Angela Merkel ‘Leader of the Free World’?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the “leader of the free world” and “the West’s last, best hope,” James Rubin writes in a recent article for Politico. Rubin goes on to attack US President Donald Trump as shallow, weak on Russia and a cheerleader for the breakup of the European Union.

This praise for Merkel comes despite her unpopularity at home in Germany. “[T]he inherent risks of her open borders approach to the refugee crisis and the extraordinary failures of German federal authorities in the face of the rising Islamist threat,” as Nile Gardener has pointed out, shows her to be “out of touch with winds of change sweeping through Europe.” Indeed, “the guardian of the continent’s liberal ideals” and “champion of European unity” is on pace to be defeated by Socialist leader Martin Shulz in September’s election. She reacted to her fall in the polls by admitting her open borders policy to the Third World flood may have been a mistake. Yet, the chancellor has done nothing to protect her people or begin reversing the influx. Instead, her government has distribted information to African and Arab immigrants (most of them young men) on how to date and have sex with German women.

Merkel has thus far succeeded in flooding Germany and Europe with millions of Arab, Asian and African migrants despite the opposition of a large majority of Germans to her open borders approach. The Third World immigrants have raped and murdered many Germans and committed hundreds of thousands of crimes, reports show. Most infamously, Arab migrants sexually assaulted hundreds of German women and girls in Cologne at a New Years celebration a year ago. The German media and government then tried to cover up the attacks, though the truth eventually leaked out. US President Trump strongly criticized Chancellor Merkel during his campaign and has charged her with “ruining” Germany.

The author of the Politico article, James Rubin, is a liberal New York Jew who served in the Clinton Administration and apparently believes plunging Europe into a dark era of invasion, terrorism, rape and civil unrest is “the West’s last, best hope.”

James Rubin was Assistant Secretary of State in the Clinton Adminstration.
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  1. I certainly hope that she is the last hope for the “West” that these Jews have inflicted upon us so that when she is gone we can rebuild the actual West that they have worked so assiduously to destroy. Unfortunately they will probably find more like her.

  2. “leader of the free world”

    Since the Soviet Block collapsed, “Free World” has become another Cold War relic that’s lost its meaning and belongs in a museum, along with Merkel, John McCain and the other Cuckservatives.

  3. The picture says it all about the kind of world Merkel is leading. What do these stupid Jews think will happen to them after whitey is gone and 1.5 billion hostile Muslims surround Israel?

  4. Yet another jewish rodent trying to cause trouble from behind his keyboard. Flush those creatures out of their sewers and into the light of day. I’ll be waiting for them with my Mp-40.

  5. Is it today Trump is supposed to meet the leader of the free world?

    –> He should have her arrested and sent to Guantanamo.

  6. We may as well bring back Communism. Post-Stalin Communist Europe was more alt-right than anything in the western world today. Nationalism, patriotism, unity, strength, anti-semitism, degenerates sent to labor camps, women allowed to work without being subjected to man-hating propaganda, strong borders. Eastern Germany is where nationalism is most popular.

  7. Merkel’s a piece of work. She’s the leader of the CDU/CSU the Roman Catholic Party in Germany. My question is will Merkel and Trump talk publically about the fact that Obama bugged Merkel’s communications?

    • Merkel’s real name is Kasner. It’s a blood Jew. SHAME on Catholics, and Whites, for allowing the Jews to do this to us.

  8. Aw the poor jew just didn’t finish his sentence:

    …the West’s last best hope (of being destroyed by the Kikes in the near term before those damn white people wake up, take their lands back, and send us all to hell like we deserve.).

    I think that must have been what (((it))) meant.

  9. ” Assistant Secretary of State

    They call the shot. Perle head of CIA and Wofwits call the shot,Dubya followed orders.

  10. she’s only leader untill her election she’s history the peeps have had enough just like the UK & USA Germany & France are going to swing right

  11. Merkel as “leader of the free world” huh? Can somebody name her followers?

    Greece? Belgium? Belarus? Who?

  12. As Trump has German ancestry, he has every right to state his discust at what is happening in Germany now. Merkel needs to be arrested for the damage she has done-importing problems that likely can’t be reversed.
    Future generations of Germans, and the wider European populace, face an extremely bleak situation which upsets me to keep touching on.
    North America and Europe can’t be the worlds police, shining light and technological leaders if they’re majority third world themselves.
    Merkel should be tried and jailed/executed and held up as an example for her extreme foolishness-importing incompatible ferals whom she knows nothing about.
    Deport all Europes invaders to Israel.

  13. We gotta ditch this “West” notion into the Atlantic Ocean. With every Jewish passenger aboard.

  14. The migration probably affects only a small percent of Germans now and already theres majority opposition – 66% of Germans. Of course, they won’t all vote against it; it has to get a little closer to them. The way Merkel was going, and wants to keep going, it would affect more and more Germans up close and personal.

    The logic of the Democratic Party is that there is an “emerging” permanent demographic majority waiting for them. They are never going to get there.

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