The False Narrative: Social Justice Activist Corrina Mehiel Found Bound and Stabbed To Death In Washington, DC

Narrative Collapse has the full story:

“Corrina Mehiel, a thirty-four-year-old white female, was found dead inside a basement apartment on the 600 block of 14th Street NE, Washington, DC. She had been tied up and stabbed to death. Her body was found on March 22nd. She had last been seen with friends on Sunday, March 19th. She was supposed to leave the DC Area the next morning. …”

Read the whole thing.

I have found some additional details which I posted on Twitter:

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  1. So what happened? Did that SJW dingbat get mauled to death by some of her pet ghetto apes? Nature does NOT suffer fools gladly.

  2. No matter what happened it will somehow be blamed on White racism. I’m suprised they haven’t yet blamed us for the Dinosaurs going extinct although I’m probably speaking too soon on that. I’m sure somebody somewhere has blamed us for that too.

  3. Oh, yes, she was killed by one of her favorite flavors. Chocolate. I have no pity on her. The only sad part is her parents set her up for that, didn’t they? Obviously, the law of the jungle was never discussed.

    • Attractive looking too. She hooks up with a Chinky Svengali and then a Dindu murders her. What a waste.

    • She has a facebook pic up where she definitely looks or makes herself look Asian. Weird girl. Lost in space.

    • She’s Mel Chin’s assistant. It’s possible that was the basis of the affinity.

    • WTF is this strange obsession to say she isn’t white? Looks like a run of the mill privileged white girl wasting her time doing nothing with her life. Asian girls would be under the total control of their parents busy training to be a dentist or some other high $$$ occupation. They just don’t do the slacker hippie thing, their parents would never allow it.

      • Its called saying what you see. Your powers of racial observation obviously aren’t as finely tuned, as more experienced nationalists. I see slopey eyes. What do you see?

  4. She didn’t seem to show any concern about white victims if crime-its as if they didn’t exist. Now she’s one herself.
    As for the nignog, he still murdered a white woman and the wrath of the law should still apply to him.
    This should be a lesson to all young leftards….be careful what you wish for.
    Enrichment and mixing will destroy your life and nation.

    • Insane virtue signalling, she knows subconsciously from the media that such crap as she was spewing gives her moral status in the upside down world we live in today. I really hate women like this, feminism deliberately elevates these hags into management roles in business to torment the hell out of the men working there.

    • I’m willing to make an exception to punishment for niggers committing crime if the victim or next of kin requests it. That way we can pressure these cucks into letting the nigger off, which makes normies think they’re insane, and niggers can know it’s safer to go after cucks.

      • Agreed. Incentives are everything.

        Dindu rapes and kills an anti-white SJW? Give him the Congressional Medal of Honor and $10k/month for life.

        Dindu so much as scratches a non-SJW white in an intentional manner for any reason other than self-defense or consensual combat? Draw and quarter him.

  5. Unfortunately she learned too late that lesson every white person needs to learn; when in the jungle, self-preservation is essential. Feed the wild animals at your own risk.

    • Unfortunately, it’s a lesson she probably would have rejected even if she had had a glimpse into the future and her eventual demise. It’s not that we need to defend ourselves from blacks, y’see, we just need to try harder to show them how nice and accepting we can be!

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      People, March 3, 2017

      Tim Tebow can’t wait to start a family.

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      Tebow, who is single, says that any potential spouse would have to be on board with his dream.

  6. Good, at least an innocent person was not hurt.

    These people have burned away what ever sort of “compassion” or “humanity” I had for them. One they are attacked or killed by their pets I can only look at it as one more victory for us.

  7. A waste of decent genes, though with her worldview she might have tried to fight white privilege through miscegenation. At least now she can be a martyr for the cause she fought so hard against.

  8. Another martyr to Political Correctness. She definitely looks Asian. Dindus aren’t too particular about who they kill, although it’s us about half of the time.

  9. She had poor genetics, that brain was seriously addled, she perhaps was a true believer though I think much of the SJW histrionics is just an act, hell I’ll bet she blanched inside and screamed “nigger” to herself every time she seen a ghetto thug.

