Explaining President Trump’s Cuckspeak

If you were wondering why President Trump didn’t sound like himself last night, the answer is the two men behind him and the audience that was assembled before him:

Reminder: Congress is full of “normal Rs” and we need fewer of those people in 2018. Once again, they have unified control of the federal government and have almost nothing to show for it.

Note: BTW, ‘Civil Rights Icon’ John Lewis boycotted his speech. Multiple Democrats wore white as part of protest for “women’s rights.” They also spent much of last night attacking Sen. Joe Manchin for not being as disrespectful as the rest of the Democratic Caucus.

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  1. I think it is important to refresh what we want/expect from Trump.

    For myself

    1) A systematic enforcement of current immigration laws, to include removing any and all here illegally.

    2) A Wall along the southern border that embodies our deadly serious attitude on the demographic question

    3) Stay out of wars; even if some 2-bit dictator tries to pull something, just use it for political leverage rather than try to roll it back

    4) Take America out of the New World Order; for bonus points create a “Northern Alliance” between US, Russia, England and any and all that wish to tag along.

    5) Do whatever it takes to prevent the Jews from crashing the economy

    This is very reasonable. It’s early, but it isn’t a question of “whites going back to sleep” as some feared, Trump is literally putting us to sleep with his slow pace. He has a vast movement but is doing nothing with it. He needs a lieutenant who can do that; wasn’t that what Bannon and Conway were supposed to do?

    • unless…blackpill warning…he is just here to placate the whites into not revolting as the jews contiune to flood our countries with immigrants, and is to be used as the fall guy for when the economy collapses, which they will blame on trump, and white people by proxy.

      • Please God, don’t let this happen. I have to admit I was feeling this feel a bit earlier today.

      • A distinct possibility. I switched back and forth on whether this was the case or not now I don’t know and can only wait and see. If he does betray us he will have been the worst traitor in all of American history.

    • 1) enforce immigration laws
      2) deport illegals
      3) end forced assimilation
      4) give non-Whites and their white liberal friends their own country
      5) throw a gigantic party

    • You forgot,
      6) Round up all the blackmailers that are blackmailing Congress.

      I don’t think there’s any doubt that this is going on. After all the former Speaker of the House was convicted for having sex with underage boys. There is strong and convincing evidence that this has been going on for decades and I assume is the foundation of Jewish control of our country.

      Is Trump doing this? It seems there is a widespread round up of child traffickers country wide. Is he arresting them and moving up the chain to get the larger guys? Too soon to tell. If this is so, pretending to go along, softening his stanch in order to confuse would be a good maneuver.

      If Weiner has strong evidence of this on his laptop, which is what is rumored, it could be the breakthrough needed to put a stake in the heart of the deep State. The whole thing is obviously a dangerous affair as dozens of people investigating this have suddenly died under mysterious circumstances.

      I hope this is so and that Trump is not giving us the shaft. It could be. Trump has been at the center of a lot of decadent behavior yet supposedly hasn’t partaken of any of it. Hard to believe but possibly true. The haven’t caught him in any scandal that we know of yet. It would seem that if they had anything they would have used it but if it’s really bad they might be holding on to the information to play a deeper game.

  2. I think this is a reasonable, less emotional analysis of the speech. Hopefully, behind the scenes those surrounding Trump realize that it was desirable to placate Congress and the media for the time being but also will try to accomplish things which benefit white Americans. If Trump’s intent is actually to follow through on his campaign promises, then this speech could be helpful in the long run by giving him some breathing room.

  3. Our politics is to troll the Left into utter and complete hysterical reaction, drawing the vermin out of its hole so you can smack it over the head with a shovel.

    If you ain’t trolling you ain’t trying.

    Verdict Trump did OK, and as for his cucking to blacks and jews our point is to break the taboo on identity politics for whites not bitch like conservatives.

  4. A fairly charitable framing of the speech, and what I hope was actually trump’s intention. I’ll try to reserve any further judgments until I see his actions post-speech.

  5. President Trump is an inveterate negotiator.

    He starts out taking an extreme position, all the while posturing himself as hard and inflexible.

    Then, he sinks back to a fairly middling position, strikes a deal, and then walks out a hero.

    Well, for us, on this issue, maybe not…

  6. Of course the “free press” leaves a lot of questions unasked, always. Why did only Democratic women wear white? That was real sexism. The men didn’t wear white because they would have looked foolish in white suits. But its fine for the women to look foolish. Its not like women normally have a white outfit to wear, either. They had to go out and buy those outfits.

  7. If they make the illegal aliens legal then it will be extremely difficult to gain control of the country again without bloodshed.

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