FEE: Why Iceland Doesn’t Have An Alt-Right Problem

Courtesy of FEE.org, this will probably be the dumbest article you will read today:

“With the recent rise to prominence of right-wing populist parties across Europe, it’s refreshing that Iceland has remained largely immune to such nationalistic rhetoric. On the continent, figures like Marine Le Pen in France and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands are capitalizing on what political scientists are calling a third wave of European populism that began after the international financial crisis of 2008. These parties are characterized by their anti-immigrant, and specifically, anti-Muslim sentiments. They fashion themselves the “protectors” of their homelands’ traditional culture against cosmopolitan globalism.

Yet, tiny Iceland has resisted this dirty brand of politics because of the rise of social movements that challenged the power structure of the Icelandic political establishment after the financial crisis of 2008. Unlike in other European countries, these social movements transformed themselves into a political movements, filling the vacuum of traditional center-right and center-left political parties, while also preventing far-right political projects from succeeding. …

Rather than blaming immigrants for their problems, Icelanders confronted the political class and created new parties that didn’t resemble the wave of far-right populism. Now even the government realizes that Iceland needs immigrants, skilled and unskilled, to fulfill the demand in different aspects of the Icelandic economy. Contrary to other countries in Europe, and despite its size, Iceland had been willing to receive refugees, and the number of immigrants in Iceland keeps growing year by year. In times of demagoguery, Iceland remains friendly to foreigners. One can only hope that the world learn from this small country that foreigners bring prosperity.”

Why would Iceland have an Alt-Right problem?

Iceland is 94% Icelandic. It is known to geneticists as being one of the most homogenous nations on earth because it has historically received so little immigration. It is overwhelmingly Christian, atheist or agnostic, or pagan. Islam has a negligible presence in Iceland.

Although Iceland has received some immigration in recent years, it has effectively been an ethnostate for a thousand years. In terms of an identity that can be based on ethnic and cultural solidarity, Iceland is still at the top of the world’s nations while the United States would rank at the bottom. There are few places in Europe more unlike Los Angeles, CA or Houston, TX than Iceland.

Iceland doesn’t have an “Alt-Right problem” because hitherto it has been such a close approximation of the Alt-Right’s ideal state. Liberalism is a centrifugal force that unravels cohesive organic societies like Iceland. It cultivates a sense of radical individualism that poisons the minds of the people and destroys their racial, religious, cultural and ethnic solidarity. In contrast, the Alt-Right can be seen as a centripetal force that values a common identity. It pushes toward greater solidarity.

If Iceland develops the demographics of Sweden, it will soon have “an Alt-Right problem.” The loss of a common identity and ethnic and cultural solidarity will be resented. The sense of anomie and demographic decline which is also created by liberalism will be resented as well. Iceland would be wise not to take its homogeneity for granted and repeat the mistakes of the United States.

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  1. The comments on the article are an endless stream of lulz. I added my own, but only because I love piling on.

  2. Now even the government realizes that Iceland needs immigrants, skilled
    and unskilled, to fulfill the demand in different aspects of the
    Icelandic economy.

    This is a common enough theme: the “need” for immigrants. There’s a real mania out there to import the third world into the first. Why this is so is interesting. You can understand how the globalist and hostile elites will benefit from these mass migrations (cheap labor, muscle against the White middle class, more clients for state bureaucracies). But why does an Outer Party organization like FEE see immigration as the highest moral imperative of our time?

    20 years ago libertarian economics did not talk very much about immigration. Now it is the “in” thing. Have they been bought off? Or are they just jumping on the bandwagon?

    • In this case bought off with Oil Sheik money.

      They’ll be endowing the University system soon enough.

  3. Iceland doesn’t have an alt-right “problem” because it doesn’t have a problem with nonwhite invaders crawling all over the place. Being all White is all right!

