‘Sleeping Giants’ Is On a SJW Crusade Against Racism

I’m installing the forum now.

In less than 18 hours, we went from Disqus censoring Occidental Dissent to raising the money to put in a new forum. I would like to thank those who contributed to this project. We are going to send a message to the SJWs. We will respond to their attempts to no platform us by doubling down and creating more spaces to cultivate Alt-Right discourse and build networks.

At this time yesterday, I wasn’t planning to move on a forum. It wasn’t on my radar screen. I may have installed a forum down the road, but it wouldn’t have been anytime soon. In the world of social media, forums are still valuable because they can’t be no platformed. A SJW can report you on Facebook or Twitter or destroy your community on Reddit, but he can’t shut down a privately owned forum. We can always use our forums as a backstop to reconnect with our audience.

Apparently, there is a group called ‘Sleeping Giants’ which is on a SJW crusade to pressure businesses to stop running advertisements on nationalist-populist websites:

It is all about fighting ‘racism’.

In reality, Disqus pays its users almost nothing for running their pop up ads. When I installed the Disqus plugin here, the ads were set to run as a default. I didn’t even notice them for several months until Disqus sent me an email in January telling me that they were expanding their ads here. In their crusade against ‘racism’, these SJWs have cost me a grand total of less than $100. It hasn’t occurred to them that we are ideologically motivated and that their efforts to censor populist speech will only intensify the backlash against our elites. What are they so desperate to hide from the public?

These ads which they are so determined to take down aren’t worth a fraction of the networks we are building. How much did Hillary Clinton squander on campaign ads? A billion dollars? She lost the election because millions of President Trump’s supporters 1.) don’t trust the Lügenpresse, 2.) automatically discounted the negative stories and attack ads due to their lack of legitimacy, and 3.) weren’t even plugged into the same information network in the first place.

These ham-handed efforts to silence us are a symptom of an elite in crisis. It is a sign of weakness. The taboos which they are so desperately trying to reinforce are breaking like the leeves on the Mississippi River. The flood of Alt-Right discourse into the “mainstream” is only going to intensify as media become cheaper and the number of platforms expand.

Note: Vox Day is correct that Alt-Tech will be the end of these people. In the early 2000s, the SJWs used to no platform us by going after our hosting accounts. As the internet matured though, the number of free speech hosting providers expanded and it became less and less of a problem. The same will be true of social media. In the long run, the vertically delivered, consolidated mass media of the 20th century will fall to the horizontally delivered, decentralized social media of the 21st century.

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  1. Praise Kek! Will definitely be signing up on the forum when you guys get it online! The (((elite))) will continue to gnash their teeth… and we will continue to Win. As it should be.

  2. Sleeping Giants is a negro who wants to censor free speech that is not to his liking. He persuaded kellogg’s to withdraw advertising from Breitbart.

    • Negroes do not possess the agency required for launching any kind of coordinated effort or campaign. Therefore I suspect there is a jeww in the woodpile.

      • Not to mention that it forces you to adapt and think outside of the box. Enterprise and ingenuity replace apathy. Anti-Whites are obnoxiously predictable. It’s probably their biggest weakness.

      • I’ve been warning people of Israel’s desire to censor the Internet for some time now and we’re seeing this happening now under the questionable guise of “hate” speech.

        The same Israel which is home to the world’s largest LGBT population, a living day Sodom & Gomorrah.

        The New Observer reported in January last year in a piece titled Israel Demands World Internet Censorship. The piece is now, tellingly, offline but is still available on Google Cache (for now at least) and opens by reporting:

        The Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has unveiled plans to censor the Internet’s worldwide social media platforms with the building of an “international coalition” to counter criticism of Israel.

        According to an article in the Times of Israel, Erdan’s plan calls for “developing legislation in conjunction with European countries,” most of which “are very interested in this idea.”

        The legislation would have common features, such as defining what constitutes incitement and what the responsibilities of social networks regarding it are, a spokesman for the minister told the Israeli-based newspaper.

