Captain America Based Stickman

Based Stickman did nothing wrong:

I would like to thank Stonewall and Stuart Bute for these awesome images!

Note: Based Stickman is facing multiple felony charges for fighting the antifas in Berkeley while the police sat around and did nothing while they attacked elderly women. At one point, he defended a friend who was being attacked by the mob. You can contribute to his legal defense fund here.

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  1. God bless the ‘Alt-Light Stickman’! Now that’s a guy who understands what we’re up against. He fought fire with fire, using the same weapons the ‘Antifa’ scum employ against Trump supporters. May his tribe increase!

    Sticks and pepper spray now, but I suspect bullets later as the inevitable unfolds before the watching nation. It’s just a matter of time.

  2. Yea, and Paul Watson is not “celebrating” him. He does tweet about him for likes and he will mention him in a video for views though. Paul Watson watson is just sooooo “edgy”. He talks tough at a camera. This guy was charged for his actions and is going to need money for an attorney. Paul Watson makes lots of money for his “edgy” videos. Too bad he is not “celebrating” stick man or maybe he could help.

    • Unlike Twatson Mr. Stickman is actually out there on the front lines fighting back and taking risks, he’s not tweeting all day in hopes of getting a lot of “likes”.

      • More likely just a run of the mill coward. It’s OK. Let him continue doing what he’s good at and don’t chastise him for not being man enough to do more.

        • True, true. He may actually still help break the windshield of indoctrination for many people.

  3. Bravo…at least some resistance. Unfortunately we can,t avoid war. Or after 100 victims of communism somebody really hopes, that “global elite” or “liberals” or “commies” or whatever just give up their power ?????

  4. In an earlier post relating to watching old geezers get beaten I suggested a flying squad.

    Well he was a one man flying Squad.

    It’s best if there are fewer identifying markers though. Had a few others worn the same things with no insignia on clothing and switched out shields there’s no proving anything.

  5. Alt-knight… in an alternative uncucked universe he has his own comic series and a top-grossing superhero movie.

  6. Im going to send this fellow some cash. We need guys doing this sort of thing and we need to stand by them.

  7. Stickman was/is great.

    I knew someone would step out and do what is right, would use the right force which isn’t guns in these college Antifa attacks.

    I talked to my self defense trainer in Southern California who I knew when I lived there 10 years ago. He recommended

    Motorcycle leathers and kovlar attire, also eye protection and something to guard the mouth – as Antifa uses bear pepper spray.

    The stick is appropriate, it’s less than a lethal metal pole, light enough for one handed club the other is a shield.

    Way to go stickman!

  8. Can someone do an heroic graphic of stickman showing his face a bit surrounded by romantic ladies dressed in medieval formal attire?

    Chivalry isn’t dead.

  9. I noticed that in the video “Stickman’s” stick broke at the end after he hit the Atifa guy on the head.

    I recommend using harder word from cane master canes – hickory or oak. This looks like a light doll rod, which is good for length and you definitely want it to be a one handed club, so the other hand has a shield.

    But the wood shouldn’t break after just one good hit on the Antifa’s skull.

      • Disagree. The Louisville slugger is too heavy, a 2 handed club, like the Germanic tribes long broad sword. The Roman legions used a one handed sword the Gladius (something like that).

        Stickman needs his other hand to hold the shield.

        • Reinforced selfie stick would be a good option.

          Can’t be classified as a weapon too easily.

  10. They can argue that he was “looking for a fight” because he came all geared up for combat…but as long as he only struck antifas in defense of self and others, I don’t think he should get nailed on anything serious. Coming with a stick and a shield can easily be justified by pointing out how violent the lefty protests have tended to be lately.

    May he inspire more “Alt-Knights” to appear at future events.

  11. Trump supporters finally have someone to protect them from screamers and thugs because the fake president they admire won’t.

  12. Posted this before, it bears repeating. Be ready for what is coming.
    Wear long sleeves to cover any identifying tattoos etc, carry no ID, no phone etc.
    Blend in & disappear.

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