Nancy Pelosi Condemns The Alt-Right In AIPAC Speech

Highlights include:

1.) Nancy Pelosi’s father was a shabbat goy who spoke Yiddish. Naturally, he ended up in Congress where he was subservient to Jews in the 1940s.

2.) Pelosi is proud to come from a family of politicians. Her brother was also mayor of Baltimore. She can’t boast of having Jewish grandparents, but is proud of her Jewish grandchildren.

3.) The United States is “an idea centuries old.” Apparently, we share that with Israel which has a great tradition of immigration except for accepting Syrian refugees!

4.) The establishment of Israel is “the greatest political achievement of the 20th century.” Can you imagine President Trump talking that way about the Russian Federation?

5.) We haven’t done enough to “rid our country of the poisonous attitudes we are witnessing now.” By that Pelosi means “the Alt-Right feels empowered” by the outcome of the 2016 election.

6.) Pelosi says “anti-Semitism” and other bigotries must be condemned in all forms. Russophobia, however, is perfectly fine. It is being stirred to new heights by Democrats.

7.) It is a shame that there is “a campaign to delegitimize Israel.” Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is at the forefront of the campaign to demonize Russia.

8.) Israel ought to remain “a Jewish state.” It ought to remain Jewish, democratic and secure in the 21st century. What about White Americans who want the United States to remain a White majority country? They’re all a bunch of “racists.”

9.) 189 House Democrats signed a letter to President Trump that says a “one-state solution” would destroy Israel’s “Jewish and Democratic character.” It’s not “racism” when Israel is doing it.

10.) “We have shared values” with Israel. Except for Israel’s Wall. Except for Israel’s desire to remain Jewish. Except for Israeli’s immigration policy. Except for Israel not taking refugees. When President Trump advocates the same “values” for the United States, it is racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc., etc.

11.) We must oppose Iran because it is Israel’s regional enemy and because of “values.” Can you imagine President Trump ever saying we must oppose Russia’s enemies?

12.) “Foreign aid for Israel is sacred – we know that. That is sacred.”

I will just say Pelosi’s obsequious speech on behalf of a foreign power speaks for itself. Clearly, it is Israel which has real power over our government, not Russia.

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  1. Pelosi IS a Jew. It’s a Crypto. And it ought to be tried for High Treason, and if convicted, hanged.

  2. I despise this senile and demented plastic witch from California. She embodies the mentality and values of her district, San Francisco, so it’s totally understandable why she’s so bat-shit crazy!

  3. It is so bad now I see Baptist churches in the South flying Israeli flags and the other day I was driving through what was once a “sundown town” and saw a large sign (of the type car dealers use to attract attention from passing motorists) entitled THIS HOUSE STANDS WITH ISRAEL! For the life of me I cannot remember one household anywhere that ever had a sign saying “I stand with South Africa” in the days in which it was the target of the Capitalist/Communist Coalition.We are more worried about what may happy to Jews than what happened to white South Africans. I blame Scofield for this!

    • There’s a house on Hwy 271, north of Paris, Tx, flying an Israeli flag. A friend of mine in Oklahoma, attends a church where they literally worship Jews. He even says shalom to people. Calls Sunday Shabbat.

      • Y’all know this is the religion of antichrist, don’t you?

        The Church has been Israel-God’s true Israel- [see Galatians 6:16] since A.D. 33.

        Just sayin…

  4. I watched her when Obama was around. She clapped so hard and had such a look of ecstasy on her face I though she was going to die by a massive orgasm!

          • Sorry, no. It’s in my job description.

            ” Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”

  5. We haven’t done enough to “rid our country of the poisonous attitudes we
    are witnessing now.” By that Pelosi means “the Alt-Right feels
    empowered” by the outcome of the 2016 election.

    I take it by “poisonous attitudes” she is not referring to political correctness, antifa street violence or the multicult advocating the de facto deconstruction of the USA as a White (or even Western) nation. Nope, she is referring to the Alt Right which is largely an internet infowar insurgency.

    Interesting, is it not, how the Alt Right has leapt to the forefront of national interest. There is a simmering upsurge among Whites which the System thought was long suppressed. If nothing else, the Alt Right is winning the battle of ideas, the meta-struggle which presages the political revolution.

  6. Thanks for watching so we didn’t have to. It must be a joy for U.S. politicians to speak about Israel – they don’t have to worry about getting called on any untruths or hypocrisy, as long as it all redounds to Israel’s favor.

