Ryancare Fails In The House

The announcement:

My reaction:

My prediction:

The good news is that we are done with healthcare. Trump got out before he could sink further into the quicksand. The bad news is the Republican Congress is likely useless on other issues.

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  1. This may have been a deliberate ploy by Trump to let the house gop demonstrate their uselessness so that he can propose alternatives that will gradually lead to single or biggest payer.
    Also, Trump has a history of remembering loyalty and betrayal. Ryan backstabbed him repeatedly during the election. Trump may be trying to shake things up so he can get a new speaker in place.

  2. I am Hell Banned on Twitter – but those of you that can Tweet – Tweet to Trump between 1AM-2AM, or 6AM-7AM. Appeal to his EGO. Ask him WHY he’s allowing Ryan the Obama Operative to make an utter fool of him. Tweet on this theme.

  3. As an aside, the health care issue is not an existential crisis, the world will not end if it’s not solved right away.

    The thing to do now is hit reset — OCGE should use the pen and phone to suspend the enforcement of ObamaDontCare’s unpopular parts, then slow down, then take a deep breath, and then slowly and rationally debate on where we should go from here. As far as that goes, single payer, universal and Federally-exclusive Medicaid, should be on the table.

    RyanCare was mostly ObamaDontCare minus some of its bad parts but keeping most of the insurance industry giveaways and crony capitalist pork barrels.

    • Principly it transferred a tax penalty toward the coffers of the private insurers.

      Evil stuff.

  4. We really need to come together and have one of those 500 to 1000 comment threads:

    The premise?

    The Alt Right really was “Trump’s Brain”. Until the fuckstickery of the NPI Conference, the Alt Right, and by that I would include the Infowarriors, Stefan Molyneauex etc etc really was Trump’s Brain.

    And because of the fuckstickery of the NPI Confernce, Trump got a lobotomy.

    Now Trump has no brain.

    That’s the best explanation for what is happening.

    As I’ve said, it would take a fool to lose now; the trouble is there are many fools around…

    It’s time to get back inside of Trump’s head and start driving the agenda. To do that we need to get back on a consistent message and get elbow deep into day-to-day political knife fighting.

    This Train is moving forward whether Trump is on it or not.

    • Spencer coming out for abortion is another red flag. Why is the “alt right leader” on the same side as the Bushes and the Clintons, on a matter that has been so deadly to the white race? The Jewish fanaticism on abortion is the millstone around their necks, the country club “alt-right” that supports abortion are hardly distinguishable from the leadership that led us to this point.

      • It’s what he’s says about it that is startling.

        Linking it in a positive sense to exterminating blacks and culling the dim.

        He points out that Contraceptives have had more of an effect as a dysgenic force.

        Are you thick?

  5. Is this good or bad for whites? My thought is that we need to abandon the old left-right paradigm that splits the white vote and focus on strictly white issues such as immigration. However you can’t deny that any government program be it healthcare or education is always a massive wealth transfer from whites to non-whites, so I’m not sure what to make of this failed vote.

    • Yes! Trump is a Detroit Republican!

      Obamacare, Trumpcare, Anycare is at the end of the day a transfer of wealth from hard working whites to lazy, hate-filled, non whites!

      We lambasted Rand Paul for his rhetoric of being a Detroit Republican, and rightly so, but when the bullets started flying, Rand was firing in the right direction! Trump was not! He wants to “take care of everybody”!

      The is a war, perhaps a cosmic war. Trump may not get that. We have to teach him or replace him ourselves.

      • I wish he’d just focus on the wall and halting immigration, making peace with white countries (Russia), and stopping US interference in the Mideast that leads to endless brown-skinned hordes migrating to Europe. I honestly don’t give a damn about the technical details of Ryancare vs Obamacare.

        I was a bit suspicious of Trump when he kept talking about education reform. That always means a giant waste of taxpayer dollars on black schools.

        Whatever Trump does or doesn’t do, we need to keep our morale high and keep building the movement. Even if Trump fails, he did a great service in letting the genie of white identity out of its bottle and into the mainstream.

  6. Ryan is a cuck and a Trump hater just like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Mitt Romney and the crazy Bush clan. Trump needs to work to get these people back under their rocks with the rest of the loathsome creatures.

  7. Let Obamacare run to its logical conclusion and when the whole medical system collapses Trump can break out his pen and do what needs to be done. Anything that cuts the insurance companies and employers out of health care entirely would be instantly better than what we have.