  4. I didn’t realize Iceland was so homogenous. Please, for the love of god, don’t let them fuck it up…

  5. May I offer a “meta-narrative” for Americans and whites worldwide?

    I do this because of David Brooks trying to push a “Exodus (from an insufferable Europe)” meta-narrative that suits his Jewish mind.

    In reality the meta-narrative is:

    The Aryan* expansion never stopped.

    Nor should it stop with this planet.

    * If you must you can call it “Indo-European” or “Yamnaya” depending on the receptivity of the audience.

  6. What a beautiful, unspoilt looking country. Its funny how a nation that’s virtually an ice sheet has a far higher standard of living than African dirt pitts that are blessed with endless natural resources. Its also one of the happiest nations on earth. Its called…..monoculture. everyone feels at one with each other.
    They are not right wing because they don’t have to be. Why oppose what isn’t there? There minds are freed up to focus on just being happy and productive.
    There are no other races, so there’s no racism.
    My advice to Iceland- just leave it that way. If in doubt, then leave it out.

    • The name Iceland is deceptive because of its volcanic activity. Greenland is also something of an ironic name, since that island is almost totally covered in ice and snow.

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            No one ever wants a

            I get sick whenever one you you tried to talk to me!

            Don’t touch me also! I have to wash. I don’t want AIDS! I know you got that from a monkey everyone on Earth knows it.

      • Ignorant racists are poorly educated. I’ll learn you: The original Vikings were trying to encourage other Vikings to join their colony so they called it Greenland as a marketing term. Similarly Iceland was named Iceland to discourage a hostile enemy.

          • Fasten your seatbelt- a leftard has stumbled apon us. Its ok- we’ll let it speak….every time it does it’ll make us seem respectable.

        • N H – I never did not doubt that you weren’t a non anti Nazi fan. Your mannerisms are a tad unrefined. Try to to compose yourself in a more gooder manner. There’s no need for unkind tones! I have feelins to ya know!

      • A land of frost and fire. Many lakes are naturally heated even though the air temperature may be below freezing and in some portions you can wrap a potato in foil bury it in the ground and dig it up later fully cooked.

  7. The population of Iceland is 330,000, 3% of Sweden, if they allowed any immigration they would be displaced within 2 generations from the Muslim replacement rates. But Iceland has other problems, considered the most feminist country on the planet with lowest rates of marriage and natural replacement rates resulting in a shitload of single women adopting African primates.

    • African primates and Icelandic women? I was in a good mood until I read that. Thanks! Lol.
      I also read somewhere that Asian women also move to Iceland to marry Blond Icelandic men. When will the sickness end? All Asian women are whoares….they’re going to breed us out everywhere we are. My hatred for Asians is intense.

  8. This is a time for Organicist Strugglism, not Rationalism

    Rationalism has great value, but in order for one to be rationalist, there needs to be order and stability. After all, one can be civil and discuss things in gentlemanly or ladylike manner over tea-and-crumpets ONLY IF one feels safe and secure. One cannot have a tea party in a state of war.

    Humans are primarily organisms, and Organicism stresses the importance of survival and security above all else. After all, ‘all else’ is possible ONLY IF you survive as a race and culture. After all, there is no Persian ideas & values without Persian people & culture. There is no Turkish ideas & values without Turkish people & culture. There is no Japanese ideas & values without Japanese people & culture. So, the survival and security of race and culture precede all else. Before you have ideas and values, you must exist in the first place. And if you want to go on having ideas and values, you must secure your survival for the foreseeable future. After all, if you die, your ideas and values die with you. And if you want the culture of your people to remain through the ages, you have to produce children, your own organisms, to inherit them and pass them down to their children. If you don’t have children, there won’t be anyone to bear the torch of your genetics, memory, and race & culture.

    We focus a lot on ideas, images, and idols, but we forget that our minds must exist in the first place for there to be ideas, images, and idols that cannot exist without brains, which are part of human organisms. Therefore, securing the survival of the organism is the primary purpose of existence.

