Mayor Rahm Emanuel: The True Definition of America

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is speaking out “against the hatred and ugliness swirling around us”:

“One-hundred years ago, my grandfather immigrated to the City of Chicago. He was just 13 years old. He had no money. He spoke no English. He knew no one, except for a third-cousin he had never met. He came to Chicago to escape anti-Semitism and the pogroms of Eastern Europe. He found a city where, if you work hard and play by the rules, you can succeed — regardless of your faith or national origin. He found work as a truck driver and meat cutter, and his children would go on to find success as a police officer and a nurse. …

My grandfather came to a city of opportunity, not a country that breaks up families at the border. He came to a land of liberty, not a place where federal agents stop people on the street to ask for their papers. He came to a country that has prospered with each new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and dreamers of every faith and nationality who have sought the promise of a better life in America. …”

Here’s a history lesson for Rahm Emanuel:

1.) If Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather arrived in America a century ago, the White House was occupied by President Woodrow Wilson who resegregated federal government. He arrived in a country where D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation was the most popular film in America.

2.) Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather arrived in a country where Congress was passing the Immigration Act of 1917. In addition to banning immigration from all of South Asia, it banned “alcoholics, anarchists, contract laborers, criminals and convicts, epileptics, feebleminded persons, idiots, illiterates, imbeciles, insane persons, paupers, persons afflicted with contagious disease, persons being mentally or physically defective, persons with constitutional psychopathic inferiority, political radicals, polygamists, prostitutes and vagrants.” Homosexuals were also effectively banned.

3.) Congress passed the Alien Anarchists Exclusion Act of 1918 which reaffirmed the Anarchist Exclusion Act of 1903. Emma Goldman and hundreds of other anarchists were arrested and deported to Russia.

4.) Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather would have lived through the Immigration Act of 1924 which established the National Origins System. It severely restricted immigration from Eastern Europe making it impossible for more people like Rahm’s grandfather to come here during the 1930s.

5.) Rahm’s grandfather would have lived through the Hoover administration which launched a mass deportation of illegal aliens from Mexico during the Great Depression.

6.) In 1928, Oscar De Priest was elected to Congress from Chicago. He was the sole African-American member of Congress during his three terms in office. When George Henry White gave his farewell address to Congress in 1901, he was the last African-American elected to Congress from the South until the 1970s after the passage of the Voting Rights Act.

7.) Rahm Emanuel is right that the S.S. St. Louis was turned away from American shores. We didn’t have a refugee program until the Carter administration.

8.) Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather lived in a Chicago that was covered by restrictive covenants that segregated housing. When Martin Luther King, Jr. attempted to integrate Chicago in 1966, he said “I’ve been in many demonstrations all across the south, but I can say that I have never seen – even in Mississippi and Alabama – mobs as hostile and as hate-filled as I’ve seen here in Chicago.”

9.) Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather came to a country where whiteness was necessary to become a naturalized American citizen. It remained that way until the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952. The vast majority of the world’s population was still excluded from immigrating here until the Immigration Act of 1965 opened our borders to Third World immigration.

10.) As for being a “land a liberty,” it is a myth that anyone who desired to do so could come here. The immigrants who came through Ellis Island were screened in ways that Rahm Emanuel would consider outrageous. Millions were turned away or returned to Europe. The total collapse of immigration enforcement on the Mexican border is also recent phenomenon.

11.) We did not accept “dreamers of every faith and nationality.” On the contrary, we excluded the vast majority of the world’s population. We even capped immigration from Eastern Europe.

12.) The term “racism” was only popularized in the 1940s during the Second World War. Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather lived in the America of Al Jolson and Amo ‘n’ Andy. The majority of White Americans believed in the racial inferiority of blacks until the early 1940s.

13.) Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather lived through an America in the 1920s where the Second Klan and Marcus Garvey’s UNITA were flourishing.

14.) “The true definition of America” in the lifetime of Rahm Emanuel’s grandfather was one that excluded more people like Rahm Emanuel and Sadiq Khan from immigrating here.