  8. There is no reason that in a nation of 320 million people, with the most advanced technology, that a person like Paul Ryan should have the position he has.

    This is “meritocracy”?

  9. Trump hasn’t done squat in two months, and when you multiply that by 24 it doesn’t get any better!

    Build the Wall now! Stop playing games in Yemen, Syria and North Korea and bring all troops home to build the wall and guard it.

    An earthen berm would be good enough, provided it was a shoot first, ask questions never atmosphere.

    • ‘Trump hasn’t done squat in two months, and when you multiply that by 24 it doesn’t get any better!’

      You are ill informed if you really believe that.

  10. Allowing that worthless prick Paul Ryan to push through the reform of Obongocare was a yuuuuge mistake. Either he bungled it on purpose in order to sabotage Trump or he is just an incompetent political hack. I don’t know which.

  11. John Derbyshire had it right in 2012:

    ust a word on healthcare in general.

    My overall feeling is that I don’t have a dog in the healthcare fight. We all know that joke whose punchline is: “We’ve already established what kind of girl you are. Now we’re just arguing about the price.”

    A lot of the healthcare debate is like that, it seems to me. My conservative friends like to rail against “socialized medicine.” Look: If hospitals can’t turn away the indigent sick, you already have socialized healthcare. Who’s going to pay the costs of that patient who can’t pay for himself? You are; I am; she is; the insured person is, by government fiat on the insurance company; the taxpayer is. The costs have been socialized. Now we’re just arguing about how, precisely, the money will flow.

    If poor people and old people get their healthcare paid for out of current public funds, you have socialized healthcare. Medicaid and Medicare are socialized healthcare. What else are they? The bigger part of our healthcare system is socialized. We’re just arguing about the price.

    By failing to face up to this, public discussion of the healthcare issue is conducted in a fog of unreality.

    Mitt Romney, for example, in his response to the Supreme Court decision, emitted a lot of hot air about, quote, “Consumers making their choices about what kind of healthcare they want,” and how, quote, “Obamacare puts the federal government between you and your doctor,” and how, quote, “We’ve gotta make sure that those people who have pre-existing conditions know that they will be able to be insured,” and that, quote, “Obamacare is a job-killer.”

    With a healthcare system that is already three-quarters socialized, the federal government is already sitting there in the consulting room with you and your doctor. Consumers are already restricted in their healthcare choices by, in the cases of Medicare and Medicaid, government rules, or by insurance company rules otherwise, rules mostly dictated by legislators and judges. If “people who have pre-existing conditions know that they will be able to be insured,” in what sense is that insurance? If I can go and buy an auto insurance policy right after I’ve had an accident, how is that insurance? Maybe it’s right and moral that I should be able to do so, but it’s not insurance. It’s something else.

    As for Obamacare being a job-killer: Well, any system of healthcare that enlists employers as part of the structure is killing jobs to some degree by imposing cost and administrative burdens on employers. It’s a mere historical accident that American employers are yoked in to their employees’ healthcare. There is no logical or moral requirement for them to be.

    If a firm hires me to turn its lathes, sell its products, program its computers, or keep its books, what business is it of theirs whether, or how, I make provision for my own and my family’s healthcare? It ought to be no business of theirs at all. To the degree that government forces it to be their business, government healthcare policy is killing jobs to some degree. Again, we’re just arguing about the price.

    Will a President Romney take a radical approach to any of this? Will he leave health insurance companies alone to do what they know how to do: offer people insurance based on rational calculations of risk? No: he just told us he will make the insurance companies continue to be what they have become — conduits for government money and political patronage.

    Will he unhook American employers from all concerns about their employees’ healthcare? No: he’ll keep them in the loop, imposing costs and administrative burdens on private companies that properly belong elsewhere.

    Citizens of modern states will accept no other kind of health care but the socialized or mostly-socialized kind. This being the case, however regrettably, the most efficient option is to make the socialization as rational as possible. The problem with U.S. healthcare provision isn’t that it’s part-socialized: the problem is that the socialization is a disorganized, unholy mess.

    Get insurance companies and employers out of the business, except when they voluntarily, without any political boondoggles, choose to be in it. Cover the population with a single-payer basic healthcare scheme funded from general revenues. If any citizen wants more, let them contract for it privately with insurers. If any private company wants to incentivize employees by offering them more, let them likewise do so as an entirely private arrangement with insurers.