  7. You know, to a neutral outside observer, it would be utterly bizarre how the entire discourse of our nation has consisted, since Israel’s founding, of politicians, pundits, historians, and entertainers shrieking an endless mantra of “Jew! Jew! Jew! Israel! Israel! Israel! Jew! Jew! Jew! Israel! Israel! Israel! Jew! Jew! Jew! Israel! Israel! Israel!”

    It’s like absolutely nothing else in history has any significance except the frickin’ skypes.

    “Hey, isn’t it great we put a man on the moon just 65 years after the first airplane flight in history?” “Yeah, yeah, but JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!”

    How one wearies of the skype in all its manifestations.

    • John McCain’s daddy, a big shot in USN at the time, was involved in the cover up: An outright betrayal of the American lives lost as well as the lives of the survivors. It seems the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

  8. Brother Nathanael’s Real Jew News: “Pelosi & Her Zionist Jew Enablers”

    “RABBIS AND JEWISH CONGRESSMEN all thronged to Pelosi’s first celebratory event in DC to congratulate the Congresswoman in her role as the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House,” wrote the Washington Jewish Week in January of 2007.

    “Nancy is our Queen Esther of modern times,” exclaimed Jewish Congressman Robert Rush, as a myriad of Jews, (along with Rabbi David Saperstein who gave the keynote address and joined Pelosi on the podium with her six grandchildren, two of whom are Jewish), basked in their Jew-bought politician, Nancy Patricia Pelosi, during the reception.

    Designated in Newsweek’s 2009 list as the most influential rabbi in America and described in a Washington Post profile as “the quintessential religious lobbyist on Capitol Hill,” Rabbi Saperstein represents the national Reform Jewish Movement to Congress. And conversely, Pelosi represents the all-pervasive Jewish movement around which the nation revolves.

    The scope, depth and centralized structure of Jewish influence in the political life of America far exceeds anything which can be conceived as a “lobby.” Nancy Pelosi is a prime illustration of the breadth of Jewish influence-peddling in America.

    The measure of Jewish power must take into account both direct and indirect Jewish influence on national and local levels through which the networks of Jewish influence operate. Jewish power is exercised directly on political decision makers and abetted by the Jewish-occupied mainstream media.

    Jewish influence is exercised indirectly through censure of any utterance by Gentiles that employs the word “Jew” in a critical manner. Jews own not only the political and cultural life of America but the minds and tongues of the downtrodden White Christian majority.

    For further, see Real Jew News.

  9. Leading Roman Catholic politician Nancy Pelosi, regardless of any fake news you may have read, has never been excommunicated or denied the Roman Catholic sacraments. A Roman Catholic Bishop in of all places Minnesota, has said he would deny her the Roman sacraments if he could. That’s one out of how many thousand Roman Bishops in the USA?

  10. Leaders of the most powerful nation in history kowtowing and groveling to a Mideastern desert tribe. The annual ritual of American leaders abasing themselves before AIPAC and declaring fealty to Israel and willingness to use the wealth and power of America to suppress American citizens at home and bomb and kill Arab Muslims and Arab Christians abroad is sickening.

  11. While the traitorous love fest was going on inside something called #JewishResistance was protesting outside. “Drunk on their own Kool Aid, Jews Protest Themselves at AIPAC.” See Daily Stormer story, March 28th. I’m hoping this starts a trend.

  12. If I’d known that learning Yiddish was all it took to start a promising career in politics, man, I could have taken a whole different path…

    • Scum is the core attribute.

      Bob Whitaker? @BobWhitaker2020
      Mar 28
      I would be surprised if, in a society which is based on disloyalty, those who made it up the carious ladders today were not largely scum.

  13. Where is there “a campaign to delegitimize Israel?”

    Is she talking about Muslim BDS activists on college campuses? (Which she supports)

    She certainly can’t be talking about the United States Congress.

    • That jumped out at you too, huh? As much as I’m pleased the alt-right finally made it into the discussion, if she’s seriously alleging our (resented) presence on the margins of the American Right constitutes an existential threat to Israel, that’s pretty laughable!

      • The pro-Israel crowd (Jewish or gentile) is really bad about its paranoia over the strength and station of its opponents. They could own 99.9% of every important political resource, (some think they already do), and they’ll think that the 0.1% they don’t control constitutes a vast pernicious powerful conspiracy to defeat them.

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