        “Companies that do not comply will find themselves hauled into court, paying a penalty,” he added.

        [Citing D. Shamah, Israel Eyes world coalition to force social media platforms to block incitement, The Times of Israel 19 Jan 2016.]

        Of course, what “incitement” amounts to is always open to interpretation and vaguely defined in legislation/regulations, etc, to be used by our (((enemies))) (eg, Zuckerberg, Soros, the entire MSM lugenpresse etc, ad nauseum). And to stifle us from criticizing (((their))) perpetual plotting and naturally subversive anti-White activism against us and their media platforms promoting miscegenation and the usual anti-White, anti-family degeneracy.

        And remember (((who))) the greatest enemies of White/European populist political parties are throughout the entire West and that the sad reality remains:
        “Every time Europeans try to organise politically to prevent their own destruction, the Jews mobilise against the parties they create.”
        Jews Demand Suppression of Europe’s Patriotic Parties, Zionist Report, 12 Oct 2016, citing Diversity Macht Frei.

  3. I use an ad-blocker so I never noticed. Now that Google is censoring ads, we need to move to Brave or add adblocks to our browsers (real one like uBlock, not those that get paid to run “acceptable ads”). And I can avoid malware infections.

    Effective ad-block will starve the SJW-tech for cash. I don’t think they will be willing to pay. Rush Limbaugh today was discussing a few things where Millenials who “can’t afford Health Insurance” have iPhone 7s and the replacement contracts. They may do a virtue signal Patreon here or there, but aren’t sustainable.

    I think the forum will prove better.

    I expect the Google comment censor bot AI to be adopted by Disqus soon anyway.

    • Indeed. My meager book sales confirm that.You do not hang out in these circles for money or to run for homecoming king. I am glad that OD is rolling along despite the little bump the SJWs just threw at them.

    • This is changing. There will be an increasing influx of Vox Day and Milo types who will make increasing amounts of money from WN. Many bemoan both this fact and the people who are and will be doing it. BUT, BUT, this state of affairs is the death knell of liberalism. Once large sums of money can be made from white racial identity and nationalism, you will see it go viral.

  4. There is so much denial in Sweden. Why? Because the power of taboo.

    Diversity is no longer an idea or even an ideal. It is holy icon. An idol to be worshiped.

    When people say ‘diversity is our strength’, it is not a suggestion or conjecture. It is a mantra, an article of faith. Also, any notion of ‘white identity’ is deemed quasi-satanic; therefore, whites are worse if they are among whites preserving whiteness, and whites are better if they are among non-whites and becoming less white.

    This is an article of faith, a neo-religion.

    So, all this diversity is supposed to make Sweden better. But it’s not.

    Now, occam’s razor would say it is because the migrants, Africans and Muslims, are problematic; they are different, don’t respect Sweden, have incompatible cultural values, and have different genetics. Also, they come from Mean Cultures that don’t see niceness as virtue but as weakness to bully and exploit. So, the more the Swedes act ‘nice’, the more Africans and Muslims act un-nice. It’s like a woman acting nice to an abusive man will be beaten more.

    Also, they come from cultures where men are still men. So, when they see Swedish men being servile to Swedish women, they feel contempt. They see white ‘cucks’. Also, they don’t like to be told what to do or think by women, especially white women who either dress like whores or function as sexless bureaucrats. So, they commit sex crimes against the ‘bitches’.

    But then, due to cult of ‘white guilt’ and ‘white atonement’, even white feminists do little about non-white violence and crime(even against women), and such spinelessness makes the Africans and Muslims even more dismissive of white culture and power.

    None of this can be discussed honestly because it would expose truths about differences among races, cultures, and sexes. Sweden has done most to castrate its men but has also done most to bring in masculine men who despise castrated men. And they hate soulless female commissars who, btw, do most to castrate white men and do most to excuse virility of non-white men.

