpation of local schools, by W, has to make him the worst president in modern NEG history, since LBJ, – that is, until President Obama arrove.

      Now, W has competitition.

        • Good point, JPS. I forgot about that.

          Then again – what would you expect from a liberal president of New England Government? : they put their ally in the courts to wreck all their domestick foes and justify all their tyranny.

  1. Bushes wealth in decline due to Trump energy independent. GOP have been empty suits stuffing their pockets from those that have the power of the purse.

  2. “In fact, I disliked George W. Bush so much that I voted for Al Gore and John Kerry, not because I was a leftist, but because I was so alienated from mainstream conservatism.”

    Exactly. The two non-votes I made are against this worthless piece of shit are ones I’m most proud of, having voted third party. I recognized Bush for a cad prior to his running in 2000. The Bush family represents everything I hate about the GOP.

  3. And he rarely visits the ranch as well.

    “Racist” basically down to some silly word to scold whites, and if Clown W is using it the better.

  4. I don’t like that a half dozen of my friends didn’t come back from the sandbox. Fuck Bush. He hamstrung us from day one over there.

  5. More proof that Jap pilot who nearly killed Bush sr did nothing wrong and should have shot straighter..

  6. So Hunter, why do you think the media can’t get the story right with regard to Bush? It seems simple enough, something that is an alternative means in relationship to a larger entity.

    Is it just about muh racism and Obama or is it something else?

  7. Funny, the left hated this guy for 8 years but now they trot him out with applause. Anti-Whites are always so damned predictable.

  8. Bush says he doesn’t like to Alienate folks. Yet whenever I get on a plane, tram or subway in American metropolitan areas I feel like a Space Alien. It’s the same in London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Manchester, Rome…most of the scum are there fleeing wars that cunt started.

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