    There would be less socialism, and more private choice, in a system like that, than in what we now have, let alone what we are likely to have in any conceivable Obamacare or Romneycare future.

    And that is in fact how things work over most of the advanced world. Yay for American exceptionalism: but this is one sphere in which American exceptionalism has gotten us into a bureaucratic mess, is encouraging ever-expanding government power, is pushing private choice and private enterprise out to the periphery when not actually killing them off, and is heading us into a world of public costs we can no way afford.

    Sorry, conservative fans, friends, and colleagues. We’re already socialized; and until the U.S. electorate is willing to let the indigent sick die for want of care — which is to say, until the Earth crashes into the Sun — we shall remain so. We’re just arguing about the price — the price in public money, in efficiency, and in liberty.

    Let’s corral the beast as best we can, and leave as much space for private choice as we can outside the corral.

    • It’s a $25 dollar blowjob from a Phillipina in Manila that you are charged $5,000 for as if she were a 20 year old Megan Fox willing to do whatever…

    • Alex Pareene

      My conservative friends like to rail against “socialized medicine.” Look: If hospitals can’t turn away the indigent sick, you already have socialized healthcare. Who’s going to pay the costs of that patient who can’t pay for himself? You are; I am; she is; the insured person is, by government fiat on the insurance company; the taxpayer is. The costs have been socialized. Now we’re just arguing about how, precisely, the money will flow.

      If poor people and old people get their healthcare paid for out of current public funds, you have socialized healthcare. Medicaid and Medicare are socialized healthcare. What else are they? The bigger part of our healthcare system is socialized. We’re just arguing about the price.

      You nailed it. What we have is semi-socialized care where one group of people get it, but don’t pay for it, and the other group of people pay for it, but don’t get it. Not only that but the criteria for qualifying for these programs is very arbitrary and subjective. You have no idea what your circumstances must be to qualify for it. Some bureaucrat decides that and if that bureaucrat hates White people on general principles, it doesn’t matter how much your need it, your White ass isn’t going to get it.

      To me, it makes more sense to simply institute a ten percent national sales tax and a ten percent payroll tax to pay for single payer coverage that would at least take care of basic health care emergencies and catastrophic care and would ensure that pre-existing conditions would not bar anyone from treatment. The insurance companies could offer supplemental insurance plans for people who are very picky about what doctor they see and other goodies. You can still keep people in the industry employed in their call centers by turning the insurance company into benefits plan managers.

      I think if we instituted such a program, small business creation would explode, people would not do as little as they possibly could to hold onto jobs they hate. Medical expenses would not bankrupt families. I don’t understand why the right is so resistant to a plan like this.

      It’s like the folks at AltRight.come said in another thread, the well-off would not take a hit in their healthcare, because just like public schools, the hospitals and clinics in neighborhoods that generate higher property taxes would be better, than their counterparts in poorer areas, but at least people stuck in poor areas could get basic care.

  12. Probably theres a majority of Americans who think anything healthcare should be free just like they think college education should be free.

    News media does a lot of stories about treatment for drug users. Trump, Christie and several other candidates got caught up in that during the primary campaign. That could cost a fortune if the government pays for it and probably less effective than if the drug user pays for treatment himself/herself. How much should it cost me personally to keep the nation’s drug addicts in and out of treatment for their entire lives?

    • You should listen to Slattery and Duke and the plan they put together.

      They endorse a Single Payer coverage scheme.

    • Health care costs more than rent these days, most Americans are just getting by and can’t afford a second rent payment in their budget. Take Soros corrupt money and use it to help give us a single payer system. Get the 30+ million illegal aliens out too and health care costs will go down.

  13. ‘Art of the Deal’ Healthcare Bill Failure a Way to Oust Paul Ryan and Achieve Full Repeal of Obamacare?


    Today, President Trump pulled the healthcare bill after it fell short of the votes needed to pass. The highly unpopular ‘Ryancare’ replacement of Obamacare left the Republicans divided.

    Did Trump give Paul Ryan just enough rope to hang himself? It is no secret that Paul Ryan has contempt for President Trump and is working to sabotage him. This may Trump’s plan to have Paul Ryan ousted and replaced.

