Israeli Police Arrest 19-Year-Old Jewish Man In Jewish Center Bomb Threats Case

President Trump was blamed for “a wave of anti-Semitism” that was caused by a failed black journalist from The Intercept and a 19-year-old Jew making crank calls in Israel:

“WASHINGTON — The Israeli police on Thursday arrested a man believed to be responsible for scores of bomb threats that were phoned in to Jewish community centers across the United States, American officials said.

The F.B.I. confirmed in a statement that the bureau had worked with the Israeli national police to arrest the teenager, who, officials said, holds citizenship in both Israel and the United States.

“Investigating hate crimes is a top priority for the F.B.I., and we will continue to work to make sure all races and religions feel safe in their communities and in their places of worship,” a spokeswoman for the F.B.I., Samantha Shero, said. She said the bureau could not provide additional information about its inquiry. …”

This was considered such an important story that President Trump addressed the issue at the top of his Joint Address to Congress and condemned “anti-Semitism” in a press conference after being asked dozens of times about it by “mainstream” reporters.

Note: Alan Levinovitz’s In Praise of Intolerance and Frank Rich’s No Sympathy For The Hillbilly are two more reminders of how Jewish privilege operates in the mainstream.

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  1. Awesome information Mr. Wallace. I am not really surprised that a Jew is behind it all. I suspect that a great deal of the “anti-Semitic” threats and graffiti is a actually done by Jews to garner some kind of pathetic “perpetual victim” status for themselves. Who benefits from all the publicity on these “hate incidents”? The Jews themselves.

    • Jews don’t want sympathy, Joe. They want fear and obedience. Just like negroes do, when they demand “respect.”

  2. Talk about hate crime hoaxes! This one will disappear down the Memory Hole in no time flat. Another commenter posed the question: Why would anyone want to make themselves the victim (apart from deluded Whites that is)? Nevertheless, we’ll continue to hear about hwhite soopreemacisswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.

  3. Must have been one of those “self-hating” Jews! What a troubled world we live in when fine young semitic minds can be turned against themselves so easily!

  4. 1989 Berlin wall came down and communist evil empire was beaten to a pulp by shabaz Reagan it was skies the limit to world harmony.Somehow there was a boogeyman out there; racism. TMV hence , vast right wing conspiracy only gave ammos to corrupt rulers and the media churned out films the Shindlers list,etc. The 90s news cycle was fake of white racism, fact was they were covering up inner city black racial crimes spilling into the suburbs. South of border wide open.

    Post 9/11

  5. They had this on the CBS morning news and had the audacity to interview some “expert” who blamed it on the “proliferation of hate in social media.” Truth is this is more akin to that mental condition where people fake illnesses in themselves or their children to garner sympathy.

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