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  1. That was/is a beautiful speech and an even better music video.

    For all of our readers who still have twitter accounts, Facebook accounts – please spread this glorious speech far and wide.

    It’s reality that Alt Right folks like Milo and I are now getting smeared and censored as much as Richard Spencer – if you simply say the obvious that it isn’t in our nation’s interest to import hundreds of thousands of additional Islamists like Muhammed Ata – you’ll get smeared and censored just about as much as if you shout

    “Hail Trump – hail victory”

    For Alt Right Christians on our side, read what Jesus said about the rough times facing his community in the short term – being hounded, beaten in Synagogues, Jesus said:

    “All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm will be saved”.

    (something like that)

    Keep the faith.

    • MILO is a gay nigger-loving jew faggot degenerate.He is not Alt-Right.He is not anything,except a pozzed out faggot jew.He never had anything to do with the Alt-Right,and he never will.It is true,however,that you Alt-Litists and Trump-supporting normies are getting squeezed and will be squeezed harder in the future.Most of you will probably join the other side and opt to stick dildos up your asses on live TV like Gavin McInnes or start sucking nigger dick like MILO.For the rest of you,those who want to win this fight,those with the balls to do whatever it takes to win,come on over to the winning team.We can help each other.We in the Alt-Right will protect you and keep you safe.All we ask is that you shift the focus of your struggle from fighting the symptoms of the problem,such as feminism,sjw’s,jihadis raping your women,etc,to fighting the CAUSE of these problems,i.e.the jews.If you can’t do that,you aren’t Alt-Right and you will never win.The stakes aren’t just what kind of government you’re going to live under.The people you are fighting will not think twice about putting you in a gulag or shooting your entire family in the head for your political views.They’ve done it in Russia,they’ve done it in China,they’ve done it in Cambodia,they tried to do it in Germany but they were stopped by “the most evil man who ever lived”.And that is WHY they have spent billions telling you this man was evil,because he stopped them from killing hundreds of millions of Europeans.YOUR people.MY people.They still managed to murder 50 million Europeans,but of course the ones responsible for that are lionized and provided as examples of “heroes” to your children.The “heroes” are the people who murdered 50 million innocent Europeans to force a jewish religious belief system,communism,on an unwilling White world at gunpoint.Only the Alt-Right can protect you,White man or woman,and only by challenging the system itself and confronting the jewish actors responsible for it,can peace or stability be achieved.Otherwise,this virus of Judaism will run its course as it did in the twentieth century,resulting in millions of people exactly like you being dragged from your homes and systematically exterminated with the full backing of the state.

      • Lighten up.

        Try to look at the positive things in life instead of just negative, gloom and always doom.

        Milo was/is a comedian, entertainer – who has broken through in some very Left anti White turf places like American college campuses.

        He’s spoken out against Islam, political correctness, feminism and transgender bathrooms and other things.

        He was a big support of our best ever President Trump.

        Is he flawed, yes – but at the same time I’m sure Milo says these things about Blacks, his somewhat Jewish heritage as just away to deflect smears that he’s a White racist, NAZI, homophobe etc.

        Check out this great Milo interview where he does indeed:

        Name the Jew

        Milo states that yes the Jews/”We” do control the media, do control the banks… (around 35 minute in I think)

        “Because we do”.

        Milo is being persecuted, purged for speaking the truth – not for being gay or having some Black lovers.

        Let’s see you break the anti White, cultural marxist Iron Curtain and speak, red pilled thousands of White college students at places like U Cal Berkeley.

  2. This is an awesome video – have posted it on my Twitter account. I am not ashamed to publicly acknowledge my Alt Right perspective / beliefs. White people need to stand up for their race – be honorable but be proud and confident.

  3. People need to explain to the normies the difference between Whites and Jews. Jews do not consider themselves White – this is public record in many instances. This is why Jews like Tim Wise attack Whites – because they are not attacking their own race. To the normies this appears to be White people attacking their own race – but such is not that case.

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