  14. Very happy to see the bill fail. Now hopefully Trump will take this rationally and move forward in a productive way.

    Time to push for a policy victory on something he knows he has a great shot at–maybe immigration, though he seems to have his heart set on taxes next. And time also to pivot away from Ryan and start leaning on less cucky senators. Whatever capital Trump has lost can still be gained back if he takes a smart gamble.

    I don’t think we’re anywhere near killing Paul Ryan’s speakership, unfortunately, but blood has been drawn at least. If he gets upstaged again, then maybe we can start rubbing our hands together like little nazi merchants.

  15. Passing Obamacare proved to be a democrat suicide pact. Why does anybody claim the repeal of Obamacare is the GOP suicide pact? It’s Ryancare that is GOP hari-kari.

    • Obama did F up with Obamacare. He could have handed out “citizenship” documents to the wetbacks and sealed the deal for the democrats so they could go single payer what they really wanted, but he wasted the political capital of his first two years on a retread of “Hillarycare.”

  16. Chill dude, its been like 62 days. During one of his speeches he said he hoped to star the wall within his first year. Give him time.

  17. Sasha Abramsky, Haaretz, Aug 12, 2016:

    “For years now, Republican leaders have shamelessly nurtured a neo-Fascist sensibility among their base, seeking their votes with evermore-extreme policy platforms, then belatedly withdrawing from those positions once in office.”

    • It does seem that Republicans have failed to deliver, from the Republican Revolution in the 90s to the Tea Party to today. Likely will again.
      I see you have changed your avatar again. You change you pic like a lady changes her clothes.

  18. Michael Savage was upset that Trump was prioritizing this, he said rumor is that he was forced to by Ryan’s congress, this was their hobby horse. Savage said Trump should have made the economic agenda of his rust belt coalition who tipped the election for him as priority number one. I don’t like Obamacare, but then again I don’t like the system we had before Obamacare either. I’d rather have a single payer system, how on earth is anyone going to afford new health insurance in middle age when the whole reason they need it is their old policy vanished when the Free Trade Treason Lobby sent their job to China.

  19. Ryan needs to go. I’ve said that for a long time. The punk is weak and he’s anti-White. Now, he’s just shown that as the Speaker of the House (and third in line for the presidency), that he can’t even bring in a health bill that other Republicans will support in the house. Big loser and and a big albatross around Trump’s neck.

  20. Paul Ryan is arrogant to the point of stupidity or he would have asked himself why The Donald, who likes to slap TRUMP on EVERYTHING didn’t do so this time and his surrogates were calling his plan RYANcare.

    I believe Trump rope-a-doped Ryan and his Randroids but good. He knew he could count on the Democrats to fight it every step of the way and broadcast everything Ryan put in the bill that would shaft the Blue State people who voted for him, scaring the moderate Republicans into putting concessions which would alienate the Truconservatives. Trump was smart enough to know that RINO’s bill would have not only saved Obamacare but in such a way that it would become his party’s (Rosemary’s) baby.

    I love how Trump blamed the Democrats who are chortling over their very Pyrrhic Victory at the moment. They stumped the Trump! Yay! And I also love how dramatically he gave up and declared he was walking away from the healthcare to concentrate on the other things on his agenda. I get the notion that the Republicans coerced Trump into helping them sell this plan by tying it to projects he wants to get off the table, but now they’ve rattled so many cages and pissed off so many people that they have no choice but to help him get the rest of his programs passed.

    Let Obamacare explode so that the voters will take out their frustration on the Democrats and even certain Republicans, like Ryan. NO health care plan and millions of uncovered voters will bring BOTH sides of the aisle to the table and once it does, Trump needs to further hold their feet to the fire by canceling taxpayer funded coverage, grants and subsidies to ALL federal employees and tell them that whatever plan they come up for the American people is the one they and their families will be on.

    Call it AMERICARE. How likely do you think that silly bitch Pelosi would read it before she signed it? How likely do you think the objections of Ryan and the Randroids to the single payer option would fade away?

  21. Donald J. Trump?Verified account

    Watch @JudgeJeanine on @FoxNews tonight at 9:00 P.M.

    Well, Donald Trump told us to watch Judge Jeanine’s show tonight.

    I don’t have a TV but his tweet piqued my curiosity. Found replay on Youtube.

    First words out of her mouth?

    JJ: ‘Paul Ryan needs to step down as Speaker of the House.’

    His critics are too stupid to realize he didn’t make billions, make deals all around the world and outwit the best shysters in NY by being stupid and clumsy.

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