Deploraball and Douglasville: A Tale of Two Terroristic Threats

Remember the antifa thugs who plotted to disrupt the Deploraball, who were members of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition, a street gang with a long history of engaging in political violence, who James O’Keefe caught on video plotting to use butyric acid bombs?

They pled guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Assault. As a result, the DC Superior Court gave them 48 hours of community service over a six month period.

Meanwhile in Georgia, a man and woman were sentenced to 20 years and 15 years in prison respectively for confronting a bunch of blacks during a Confederate Flag Caravan in 2015:

“A judge sentenced two people to prison Monday for their involvement in a confrontation at a child’s birthday party that involved weapons and the Confederate flag.

In July 2015, just weeks after the Charleston church massacre, a large group of people drove up to a birthday party in Douglasville in trucks, flying American, military and Confederate flags. According to prosecutors, about 15 people, several pointing guns, were riding through town that day with a group called “Respect the Flag.” …

The people accused in the case said the confrontation started when someone at the party threw an object at one of the trucks, but the mother’s accusations and video of the incident were enough to charge two people, Kayla Norton and Jose Torres, with aggravated assault, making terroristic threats and violating the Georgia Street Gang Act, for which they were found guilty earlier this month.

Monday morning, a judge sentenced Torres to 20 years in prison, with 13 to serve. Norton was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with six to serve. …

“If you drive around town with a Confederate flag, yelling the N-word, you know how it’s going to be interpreted,” Judge William McClain said. “It’s inexplicable to me that you weren’t arrested by the police that day.

This incident happened during one of the hundreds of Confederate Flag Caravans in the summer of 2015. A group of blacks threw rocks at one of the trucks, a few people got out of the truck, a confrontation ensued, some harsh words including “n*****” were exchanged and that was the end of it. In the eyes of Douglas County Superior Court Judge William McClain, the “Respect The Flag” caravan qualified as aggravated assault, terroristic threats and street gang activity.

Contrast #DisruptJ20 with what happened in Douglasville, GA. In latter case, we have a spontaneous confrontation that ensued after a group of blacks hurled rocks at a Confederate Flag Caravan. In the former case, we have an organized group meeting in private to plot an act of terrorism. What’s more, there were multiple aggravated assaults outside the Deploraball. In one case, a Deploraball attendee even had his head busted open by the antifa mob that has had assembled in the street outside. The mob was caught on video hurling ethnic slurs and screaming “Go Back To the South.”

In the eyes of one Superior Court judge, “terroristic threats” gets you 48 hours of community service. In the eyes of another Superior Court judge, the verdict is 15 to 20 years in prison.

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  1. “A group of blacks threw rocks at one of the trucks” Geez, that part was left out of ALL the articles I saw on the “cruel and unusual” sentencing.
    The trouble with whites is that no one will protest this sentencing. No one other than relatives and friends of the defendants..

    • I didn’t know that either. It makes it 100 times worse.

      Maybe the Confederate flag is offensive to some. Well so is the American flag. Won’t be long before they’ll be throwing rocks at you for carrying the American flag and cursing when they throw rocks at you.

      Caveat, I don’t actually give a damn about the American flag any more. They can burn it to their hearts content.

  2. Just shows the need for Conservative Nationalists in office at every level of Government. Those who’ve actually read the First Amendment and understand Self Defense. WPWW !

  3. What was that shirt Tom Metzger used to wear ? ” It’s not illegal to be White …. Yet ” Well now it is though.

  4. Unf%#^€m believable !

    But typical

    Our side has to get better at doxing these Communist judges

    Where does this one live hang out and play golf ?

    • So far I’ve not been able to to find any evidence of it but if this guy is involved with any,”youth organizations”, then I think we will likely find the reason he was so punitive on them.

      • We’ll find other evidence

        Who is this $@” judge?

        Who does he sleep with?

        Where does he hang out?

        Who tolerates him?

  5. Can we DO something to protest this, and free this people? This is JUST like the JewK – where-in actual Whites have been arrested and jailed for simply protesting the Jew-imported sand nigger jihad.

    • I’d wager you’re one of those fat, tattoo’d, pale, uneducated, unemployed pigs who show up at the local teabagger meetings.

  6. The antifas surely would have gotten jail time if they had said “We’re gonna throw acid bombs on those niggers at Deploraball.”

    Conversely, the confederate folks would have gotten a slap on the wrist if they’d just said “Don’t throw rocks, you fine African American fellows.”

    The important thing in today’s justice system is to just remember to be nice, gosh darnit.

  7. I called Deal’s office and the courthouse. All of you should, too! And, I will be sending letters to these virtue-signaling, despicable slime balls. The people of Douglas County should be going to the courthouse with torches and pitchforks and dragging these abominations from their offices and then freeing the defendants – early release for unjust state-imposed torture and replacing them in their cells with the judge and the DA’s.

    Sentencing Judge:

    Hon. William H. McClain
    Superior Court Judge
    Douglas County Courthouse
    8700 Hospital Drive
    Douglasville, GA 30134

    ADA who argued case:
    Assistant District Attorney David Emadi
    Douglas County Courthouse
    8700 Hospital Drive
    Douglasville, GA 30134

    Emadi’s Boss:
    District Attorney Brian Fortner
    Douglas County Courthouse
    8700 Hospital Drive
    Douglasville, GA 30134

    (770) 920-7252

    Gov. Nathan Deal’s office: (404) 656-1776

  8. OMG!

    Forty eight hours of community service?

    One day these black robed tyrants will get what is coming to them.

    • Trump canceled his appearance in Chicago cuz of niggaz wilding. talks about black history shit ,we’ve been had yet again.

  9. This made me so angry I had to take a sedative. I’m not kidding. My heart started pounding. This made me furious. We need to get rid of this judge. He needs to be impeached.

  10. 48 hours – that’s excessive – that’ll take those goodwhites™ a whole week. whereas the “badwhites” get a minimum of 13 & 6 years. sickening – it ought to be the other way around.

  11. Anti-fascist and anti-racist are codes for anti-white.
    White Christians are the most persecuted race on Earth now.
    The Left and blacks only believe in democracy when it goes their way and only believe in free speech….when they’re doing the speaking. The scary thing is the courts are on their side.

  12. What you have to do is get some nice sounding people posing as academics to follow up interview these blacks and the prosecutor etc…tease the truth out.

    Seems like the blacks were coached to say certain things and the defense lawyer couldn’t be bothered to cross examine.

  13. Dreadful story

    Mostly all BRA ZOG hypocrisy and oppression

    But also ,

    Be careful with guns guns guns

    If anti Whites throw rocks at you don t go right to guns

    Throw rocks back

    Fight with a ball pean hammer

    No way you will get 30 years for throwing back a rock

    • It’s not been established by any reliable eveidence that they pulled weapons.
      I’d guess they all have shotguns in their trucks so the SPLC coached enough of them to claim a weapon was brandished. There’s no footage of them pointing guns.

      • Did our people once again not have proper defense council?

        Why didn t defense insist on a jury trial?

  14. (Fake?) president Trump is too busy pandering to non Whites and Jews to spend any time intervening on behalf of members of his own race in trouble over racially tainted incidents. The “Justice” system is anti-White.

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