URGENT: Suidlanders Reach Out To Americans To Stop South African White Genocide

For a few days now, I had been getting calls from an unfamiliar number. I assumed it was just a solicitor trying to sell me something. After what seemed like the second or third time I have been called from this unknown number, I answered the phone this morning.

It turns out that I was being contacted by a South African group called the Suidlanders. A trusted comrade in the movement had given them my number. They are in the United States on a speaking tour to raise awareness about the rapidly worsening situation for Whites in South Africa. The Suidlanders are essentially the South African equivalent of our doomsday preppers except that they are prepping for the very real possibility of a Zimbabwe-style White Genocide.

None of what I was told by the Suidlanders this morning came as a surprise. I’ve been blogging about South Africa for years now. In recent months, I have written about the White ghettos, the black-on-white crime, particularly the horrific murders, and the news that President Jacob Zuma had thrown in his lot with Julius Malema and was calling for a united black front to dispossess White landowners. I’ve already written about it twice on my own initiative urging President Trump to intervene in South Africa and Congress to impose economic sanctions on South Africa.

So anyway, I was told the situation in South Africa is even worse than I thought. The ANC is losing power in South Africa after a 23 year reign. They are responding by scapegoating the White community for South Africa’s problems. A civil war is a real possibility. The Suidlanders believe that a full blown crisis could be upon the White community within a month or two. They are over here to raise money in the event that they have to implement their Emergency Plan.

Here are some things you can do to help:

1.) Contact your representatives in Congress and urge them to impose economic sanctions on South Africa. I’ve already done so.

2.) Publicize this story on social media. Let’s get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. If you have a platform or radio show, contact the Suidlanders at hk@suidlanders.co.za to arrange an interview to discuss the situation in South Africa.

3.) If you support the South African cause, consider donating to the Suidlanders through their website.

4.) Pressure the Trump administration to intervene in South Africa. We made refugee crime in Sweden a big story. The South Africans are in much greater need of our help.

5.) Create buzz about this issue so it will enter the news cycle. Talk to your friends about it.

Note: Check out the podcast the Suidlanders did with Jared Taylor. If you are pressed for time, skip ahead to the 29:00 minute mark to get to the gist of the situation.

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  1. I’ve contacted Congress about the increasing disaster in South Africa, they don’t care. They are responsive only to the media machine & big money. I would go so far to say that elected officials aren’t good people in general, mostly sociopaths and psychopaths. America is the next formerly white country to go down, so it would be unusual to expect us to be able to help them, when we cannot help ourselves.

    Whites need to get out of South Africa, it isn’t tenable there. We may “save” them for a month, a year, a decade; but ultimately they are going to be annihilated and in a nasty way. They need to go to Russia.

    The country of Georgia has already wooed the South Africans; Russia needs to do the same.


    Remember, our foes are best understood as being actually evil, of the devil, etc. Whether that is true on some absolute metaphysical plane doesn’t matter, it is true practically.

    • I agree. I’ve communicated w/ AS Whites for YEARS; they won’t leave. They are overwhelmed. The bitterly funny thing is that a local Jew fled SA about a decade ago. They know when to get out. We don’t.

      • Are you in the States? In advance could you spread awareness of the Genocide taking place in South Africa. We are in the Genocide ERA 1994-2017

  2. What did the Suidlanders say about your call for sanctions against South Africa?

    It was sanctions that got us into this mess. How are more sanctions going to fix it? Do you have any specific measures in mind?

  3. “Contact your representatives in Congress and urge them to impose economic sanctions on South Africa”

    From what I can tell, most politicians in America are anti white, they would never side with whites instead of blacks. Even if they did, the sanctions would just mean whites will be ever harder hit by the government.

  4. What is the area code of this number? I get odd calls all the time and ignore any # I don’t recognize.

  5. I have met a few South Africans, they are a hardy bunch. Trump should offer them legal status and give them large swathes of land in Alaska. They would transform the unused land up there into something positive.

    • South Africans love their country. Alaska would be a bitter pill, after Sunny South Africa. Not to say that they couldn’t handle it, and may one day soon be grateful even for a slice of Siberia. My SA daughter currently resides in Canada… but it’s not like home.

      • I grew up in rural Australia, of Scottish, English, Welsh and German ancestry. I’ve been to Britain twice, and found it drab, overcrowded and cold! You always have the impression there just isn’t any space. I felt an ancestral connection to the place and loved the people…..but it wasn’t home. Its a wet and depressing place. With ancient castles everywhere and no modern architecture to speak of, it also feels rather creepy.
        When you’ve been raised in Australia, this would be very hard to adapt to. I could imagine it would be the same for white South Africans in Georgia. Your Georgia or anywhere in the South or rural Australia would suit them a lot more.

  6. If the dude reads this try getting in contact with these
    people who all have Youtube channels. Hopefully you can get some
    interviews. Oh and these are just a few names, there are many more, but
    these ones interview people as well as soing solo shows. Im sure they
    could also help with passing you on to other Vloggers.
    And hopeully Hunter will be able to help you with direct contacts which lead to interviews.

    Stefan Molyneux (Philosopher – race realist)

    Tara McCarthy also under the name Reality Calls (race realist)
    Brittany {ettibone (race realist)

    Alex Jones (doesnt matter what you think of him, still worth doing an interview)
    a few interviews under your belt would hopefully start the ball
    rolling. I dont personally know any of these people – sorry I cant
    forward direct contact details.

  7. If those guys want some volunteers to fight the nigger communists in South Africa then godammit, sign me up!

  8. Never hear about the racist anti – white bullying and genocide whites are facing in Africa, in leftwing media circles. I know rely on sights like this for a glimpse into whats really happening, free of the cover ups.

  9. Hi Guys, us South African White folk need foreign help and awareness we are living in the white genocide era 1994-2017. please take a look out newly formed truly rainbow nation party manifesto at http://www.capeparty.com and support our struggle. The ANC and EFF are preparing to take South Africa to Zimbabwe standards and worst. We are preparing for civil war.

  10. Doing nothing about our racial situation really just means waiting until similar circumstances are happening to yourself or our grandkids.

  11. We need to send guns, ammo and money to them. And any mercenaries who are willing to provide their services for room, board and the opportunity to defend righteousness.

  12. I am from South Africa. I can vouch for everything Mr. Roch has said. I am humbled by how receptive Americans have been, thank you. Such a short interview is not near enough to even start to explain what is going on in SA, things are far darker than you could ever imagine. I really hope that you gentlemen will spread the word. We do not have much time left.
    God bless you all?

  13. I hear comments on here and elsewhere generally that we must just get out. That is of course a very logical answer to our situation. However, if I may explain the situation: More than 20% of us have already left to the UK, Australia, New Zealand (and many other countries including the US). Most of us who are still here do not have the money or qualifications to leave, one $ is 13.65. Moreover, we are white Christians and as such at the very bottom of the wish list.

    There is one more factor, a major one. Many of us Boers can track our ancestry in SA over 200 or 300 years. We built this country. We performed the first heart transplant and developed nuclear power all by our own. We created from nothing the most powerful nation in the history of Africa, despite the environment being the most hostile any pioneers had ever experienced. There is a hard core Boer centre who will Never leave.

    I am a member of the Suidlanders, however I do not in any way represent them. But let me tell you this, we Boers fear not what is coming. If they push our backs to the wall we will push back and then the world will hold its breath.

    With the bible firmly in the one hand and the Mauser in the other

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