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  1. Shit, Murdoch Murdoch kinda sorta predicted this whole thing when he featured PewDiePie in one of his videos.

    • He is just “edgy” enough to appeal to pre-teens since he uses strong language occasionally, and he mostly focuses on video games, which is the quickest way on youtube to get subscribers. Still, 54 million or whatever is surprising. He just kinda hit the sweet spot for that demographic, though. And if you’re into video games his channel is pretty entertaining, in a silly kind of way with humor that appeals to kids.

    • I completely agree. I don’t ‘get’ this guy, and I don’t understand why this site continues to feature this clown? He’s a total waste of space.

      I don’t think he has the slightest interest in White identity issues. Granted, he likes to stir-up controversy, push the envelope, and troll others, but that seems to be about it. He’s’ childish.

    • I had to read up on Pewdiepie since he keeps making appearances here and at the Stormer. Apparently he got big making video strategy guides for video games on Youtube. Since I haven’t played video games since the Sega Dreamcast days, I had never heard of Pewdiepie. Hopefully he realized games are juvenile bullshit and starts focusing on serious matters.

  2. I think he’s kind of silly but if he pisses off the Jews I’m for him. Anyone who pisses off the Jew I’m for. He might even push a few younger people to realize that all is not as it seems and the people who run the country are not always the ones they say that they are.

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