15.) Needless to say, “anti-discrimination” only became an American value after the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement. American immigration policy was discriminatory from 1790 until 1965. It is still discriminatory in the sense that desirable immigrants are penalized while undesirable ones are encouraged to settle here thanks to the family reunification provisions that have swollen our underclass.

Final thought: it is impossible to study the history of 20th century America without noticing the enormous cultural impact of Rahm Emanuel’s people. As they rose into the American elite, they changed America in all kinds of ways. We don’t have the same values that our ancestors did a century ago.

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      • Rahm Emanuel’s people were more efficient. In the aftermath of the 1917 revolution, the Jewish communists caused millions to die in Russia.
        The Jews should be seen as vultures, not as innocent victims of European bigotry.

    • The White’s Only Immigration Act of 1790 was as worthless as toilet paper because according to the 1790 understanding of Whiteness, White meant anyone not a Negro or Chinese. Jews, Arabs Turks Gypsies and Hindus were legally White. Within a few decades, all of these groups especially Jews streamed over here. Even after the Eugenics movement came, the 1790 definition of White was kept. Even as late as 1918 when an Arab sued the Federal Government, the Courts ruled that Arabs were legally White. Mexicans were always legally White since the Treaty of 1848

  1. Virtue signaling, probably doesn’t really believe half of what he says, I mean he certainly does not live in a black ghetto area of Chicago.

    American PC is as rotted as Soviet Communism.

    • He’s just trying the Jew tactic of playing into people’s emotions – unfortunately for him, it doesn’t work that well anymore.

      • His kid did get beat up by his pot dealers and lost his money. So one thing about Rahm his police protection detail does not exclude blacks from his rich neighborhood.

  2. When a nation stops being Christian it starts pretending that Jews are citizens. At which point the Jews, being organized and having immunized themselves from collective resistance, are able to take control. The mysterious rise of Freemasonry is the key to our history.

    Not Locke, Rousseau, the philosophes, etc.

  3. “He found a country where if you work hard and play by the rules anyone can succeed.” Hear that you millions of White people. You’re just not working hard enough and not playing by the rules!!

  4. ‘My grandfather came to a city of opportunity, not a country that breaks up families at the border.’

    The duplicitous little weasel writes this but supports Israel’s restrictive immigration policies and border walls.

    • “Israel’s restrictive immigration policies and border walls”

      Not just that. He also supports wars for Israel. That is to say: killing hundreds of people for Israel. I think it’s much worse than breaking up families at the border. Anyway, Mexicans can still go back to Mexico if they think family unity is more important than money.

    • Weasels are okay. Rahm is pure fucking lying yid scum.

      7.) Rahm Emanuel is right that the S.S. St. Louis was turned away from American shores. We didn’t have a refugee program until the Carter administration.

      I don’t see Rahm’s favorite country, Israel, welcoming refugees with open arms. They won’t even take back refugees that their own policies produced. Hypocritical Jewfucks.

  5. To all of you who think that “(Fill in the Orc Blank) aren’t all bad” when you don’t oven EVERY GOD DAMNED kike Earth – they work tirelessly to destroy you. Look what they’ve done to America, in 100 years.

    • George Washington promised the Jews of Newport RI in 1790 that they’d always be welcome here. THERE YOU GO

  6. So Rahm Emanuel is admitting that even after 3 generations of his people living in this country he still doesn’t identify with us and is hostile to our interests. I can’t think of a better argument against allowing any further “refugees” to come here since they will also likely be hostile to our interests even after several generations. It also demonstrates that allowing his grandfather’s tribe to come here was probably the biggest mistake in our history.

    • Rahm Emanuel served in the Israeli armed forces, not the US armed forces. He’s a loyal Israeli, not a loyal American.

    • Probably? Allowing 5 million Jews to live among a population is national suicide. Likely unrecoverable.

