Michelle Goldberg: Nightmare Occupation

Michelle Goldberg‘s recent article for Slate about Trump’s joint sessions speech includes this paragraph:

Though he’s now been in office over a month, it’s still jarring and surreal to see Trump in the presidential place of honor. Maybe I was imagining it, but I thought I could see my own sense of uncanny horror reflected back in the pained expressions of Democrats in the audience. Trump’s presidency still feels like a nightmare—or an occupation.

This winter we have had a good time laughing at the outrageous liberal melt-down over Trump’s victory. We relished the SJW tears. We knew they were butt-hurt and we liked that. But did we realize that to them this is a “nightmare” and an “occupation”?

At the start of his speech, Trump once again insisted that his election was a victory for “the people.” In his kitsch revisionist history, the movement that led to his presidency was a veritable revolution.

Of course, we generally like Trump’s nationalist rhetoric and tone. We are encouraged by the tone of the administration so far. But truthfully, minus a few high profile deportations and other positive signs there hasn’t really been a massive change yet – certainly not a revolution.

I remember how the Left loathed George W. Bush, a man who basically shared their values, because he put on a cowboy hat and sometimes spoke to Middle America in a language they could appreciate. Just the idea that the president was a White man with a cowboy hat who was voted into office by non-urbanite/non-liberal Whites and who spoke to them in a familial way angered the Left. And Trump does that, minus the hat, to a far greater degree. This is it, I believe – the symbolism of Trump. To the Left the symbolism and idea of him is a revolution and a nightmare occupation.

We should also keep in mind the sort of bubble these people inhabit. Goldberg is a critic of “Christian nationalism” who participated in Is Feminism Jewish? (imagine if a Right-winger did such a thing!) in New York. She lives in Brooklyn and writes for a number of Leftist, anti-White publications. For those such as Goldberg we really are the “other.” And the possibility of our empowerment or that the president is seen as our champion is extremely triggering to her.

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  1. Just keep on goading and abusing us Michelle. Wait until the little guy with a moustache shows up. Then you’ll find out what a real nightmare occupation is.

  2. Why on earth are these people so insanely terrorized by Donald Trump, the flamboyant New York Casino Magnet, Real Estate Developer, Womanizer, TV Personality from the 80s. Had he run as a Democrat they’d have no issues with him. Seems to me the statements about the Mexican Invasion he made in his announcement speech is the key, he went against their holy grail, race replacement, and that meant all out war to stop him. Also why they seem to have planted fake news of his openness to “amnesty.” They know if he goes along with that they can handle “doing time” for 4 or 8 years of Trump because the ultimate outcome is already settled. Sort of how in the late 4th quarter you just knew even though Atlanta had the lead, Brady now had his mojo on, couldn’t be stopped, and was going to come out on top in the end. Blacks on the other hand really seem to be spooked by the “Trump rallies” or ordinary whites, one older black guy at work was saying how these were the same people who were protesting against civil rights back in the 60s.

    • They are insanely terrorized because he is a white male the most hated members of the human race going…..

  3. In ethnomethodology there is a term “breaching”:violations of commonly accepted social rules or norms. Sociologists Edward Garfinkel, who coined the term, tried to study people’s reactions to such violations in everyday setting. He discovered that even trifle deviation from tacitly accepted norms can cause a certain psychological strain to surrounding people. While Garfinkel worked exclusively as a microsociologist, one can extrapolate his findings: imagine, all liberals thought they have it in the bag, that everything is preordained, and then…BOOM…the Donald, of all people! It literally shouldn’t have happened! The very fact that “arc of justice” is a total bitch, must have done irreparable damage to their psyche. And thanks to modern technological advances, God Emperor is constantly present in their everyday life, “breaching” an accepted liberal pattern of things. No wonder they are nuts.

  4. It is amazing to see how the left is freaked out by Trump, even though he really has not done much yet. I loved how toward the end of this article Mr. Cushman pointed out how Jews acknowledge that the feminist movement was basically a Jewish operation.
    I haven’t been online in 48, as we had major storms -with a few tornadoes- in rural southern Indiana. No fatalities, but trees destroyed and property damage. https://putnamlibertynotes.wordpress.com/

    • Tuesday night I was on my way to high school basketball game, east of St. Louis on Illinois side, and it rained and hailed so hard the traffic stopped totally in the middle of six lane interstate highway; worst storm I ever drove through. I hope things are okay in Indiana.

  5. The opinion she expresses is emblematic of liberals, and perhaps especially of jewish New York liberals. They think of themselves as being so sophisticated, so cosmopolitan……..and yet they are some of the most provincial people one could imagine. They know little about America between the Hudson river and the San Francisco bay. They actually often know little about other countries either. They imagine themselves well-read, and yet mostly only read books from a certain group of authors (other liberals) living in a certain time (the present). They read opinion journalism only from their own little hot-houses, and are unfamiliar with any kind of thinking outside of it. The only thing cosmopolitan about them are their gustatory pallettes.

    They are, in a word, hicks.

  6. Trump’s most effective role is and always will be as a symbol of resurgent White nationalism.

    All he has to do is stay the course and keep the symbol shiny, and the path will continue to open before us.

    • Don’t worry, Commie Jew historians like Eric Foner have reframed Reconstruction not as a tyrannical Military occupation but as a triumphant but aborted period where White Supremacy was defeated and blacks created a wonderful society.

      • And the irony was that Northerners hated blacks with a passion. However, they make handy, if uncontrollable, political weapons.

  7. Nightmare occupation is descriptive of my thoughts and feelings regarding the Goldberg Tribe. For starters.

  8. ‘Though he’s now been in office over a month, it’s still jarring and surreal to see Trump in the presidential place of honor.’

    Well now, Missy, that may be, but, I’ll tell you plainly what is surreal to me…

    #1. The President Obama is going to continue on nullifying the results of the 2016 election, and yet – he will not be lyncht.

    #2. That in spite of overwhelming information that the Jew England Government is anything but legal, folks continue to pray everything
    will turn out okay.

    As to an occupation – I feel ‘occupied’ every time I see the Stars & Stripes over the flag of North Carolina, in my vicinity.

  9. I can barely express the delight experianced hearing this vile Jezebel calling my Trumpenfuhrer a “nightmare”. Here’s to hoping that her idiotic fear of being occupied comes true.

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