    Meanwhile, since Diversity is Holy, the non-white mobs and thugs are never blamed for anything. (There is also the element of pride and saving face. Swedish elites have branded themselves as mavens of the humanitarian super-power. They love to pat themselves on the back and show off to the whole world how caring and wonderful they are — even though no one around the world cares about them. So, the elites are loathe to admit that they’ve been just insufferable holier-than-thou pompous asses. ‘White guilt’ is inextricably tied with ‘white pride’ of ‘good whites’ who atone and hug the world. They don’t want to lose face and desperately carry on with the charade via control of media and education.)

    Imagine a room and some thug inside it. Suppose the room is nice, but it get worse and worse because the thug is messing things up and acting wild. But the mantra is ‘thuggery in our strength’. So, day after day, the thug messes up the room more, BUT no one can blame the thug since the mantra says thuggery is holy. So, what is to be blamed for the mess? Maybe it’s the bed. Or bed sheets. Maybe it’s the light bulb. Maybe it’s the desk. Maybe it’s the chair. Look, the TV is busted. Maybe the TV attacked the thug and got busted. The chair is broken. Maybe the chair attacked the thug, and thug reacted in defense and fought back. Maybe the window needs to be replaced. Maybe it’s the painting on the wall. Maybe a new coat of paint will do the trick. Meanwhile, it’s never the thug-in-the-room, of course. After all, thuggery is our strength, thuggery is our strength, thuggery is our strength. If there may be something wrong with the thug, it must be due to the environment. Yeah, the room isn’t nice enough for him. That is why he flies off the handle sometimes. The room doesn’t have the latest computer and video game for him. It doesn’t have his favorite beer in the fridge.

    It’s like American theory of education and blacks. Why are black students messing up so much? It can never be the fault of students or their parents. No, it must everything and everyone BUT them.

    In a dictatorship, the tyrant causes the biggest problems but gets the least blame because it is taboo to speak honestly about the tyrannical abuse of power.

    Democracies are free and don’t have dictators. So, how come Sweden turned out this way? Why is it a kind of tyranny?

    Because ideas can gain dictatorial power. It’s like a cult. While the cult leader is alive, he is the dictator. But even after he dies and when cultists are no longer under his thumb, they are still mentally controlled by the Cult. Sweden has i-dictatorship or idea-dictatorship.

    I-dictator of the West is the mantra ‘diversity is our strength’. Even free people can become unfree in the mind, chained to an idea than being free and rationale to ponder it for acceptance or rejection. An imprisoned mind is under lock and key of the Taboo.

    The mind must be freed from taboos before anything is possible.

    Of course, unfree minds in a free society will eventually turn society unfree as well.

    If people in a free society believe that opposing views should be shut down because such is ‘hateful’, they will push for laws that penalize freedom of speech. When there are ENOUGH Of such people as voters, legislators, and judges, a once free society will become unfree and tyrannical. Not because some tyrant took over but because ideas turned people away from freedom and truth.


    Sean Hannity just read out the latest from Wiki-leaks.

    It seems that President Obama gave unlimited power and over 100 BILLION dollars to the CIA hacking department, which, in turn produced all the malware to infect your communication encryption devices – including your i-Phone.

    They even can turn your cable TV devices into bugs.

    On a hunch, I will thank the Russians for, once again, showing the entire populace of all 50 states, exactly what is going on, in Washington D.C.

        • No he’s not, his half brother in Kenya looks way to similar to Barry in frame and mannerisms to not be related. Nice theory to sling some dirt at Barry, but it is demonstrably false now and thus not a good tactical move.

          • AT&T & Verizon are subsidiaries of NBC/Comcast. Go take a peek of whom else is owned by NBC/Comcast. Unless you are totally off the grid & never used the internet, cellphone nor have an EZ-Pass & such, “Uncle Sam” knows more about you than your family does. I don’t care though, I don’t do anything illegal & even though our country has many faults; I still love it. Just wish our politicians loved it too…

      • I figured it, too, Captain – which is one reason why I have no cell, no laptop, and keep my phone disconnected – until I use it, though, when I do, I never say anything I would not say on the town commons.