    My guess is that little princess would have really liked a Tom Bradyesque man to take her and wife her up and put her and her 2.5 beautiful children in a gorgeous house complete with Golden Retriever.

  10. I’ve done a cursory search the of origins of the name “Mehiel”. The “official” genealogy sites state that the meaning is unknown, and any-one who does know anything about this name PLEASE check in and provide info, thanks ever so much.

    The ONLY source that provides any meaning associated with the word “Mehiel” is and Angel Card reading site…..hhhmmmm! Hmmmmm!!!! Even more “hhhmmmm!!!!


    Bible scripture according to this name: Psalm 33:18
    “Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy”
    Latin name: Deus Vivificans
    Meaning: The vivifying God
    Choir of angels (jewish): Beni Elohim
    Archangel (jewish): Ariel”
    Now – this is proof of nothing. Still…….based on it’s online blatherings…
    Mourn not for this odious create! Instead celebrate it’s removal from our Sacred Soil. Rejoice in our good fortune of being cleansed of this vermin!

  11. Jayzuz tap dancing KEERIST – David Duke is tweeting about a “White female” being murdered. It was some type of Asiatic mongrel. Some-one TELL Duke it wasn’t WHITE. White Racist Bigots don’t seem to be able to tell what a White woman looks like.

      • That creature was definitely some type of Asiatic mongrel. You really think that think was WHITE? REALLY?

        • I checked the last names and examined the parents’ pictures, and found no indication of Asian ancestry. Like I said, might be partially Jewish, but I didn’t see any overt indications of that either.

          Don’t get too caught up in speculation.

  12. More SJW’s and snowflakes need to have this honest dialogue with niggers. It will open their eyes to the true nature of the subhuman nigger beast!

  13. Nowhere does it say who did it? Yes it happened in DC and blacks fit the pattern. But the fact she was leaving in the morning could also mean she could have had a stalker of her acquaintance of the “couldn’t live without her” type story we hear so frequently. Did she hire some strangers to help her load a truck off of craigslist? Way to early to conclude blacks did this. All that is proven is that she was an idiot.

    • Surveilance photo of the lead suspect is a black male. It’s early still, but the cards are lining up as expected.

  14. Many of you don’t pity her. I do. Many White girls are never told anything but the Jew narrative on life. They completely ignorant of how the world really works. Many are very kind people who worry about others and don’t understand that they are manipulated. Remember that the SJW narrative is made to work on some of our strongest and most admirable traits. That we can be kind and caring even to strangers and wish all people well being. This can be a burden but it’s a good one to have. The Jews don’t have this. They are like wild animals that see every situation as a opportunity to feed.

  15. I found this online.

    Gee, is there something missing in the suspect’s description?

    ‘Authorities are calling for information from anyone who has seen the car since Mehiel’s death, and a $25,000 award is being offered for help in identifying the murderer. A surveillance photo of the suspect, a young man with a beard entering a convenience store in Beltsville, Maryland, was released by police on Wednesday, according to a local ABC affiliate and the Associated Press.’

  16. This girl got what she wanted. She wanted a utopia of chocolate waterfalls and gum-drop rainbows. Unfortunately, the real world, our dystopia, is filled with monsters. She is in utopia now.

  17. Remember a few years back when absolutely no one was surprised when the woman’s pet chimp went nuts and attacked her?

    Never relax around blacks

  18. She would have been well-served to look at the writings of Camille Paglia. She cautions her readers that untamed nature can be very dangerous. Life is not a fairytale!

  19. No matter how many of these foolish progs are devoured on the alter of diversity, their hive will never be satiated. Never.

  20. No one would believe a script so perfect to illustrate the perverse philosophy of the anti-White mind. She probably in her dying moments didn’t understand how this invalidated all the pap she had stuffed in her head by the Tribe since birth. Hard to laugh, hard not to.

  21. I thought this woman had mostly good intentions, but labeled people way too much without having any real world experience of violence! Even though she spread a false message that could get other people hurt/killed, I’m not happy that she was killed. Maybe just being robbed & tied to a chair would have changed her perspective or maybe she would have blamed it on slavery. Sad that she was so naive & that she was killed! She had parents who are devastated by this!

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