The Uncertain Future of the Alt-Lite

Editor’s Note: Since I did this interview, MILO has been reduced to celebrating the anti-fa who attacked Richard Spencer. Although I haven’t seen it personally, I have also heard reports that he has become the new Jack Hunter in an effort to redeem himself.


Hunter Wallace runs Occidental Dissent, where he writes about nationalist politics, current events, and culture. Hunter is also the news editor at Reinhard Wolff hosted this show, as Henrik was out of town, traveling to the Identitarian Ideas conference in Stockholm.

Hunter joins us for a lively discussion on a number of salient issues: Milo’s recent fall from grace, the Alt-Lite’s future, Trump’s comments on Sweden, and much more. After learning about Hunter’s background, we dive right into the Milo controversy. Hunter tells us that he predicted Milo would crash and burn and thus isn’t terribly surprised about any of this. We then consider and summarily dismiss allegations about the deep state “taking out” Milo. Later, we discuss the Alt-Lite overall, and ponder why it is so adverse to so-called identity politics. The first hour also covers Donald Trump’s comments on Sweden, which were validated a few days later as immigrant riots broke out in Stockholm.

In the members’ hour, we continue our discussion on President Trump. We discuss the ousting of Michael Flynn – an event that revealed the deep state intends to do everything it can to thwart Trump’s agenda. We then consider whether or not this marks the beginning of the end of American democracy, and whether or not Trump will become Caesar. Switching gears, we discuss what Trump must do to ensure he wins reelection. This leads to a discussion on the Democratic Party, which is currently leaderless and in shambles. The members’ hour concludes with a discussion on the future of the Alt-Right and includes some practical advice for how we can strengthen our movement.

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  1. “Although I haven’t seen it personally, I have also heard reports that he has become the new Jack Hunter in an effort to redeem himself.”

    We all knew it would come down to it in the end. These people only care about being controversial or trendy and fashionable. Or all three.

    • Jack Hunter was a Youtube Personality and Radio host who posted videos for Paleoconservative sites like Takimag back when Dick Spencer was Editor (2008-2009). Hunter wore a Confederate flag Pro Wrestling mask and was known as the Southern Avenger.

      Then Hunter got a job with Rand Paul once Rand entered the Senate. The Press found out Hunter had been a Confederate flag mask wearing shock jock. Paul fired Hunter. Hunter cucked hard and disavowed his past racism and paleoconservativism, insisting he was now a race neutral Libertarian.

      This is the kind of shit Hunter posts on Twitter:

      Time has proven that Jack Hunter is on the wrong side of history. If he stuck to his beliefs, he may have ended up working for Trump like Stephen Miller does. Short of a White House gig, Hunter would be a hell of a lot more respected and relevant had he not cucked so hard after Rand Paul fired him.

  2. Pretty much all the hard thinking or work was thrashed out on 5 or 6 websites.

    I really enjoyed a recent clip with Lana and the Beardy Swede when they played a clip from a sex themed History Channel documentary where the academics romantized Weimar, especially Sexclub Berlin, and then at the end pointed out that the Germans were prostituting minors for (((rich perverts))) and that Adolf stopped it all.

    And folks wonder how National Socialism caught on. Dodged a bullet with Milo there.

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