    If a people of a community read lots of books and conceive all sorts of fancy ideas & pretty images but fail to secure territory, security, & progeny, their fate will be that of fireworks: dazzling but gone forever once the sparks fade out. Civilization must be like burning coals, not fireworks. It must find a way to keep the fire burning from within.

    A people who have lost the Way of Life will die out, and then, their ideas and culture, however dazzling such may be, will die with them since ideas and cultures can exist only as practices of organisms with will and agency. At best, their achievements in ideas and images will be usurped by another people who will have either conquered or replaced them.

    Humans have minds, and it’s a wonderful thing that minds can produce ideas. However, we must always remind ourselves that human organisms have existence apart from ideas, whereas ideas cannot have existence apart from human organisms. So, the World of Life must come before Word of Ideas. Human life has meaning and value without ideas, but ideas have no meaning or value without human life. Most of the pioneering Americans who built farms and worked in factories had little book-learning and few ideas. But they had life and, with it, a sense of family, history, territoriality, spirituality, and community that are the building blocks of culture and civilization. Life can have rich emotional, cultural, tribal, and spiritual meaning without fancy philosophy, but no idea, however insightful or brilliant, has any meaning apart from life.

    Organisms are ‘ireals’, and it is ireals that have use for ideas, not the other way around. The best idea in the world is just a thought in the head, and it cannot produce life. It has no autonomy. But even an uncultivated person without fancy ideas, like a Germanic Barbarian of old, can produce life. As an organism fueled by instinct, he has autonomy. Those who produce life will carry on whether their ideas are good or bad. Those who produce only ideas will lose, no matter how brilliant those ideas may be. Of course, the trick is to produce both life and ideas. The most valuable kind of ideas is that which best facilitates the creation and sustenance of a society that ensures organismic survival of territory, history, and culture.

    Anyway, even though we all like to sit gently and be rational with ideas & abstractions, we can’t afford such luxury when our survival itself is at stake. You can talk civilly with someone over tea ONLY IF you feel safe and secure. But if someone is holding your head under water, your being must kick into another mode of existence. Under such circumstances, Rationalism and civility will do you no good. You must move into the mode of Strugglism. You must react violently and instinctively to struggle and fight to survive. If you calmly and rationally try to ponder why the person is holding your head under water, it is Game Over for you. Indeed, your instinctual life-force will react against your conceit of obligatory civility and rationality. This is true of animals as well. No matter how much a dog is trained to be obedient and devoted to its master, its life-force will compel it to rebel against the master if the latter holds its head under water. Sometimes, instinctualism is ‘smarter’ than idealism.

    Rationalism is fine within certain contexts. But in other contexts, it is Strugglism and Instictualism that matter. In our times, whites must move into Strugglist and Instinctualist mode since there is a Jewish Agenda of holding the White Race under the globalist tide to drown what remains of white power, white pride, and white consciousness.

    Mao Zedong wrote: “A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”

    It is time for Europeoples to say “Struggle for Survival is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. Struggle for Survival is a resistance, an act of violence by which one race fights off another.”

    The Jew holds the Euro-organism under water. Is this time for rationalism or strugglism, for idealism or instinctualism? (Idealism has value only when aligned with instinctualism. PC altered Western Idealism so that it went from white pride & preservation to white shame & submission. PC tells the white race not to rebel against the Jew who hold its head under water.)

    It is when one’s survival is threatened that everything finally comes into focus. Indeed, the ultimate purpose of Rationalism is to procure better knowledge and means to secure the survival and power of the organismic community. It is the only way of life worth having. Why do predators and prey use their minds, their capacity of reason? To hunt, to flee, to find food, to secure territory… in other words, to survive and gain advantage against other organisms with which they are in constant struggle.

    Watch closely the Jew, and he acts in accordance to his Tribal-Organismic Will to survive and expand his power and control over others. Jews have two sets of rules, one for Jews and one for goyim. These rules are not unlike the two sets of rules that separate humans and cattle. What applies to humans don’t apply to cattle, and vice versa.


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