Stark: Black Rule Over Whites

James Henry Stark’s book Stark’s History and Guide to Barbados and the Caribee Islands (1893) contains a lot of detailed information about the heart of the former Golden Circle as well as informed but politically-incorrect historical observations and lessons from the point of view of a late nineteenth century educated White man. Stark’s blunt commentary on race relations in particular would likely jolt many Post-Modern readers who are used to approaching the issue from an idealistic point of view. A generous helping of White guilt also often accompanies the Post-Modern approach. But Stark had no racial guilt and was willing to write honestly on the subject rather than dance around uncomfortable realities.

At one point, in his discussion of the possibility of universal suffrage and equality on Barbados, Stark points out:

[T]he world has seen two great examples of negro rule, under entirely different circumstances ; one where the negro, for the first time in the history of the earth, fought and gained his independence and exterminated the white man, his former master. The other, where white men of the Anglo-Saxon race fought for four years some of the most desperate battles in history for the negro’s freedom, and then the victor gave him political rights by which he could rule his former master.

In 1893 the examples of Black rule over Whites which were available to Stark were of the White genocide in Haiti and the Union’s elevation of Black slaves over Southerners during Reconstruction. Since then we have experienced numerous other cases of Black rule over Whites. And it has never gone well.

  • The Rhodesians had their land stolen and most of them were chased out of the country or killed. It is a Class 5 genocide; the White population has been almost entirely lost as the once wealthy country is now mired in corruption and poverty.
  • Two hundred thousand Portuguese were forced out of Mozambique under Black rule. The Whites lost all of their property in a country they had established and lived in for hundreds of years. The Blacks then turned on one another and killed roughly a million people in a brutal civil war.
  • A large number of South Africans have fled the country and a couple thousand have been killed in attacks under Black rule. Their flag, anthem, monuments and many place names were changed and their language is being suppressed by an openly hostile Black regime which is currently threatening to take away all their remaining property.
  • Up to 80,000 Belgians were forced to flee the Belgian Congo as Blacks rose up and took control of the prosperous colony. European names and symbols were removed. And under Black control the Congo fell into chaos, violence and corruption. Two civil wars were fought by various African ethnic groups in the Congo during the 1990s. Despite its enormous natural resources the Congo remains extremely poor.

These are just a few examples. Closer to home we have seen numerous cities and towns which were once safe, orderly and prosperous decline rapidly under Black rule to the point where Whites had to leave. Cities such as Memphis, Birmingham and Detroit come to mind as wastelands of corruption, crime and failing schools. “White flight” is the common term for the mass exodus and rebuilding process with which we are all too familiar.

The lesson here is obvious – or at least should be. It was to Stark and he had far few examples to consider. Black rule over Whites never turns out well for the Whites. It may be permitted out of racial idealism or rigid adherance to democratic values but it is always a terrible idea.

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  1. It’s tragic to consider all the wasted potential of the African continent. What might have been possible there if world war hadn’t slammed the brakes on colonialism?

  2. The French general LeClerc deployed sub-Saharan African forces in Europe at the end of WW-II, soldiers whom Louis-Ferdinand Celine described as, “Senegalese chop-chop troops,” or, “LeClerc and his coons.”

  3. For the record, I’ll say, as I said years ago, to the now-deceased Lawrence Auster, that I’d like to know who coined that term, “white flight.” It’s cunning, in that it’s insulting all-around: It limns whites as craven (fleeing) and blacks as repulsive (fled from).

    • It rhymes a little so it stuck.

      Suburbanization is the Graeco-Latin term I’d guess.

      Nigpocalypse is the other. Nigtron Bomb is my favorite.

    • It’s a code word for Diversity, the anti-White government sanctioned policy of chasing down the last White person. It isn’t cunning or insulting. It’s White Genocide.

  4. ‘Black rule over Whites never turns out well for the Whites.”

    Black rule doesn’t turn out well for Blacks, either.

  5. “Black rule over Whites never turns out well for the Whites.”

    Nor for Blacks either, according to history.

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