The Rise of White Identity In The Chesapeake

I’ve already written about the origins of Tidewater in Visiting Tsenacommacah. The English in Virginia only learned through the bitter experience of the Massacre of 1622 to distrust and displace the Indians. In 1619, the first slaves arrived in Virginia, but it wasn’t until 1675 to 1720 that slavery displaced servitude. Virginia became a slave society between 1720 and 1760:

“Since their introduction to the Chesapeake in 1619, blacks had been relegated to a lower status than whites. For the next half century, their numbers had been few, and, despite white prejudice, the line between them and white servants was often blurred, blacks and whites were not rigorously segregated, and the benefits of white society were not automatically closed to them on the grounds of race. At least a few blacks found their way to freedom, acquired land and property, and enjoyed civil rights roughly comparable to free whites. But their position deteriorated rapidly after 1670 as their numbers grew. As slaveholders systematically reduced their slaves to the status of a permanent labor force, the Chesapeake became a caste society organized along racial lines in which all white people, regardless of wealth or status, occupied a superior position to all blacks, even the very few blacks who managed to escape slavery …”

I’ve read elsewhere that Barbadians came to Virginia around this time.

In 1670, settlers from Barbados founded Carolina to the south. It wouldn’t be surprising if Barbadians were instrumental in spreading their system of slavery to both Virginia and Carolina. Slavery had existed in Virginia before the 1670s, but it wasn’t on the scale it would later become. Barbados developed that system in the 1640s. The Chesapeake developed a creole majority later than New England. It was still full of English immigrants rambling around Virginia until the late 17th century.

Note: The Indians in Virginia and Maryland were much more powerful than the ones in Massachusetts. Racial conflict was much more intense. Later, the creation of a slave society further stimulated the development of White racial consciousness.

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  1. Ironically, some of the earliest slaveowners in Colonial America were Negroes. And you can bet your tuchas they were nowhere near as benevolent to their human property as most of the White slaveowners were.

    • Not being Jewish, I don’t use Yiddishisms and thus won’t be betting my tuchas on anything.

        • PS It’s amazing to me, Ronnie, how stupid you are. This “Alex Delarge” has been posting here for some time; and now, when he employs a Yiddishism and thus makes me wonder whether he’s Jewish, you take the exchange in a completely irrelevant direction.

  2. The Indians in Virginia and Maryland were much more powerful than the ones in Massachusetts.

    The Indian wars on the Dixie Frontier were much more intense and lasted much longer. The Texas Rangers, for instance, were fighting the Comanche, Kiowa and Apache long after places like Minnesota and Illinois had been pacified. Some of them had been Indian fighters back in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi, like Crockett.

    • We in New England had one major Indian conflict that I know of and that was King Philip’s War of 1675-77. It was brief but very bloody and decisive. Wait, there was also the French and Indian War of 1756-1763 (known as the Seven Years’ War in Europe), where the Iroquois Nations allied with France attacked frontier settlements in colonial New York and New Hampshire.

    • James, I’m sorry, but a war with Southerners on one side just seems to go on and on, like the Iran-Iraq War. Well, I guess you did all right against the Mexicans, when you obtained Texas; but jeepers, how long did it take you to wear down the British in the Revolutionary War? (Lexington-Concord to Saratoga: just a little over two years. Savannah to Yorktown: almost three years.) These great Virginians–“knightliest of the knightly race”–seem to have been used as cannon fodder at Omaha Beach. I’m not a warrior myself; but if I need defense, I’m not turning to you guys.

      • No, if another war between the States happened, it would be a slaughterhouse. The South would not have a chance.

        Niggers and every other non White would be drafted and indoctrinated to head South and ravage. Supplies lines would be immediately cut and the whole of Europe would fund the war against Dixie.

        Like looking over the trench in a WW1 battle, heads off and the charge would commence. No way the South even has a chance now. Maybe in a century when the break up occurs. Now? Not a chance in hell.

  3. Are there re-enacters in the US who specialize in Wheelocks, Matchlocks, Pikes, Lobsterpot helmets and the like?

    Oddly enough reading through these explorations of the 1600s (aka early modern) you are getting closer to the truth than the stuff about the 1860s…

  4. Brief interlude…and alert…

    As many of you know, over the years I have argued ferociously against making IQ test psychometrics as centrally-foundationally relevant to halting the deliberate and open policy of genocidally race-replacing the Historic Native Born White American Majority…John Engleman has banned me over at American Rennaisance because of this(FUCK YOU JARED!!!).

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    Back to regularly scheduled programming…

  5. If you read any of the early literature, White Englishman were not going to be treated as the equals of Blacks & Indians. It’s the common thread in Virginia.

    The western frontier of Virginia was still experiencing Indian attacks up into the 1790’s.

  6. I don’t believe there was ever a time when whites were not racially conscious at a fundamental level when dealing with Indians and Negroes. Race “consciousness” is fundamental, biological and innate. As a child, the first time you see a black man, it’s an odd experience. A racially mixed society will tend towards a racial caste system and organization along racial lines. What we are dealing with in the multi-cultural Left is an attempt by the Jews to create a caste system in which Christian whites play the roles of “breeder” and “cuck.”

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