Jamie Kirchick: The Plot Against Europe

In Foreign Policy, neocon Jamie Kirchick lets his Jewish paranoia run wild.

There are several parts of this article which are quite thrilling. Kirchick envisions a world in which President Trump has been reelected, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders have taken power, Merkel’s government has fallen in Germany and nationalist-populists rule in Hungary and Scandinavia:

“May 9, 2022 — Standing on the viewing platform in Red Square, President Vladimir Putin observed the military parade commemorating the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany. This Victory Day, he had reason to be especially proud of his country.

Earlier that week, a group of 150 Russian special forces — bearing no insignia and disguised like the “little green men” who had occupied the Crimean peninsula eight years prior — had slipped into the tiny neighboring Baltic state of Estonia. Seizing a government building in Narva, a city on the border with an ethnic Russian majority, they planted a Russian flag on the roof and promptly declared the “Narva People’s Republic.” In a statement released to international media, leaders of the nascent breakaway state announced they were “defending ethnic Russians from the fascist regime in Tallinn,” Estonia’s capital. Most of Narva’s Russian-speaking citizens looked upon the tumultuous events with passivity. Ever since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, they suspected something like this would eventually happen. …

Such a state of affairs would have been improbable less than a decade earlier, when the stable “grand coalition” government of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Social Democratic Party (SPD) led Europe in confronting Moscow over its revanchist foreign policy. Yet German politics entered a new era after the 2017 federal election, when the CDU suffered the greatest defeat in its history.

In a move unprecedented for an American president, Donald Trump inserted himself into the German electoral campaign, attacking Merkel repeatedly for her migrant policy and calling on the German people to vote her out of office. With the quiet assistance of White House counselor Steve Bannon, the newly launched Breitbart Deutschland amplified Trump’s criticisms with incessant, and often factually wrong, stories about “migrant crime” all illustrated with a doctored image of Merkel’s trademark “rhombus” hand gesture splattered in blood.

“Angela Merkel’s migrant policies ruined her country and her career. AUF WIEDERSEHEN, LOSER!” President Trump tweeted upon the chancellor’s resignation. …

After defeating Democratic presidential nominee Elizabeth Warren by a comfortable margin in 2020, President Trump hosted a forum for European nationalist leaders at the White House, where he expressly offered his administration’s support for the gradual dismantlement of the EU. …

Hungary’s democratic regression had ripple effects across the region. That a European political party could abuse the instruments of democracy to entrench itself in perpetuity — and get away with it — proved attractive to many in post-communist lands where liberalism’s roots did not run so deep. …”

Kirchick has written an entire book about the subject called The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age.

The Coming Dark Age sounds like it will be a blast. I think I will write a review here.

Note: I’m getting the vibe from the Kirchick article, the Shelby Steele article, and The Washington Post article that our rise is increasingly seen as inevitable. What do you think?

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  1. A good scenario, but even here these swinish louts manage to make me see red. “often factually wrong, stories about “migrant crime”” — in reality, the stories are mostly suppressed, and yet apparently even the muffled reports that occasionally straggle onto the radar are effectively dismissed by this swine as lies. Every word that issues from these walking garbage bins of sanctimony and white-hate is infuriatingly twisted by their frantic monomaniacal brown worship.

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      Only reason I covered this is it’s pointless to buy one of these mask with just a particle filter. It will do nothing for tear gas.

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      • I may have made a mistake. You might need the (3M Multi Gas/Vapor Cartridge/Filter 60926, P100 Respiratory Protection). In the answered questions on amazon someone says it works for tear gas but I would look at 3M’s site to make sure. Both might work.

      • ” . . . carry an umbrella . . . Umbrellas aren’t weapons.”

        Neither is a dowel, until you brandish it, then it becomes a weapon. The umbrella protects you against confiscation and weapons charges ante bellum, but once it’s on, it’s on.

        An invalid cane is just as much a non- weapon as an umbrella, but a lot more rugged than either a dowel or umberella. Note that there is a martial art devoted to the use of canes and umberellas. Learn it. Practice.



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  2. A dream come true? Trump re-elected in a landslide in 2020, various nationalists European parties coming to power in the meantime… Make the West Great Again, from Vladivostok to Seattle. The world is large enough for ”other people”.

  3. Calvinist P.M. Orban (of Hungary) & Calvinist Pres Trump? Politically-minded Vatican-Roman “Catholics”, Talmudic Jews and of course godless fence-sitters are all simutaneously mama mia-ing, oy vey-ing, and f*** me-ing.

    I had to smirk as I read Mr Kirchick’s suggestion that Hungary’s democracy was “regressing” as if it were going back to Communist times. A Christian authoritarianism is wholly different, if that’s they way they are going. No, if Hungary can whip the E.U. into shape, then there’s no telling her limits. Sincerely, to the Moon, perhaps? Heretical pseudo-Christians would most likely want you to forget that the Holy Communion that was brought by Astronaut Aldrin to Luna was given by Presbyterian—Calvinist—Christians from a place called Webster Presbyterian Church…


  4. This Anti White, Anti Russian, homosexual Jew Jamie Kirchick should be the first put on a Chinese cargo ship to Israel when the Ethno State comes down.

    I remember Kirchick earning his bar mitzvah in the mainstream meteor when he threw a fusillade against Ron Paul over those common sense newsletters (MLK was a fraud, blacks in LA stopped rioting in 92 when they picked up their welfare checks) after it looked like Ron Paul had a shot at winning Iowa and New Hampshire in 2012.

  5. The West under ZOG is a genocidal dictatorship that dare not speak its name.

    The only way White people can survive collectively is if they get rid of the Jews. But it doesn’t matter if the future regime in most White countries is a pro-White self-declared dictatorship or a pro-White dictatorship posing as a democracy.

    As a good Jew, Kirchick would argue that democracy is more important than the survival of the White race. But he is an obvious enemy of real democracy in White countries since he knows that that would necessarily lead to the expulsion of his tribe and to the end of race replacement for White people.

    Kirchick may even be against democracy in Israel. Instead of honest discussion, I think most Jews would rather use BS arguments and strong arm tactics as a way to force a consensus among themselves.

  6. Anyone who wants to understand Jewish paranoia should read Philip Roth books, he wrote a book about Charles Lindbergh becoming US President in the 1940s and keeping the US out of the war to displeasure of the Jewish elite.

    The book in question, ‘Plot Against America’ was published in 2004 when the Jewish-led Iraq War was still going.

  7. Our rise is not inevitable. We will have to fight for every inch – but it’s what we were born to do.

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