  7. Let me make a prediction. If the Rahm´s of America are successful in provoking another civil war, they will soon be retracing the steps of his grandfather right out of this country. The anger and hatred their acts have generated will ensure that they are shown little mercy when the time comes.

    • The Jews would show no mercy if they had absolute power in this country. The Holocaust Denial laws are an example in Europe. But to get to the nitty-gritty – read about the massacres and horrific torture of White Gentiles in Russia by the Bolsheviks (mostly Jews as President Putin said to the Rabbis in Russia when returning an old book). The Bolsheviks are alive and well here in the U.S. and their ultimate objectives are the same as what they were in Russia – annihilation of Whites.

  8. I hate whenever public figures preach about their family’s immigration history. It’s always about some Jew fleeing anti-Semitism and arriving at Ellis Island.

    Here’s my family’s immigration history: over 400 years ago, my distant ancestor, a stockholder in the Virginia Company, settled in Jamestown to establish a legacy in the New World. Shouldn’t he matter as much as some Jew?

    • You forgot the part where he refused to eat, drink, breathe and sleep because he spent every hour of his day raping, beating and killing all of his slaves…

      Just because they were different and he didn’t like different.

  9. He found a city where, if you work hard and play by the rules, you can succeed — regardless of your faith or national origin.

    Right, and it was also a country with no affirmative action, no minorities-only grants & contracts, no black history months, no massive welfare system, etc., etc. It was also a country where media and academia were not dominated by hostile elites who promoted third worlder invasions.

    The point is, if third world immigrants today had to work hard and play by the rules, they would (mostly) be unable to succeed. But since third worlders require affirmative action and etc., they end up displacing qualified White people from their jobs, university admissions, access to government programs and even more etc.

    If Rahm’s grandfather succeeded on his own a century ago, then good for him. But that is not how the system works today.

  10. It is too late to stop his grandfather from coming here. But we could make up for it by deporting Rahm. Maybe to Antartica. They need some diversity down there, right?

  11. I find it amusing how these jew immigration fables always involve escaping from some other gentile country because of Auntie Semitism. Could it be that the jews themselves are responsible for the hatred that human beings have for them? It’s like a flea-infested rat complaining that wherever he goes the plague shows up.

    • Well, they’ve never been kicked out of the USA, so maybe it’s just Europe that’s full of nasty jew-hating racists.

    • Yeah, it’s like you do hateful things to people and then you can’t understand why people hate you. Historically, the Jews have always overplayed their hand and that was their downfall. Looks like they’re doing it again and I encourage it.

  12. Well the Emmanuels sure have come a long way-Rahm being head of one of the most powerful criminal cartels on earth, the city of Chicago.

  13. The Jew is the bane of the White man’s existence. He is–and long has been–the supreme enemy of Christendom. The devil’s children . . . John 8:44.

    • Jesus was an anti semitic conspiracy theorist.

      Funny that the opposite of that today thinks he is god.

  14. The purpose of “anti-discrimination” laws is to strip WHITES of their rights of freedom of association and freedom of contract, among others. Discrimination is the tool by which healthy populations and individuals protect themselves from harmful, destructive associations with the unfit, the misbegotten and the dysfunctional.

    The purpose of slavery was to stop blacks from running away from whites.

    The purpose of “anti-discrimination laws” is to stop WHITES from running away from blacks.

    • True. It was during the 1890s that America that the trash from the Pale of Settlement and the ghettos from in eastern Europe started to show up here.

  15. Lucky for him, Wilson was very unpopular and the American public put in a great effort to support immigrants. Much like today where we still have a strong majority of people that welcome the challenge of immigration. I’m so proud to be an American today.

  16. Rambo is a typical lying hypocrite; signiture of his ethnic tribes behaviour. Why doesnt he talk to his fellow tribesmen in israel and lead the charge for open borders there/ that country has the most restrictive and descriminatory immigartion policy in the world; jews only. Also anti semitism occurred in europe becasue all communist were jews and they led the charge in wealth confiscation from idiginoues europeans thru political control.

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