        No, I ain’t seen it.

    • This is why I encourage sheeple to try open source software. But its an uphill battle to get them to make any change at all. Hence the sheeple label.

    • Reminds me of that scene in the Patty Hearst movie where Ving Rhames announces the TV must be unplugged for all their “Symbionese Liberation Army” meetings. Patty asked him befuddlingly why and he said “Do you know how it works?” “Then how do you know what it does?” Turns out such crazy paranoia is now not really out of line. All these voice activated “alexas” and “siris” are easily hacked if the man really wants to keep an ear on you.

  6. ‘In less than 18 hours, we went from Disqus censoring Occidental Dissent
    to raising the money to put in a new forum. I would like to thank those
    who contributed to this project. We are going to send a message to the
    SJWs. We will respond to their attempts to no platform us by doubling
    down and creating more spaces to cultivate Alt-Right discourse and build

    Great, Sir – like Nathan Bedford Forrest, you have reacted to the reversal by splitting in two, and charging out both ways.

    Thank you for your leadership, and grit.

    They have no idea how much they are going to hate us. ‘Tis only beginning.

  7. Sleeping Giants isn’t happy about the fact that the sleeping giant of White identity is waking up and he wants to shut it down before it’s too late.

  8. Well I guess that’s it, all pro-White activism online has been thoroughly defeated thanks to the heroic efforts of “Sleeping Giant”. Yeah, right.

    • 1.) We’re having our best day of the year traffic wise because our wider community hates SJWs and censorship.

      2.) OD loads faster without the Disqus ads.

      3.) We lost $100 in revenue which we easily made up.

      4.) We raised the money to put in a new forum which is going up this evening.

      5.) We can easily import the Disqus comments to WordPress or switch to some other comment system. There are alternatives.

      The moral of the story: SJWs are capable of throwing inconveniences in our path for the feelz (making retarded phone calls to cancel hotel rooms is another example), but they are incapable of stopping us from spreading our message. The networks we are creating are far more valuable than any individual platform.

      • Their efforts amplify the message, namely, that ant-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

  9. a “hate site?!” that’s silly – i never feel hate at OccD!

    the only time i feel hate is when a link sends me to the NY Times, huffington shitpost, or salon.

    • You guys can’t be serious. Someone called president obama a nigger on this comment thread and it’s not even about him!

  10. John Ellis worked as a Democratic Party operative after college. He worked for two well known east coast senators. Started an optical engineering consulting company. Employs FORIEGN Engineers from Ukraine. Looks like he is also a supporter of the negro terrorist group BLM that targets innocent NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS for racial harassment.

    Probably a poly sci major in college. Big time Hillary Clinton suppporter….You all know who Hillary Clinton is right?…HILLARY CLINTON is the notorious old farting bulldyke whose protégée..the neocon Jew War Criminal Victoria Nuland organized the Neo-Nazi coup in the Ukraine that resulted in the mass murder of 10,000 innocent Conservative Orthodox Christian Russian Ukrainians. Mrs. Clinton also played a pivotal role in the creation and ongoing funding of ISIS.

    So it is obvious that John Ellis must be funding the Jewish terrorist organization known as the Democratic Party…..He is another sociopathic White Male Greedy Liberal CEO…

  11. John Ellis is a big time supporter of the Democratic Party…the terrorist organization that murdered 10,000 Conservative Orthodox Christian Ukrainians in the Eastern Ukraine…The Democratic Party now wants to demographically exterminate millions of NATIVE BORN WHITE WORKING CLASS AMERICANS…..hard to believe that there are such vile sociopaths in our America who want to harm The NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS who won’t consent to being demographically exterminated by the Jewish-nonwhite Democratic Comet Pizza Democratic Party which wants to exterminate Christian Russia…

  12. I don’t get it. I’ve never seen an ad on Disqus, and I’m commenting on Disqus right now. What did they accomplish?

  13. Interesting. Based on the comments here, I can’t claim to agree with you ideologically, but I certainly disagree with censorship and silencing of dissenting voices. Funny how they act like this is a devastating blow, one which you hardly noticed. Dumb regressives 😛

    • It’s not.

