Civil Rights Frontier: NZ River Given Human Rights

The latest frontier of civil rights is to give human rights to rivers and other non-human things. The New Zealand Parliament relented to pressure from the Maori natives of the islands (who make up about 15% of the country’s population) and “recognis[ed] the Whanganui River, in North Island, as a living entity,” according to a BBC report.

Long revered by New Zealand’s Maori people, the river’s interests will now be represented by two people.

The Maori had been fighting for over 160 years to get this recognition for their river, a minister said.

We have already seen how it is a civil right to pretend that a human girl is really a wolf. It is a civil right to pretend that a man who wears a dress or has his sexual organ cut off is a woman. It is a civil right for a human woman to marry a bridge.

The “inexperienced emotions of the heart” and “abstractions concerning human rights” and “theories of political dreamers” are the basis of the current regime. “Enthusiasts and fanatics of all sorts” are running wild in this fallen age of madness.

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