      By transforming a race issue into a free speech and censorship issue, they lose. They are exactly like the tattle tale or hall monitor in middle school chortling over a great victory after reporting someone to the principal.

  14. They didnt use to cry ‘Anti-semitism’ unless it was a violent threat. Then they moved on to “slurs” (despite the old American adage “sticks and stones….). Now it’s down to decrying “anti-Semitic sentiment” (SPLC, Sleeping Giants).

  15. I spit my drink when I looked at their page, never seen so much virtue signaling in one place before

  16. > These ham-handed efforts to silence us are a symptom of an elite in crisis. It is a sign of weakness.

    Well said.

  17. Sleeping Giants? Just another group of commie malcontents who should be exiled to Attu in the Aleutians to break rocks for the rest of their natural lives for Sedition. Attu and Kiska really would make an excellent place to put another larger Guantanamo to punish all these “antifa” type liberals on the day of reckoning.

  18. Trump decried Political Correctness while campaigning. Now he does nothing about it, even as it comes for Steve Bannon and Breitbart. Trump is a fake president.

  19. This will only make us more determined for free speech. The internet doesn’t belong to the Left, even though they think it does. Time for alternative platforms for us.

    • Net neutrality. Trump will take your last platform. Look it up ajit pai. Internet doesn’t belong to the left. It’s controlled by Republicans in the fcc. And they want to diminish the smaller voices on the Internet by allowing bigger companies more bandwidth. So who is restricting your free speech now? The same people. Dems and Republicans are the same. Time to unite behind a real progressive movement that isn’t just white nationalism.

  20. I live this site because you are all too ignorant to realize that the things you say, and think are logical, are exactly the reasons you get no air play. It’s also why trump will fix nothing for America. You are stuck on race and muslims while corporations are raping america. Look at trumps policies. Billions given to the rich for a few saved in jobs. How much do you think those workers have to get paid to contribute to the economy enough to recoupe the billions he’s giving to the rich? He will add trillions to the debt even if he doesn’t build the goddamn wall acording to his plans. His health care plan is horrible for everyone except healthy people. Democrats are shit typically I give you that. They are the same as the Republicans but they sign a few social legislations to look better. Which actually does make them technically better but for ease of argument let’s put the Democrats and Republicans in the same corporate trash bin they belong in and unite behind a progressive movement for the American people. Approaching it from this neo Nazi white race first thing is always going to ruin what should be your objective which is MAGA and the general public doesn’t share your hatred. Also I’m not so sure you guys want a big forum. The only time you look good is arguing with idiots in the street. Just go back to the shadows and say nigger to each other quietly the way is always been. If that becomes a private message board because your arguments don’t hold up to public scrutiny then so be it.

  21. These businesses need to tell Sleeping Giants to go pound sand. I do a lot of impulse buying from ads I see on sites that SG wouldn’t approve. SG represents only a loud, yappy handful of mini-despots. You give these idiots an inch and then they will take the whole damned mile. They will eventually put out a hit on every conservative-leaning website until only Salon and Daily Kos will be left. Not that many people frequent those sites. Those businesses are going to lose a lot revenue. But if they want to be cowardly, then go ahead and bend the knee to these little tyrants and pay a steep price in doing so.

    If my company was being targeted by these people, I would put out a cease and desist order and then start suing these organizations for harassment. If they want to take their business elsewhere, I would go ahead and let them, encouraging them to take their little nutjob friends with them. There are not enough of them to impact sales one way or another.

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