Does Germany Want to Survive?

All the signs point to an almost complete lack of will to survive on the part of the German people. Maybe the two world wars and decades of “de-nazification” was just too much for Germany.

The latest news is that Germany is refusing to spend just 2% of its GDP on its own defense (Israel spends 5.4% of its GDP on defense). The BBC reports:

Calls by the Trump administration for Germany and other Nato partners to increase spending on defence have been rejected by Germany.

Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said it was “quite unrealistic” to believe Germany would spend 2% of its economic output on the military.

Other spending such as development aid, he said, should be taken into account.

However, Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg echoed US calls for member states to pay an equal proportion.

In other words, Germany should be protected by the USA so that it can continue to spend its money on foreign aid. Devex reports:

German ODA [official development assistance] increased by 26 percent in 2015, with the country spending $17.8 billion — or .52 percent of its gross national income — on official development assistance that year. That was the largest development budget Germany has ever had, and it goes against the trend of declining ODA among other major donors, including the U.S. and Australia. Much of that increase in budget is due to the money the country has spent on refugees, which hit $171 million in 2014, $3.5 billion in 2015, and is expected to have doubled from 2015 to 2016.

Between 2016 and 2019, German development aid is expected to increase by more than $8.9 billion than initially planned, not including refugee costs. Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble cited the “increasingly difficult international environment” as the reason for this 8.3 billion euros in additional funding — which the German media reported on widely given that it was the largest increase in the country’s history.

So, Germany has tens of billions of euros to spend on supporting millions of people from a primitive culture and hostile religion… but it is “unrealistic” for it to spend just 2% of its money on defense. The Independent reports:

German states spent more than €20bn (£17.5bn) on refugees in 2016, government figures have indicated as Angela Merkel continues to come under pressure for her policy on migration.

…Germany’s government has drawn up a new package of refugee funding for state authorities, as well as plunging money into new housing construction to prevent migrants sleeping in emergency accommodation like school gymnasiums and military barracks.

It seems clear that Germany as a whole lacks the will to survive. It is most dedicated to bringing in hostile aliens and doesn’t care about defending its borders or people. But it is highly concerned with covering up the mass sexual abuse of German women by Muslim immigrants.

The German federal election which is scheduled for September is coming down to a race between Angela Merkel’s allegedly conservative Christian Democrats and Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats. Merkel’s party favors mass Third World immigration and says 2% military spending is “unrealistic.” Schulz’s party favors even more immigration and less spending on defense.

Yes, the AfD is making strides in advancing a moderate nationalist agenda. They represent Germany’s best hope right now. Hopefully they can awaken enough Germans to the destruction of their country and the replacement of their people.

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    • Trump may be engaged in what Trotsky called a “transitional program” to dissolve NATO (Trotsky’s plan was to use the TP to destabilize capitalism to make an opening for socialism.) The idea was to make reasonable demands that could not to met by existing system.

  1. Farewell OD from all of us at the Sage Grouse community chan.

    Don’t be sad it’s over. Smile because it happened!! – Daily Stormer

  2. “So, Germany has tens of billions of euros to spend on supporting
    millions of people from a primitive culture and hostile religion… but it
    is “unrealistic” for it to spend just 2% of its money on defense.”

    Personally, I’m shocked that any country who takes in foreign immigrants would even spend a dime on military defense at all. I mean, that’s the whole purpose of having a military- TO PROTECT THE NATION FROM OUTSIDERS. So if your country is intentionally importing foreigners it would be illogical to have a military. Say one believes in multiculturalism and diversity- meanwhile, Red China wants to conquer the USA. Wouldn’t it be somewhat ‘racist’ to even attempt to stop them? I mean, we’re already going to have a non-white majority anyway so why is it particularly bad if they’re Chinese? I can see the logic, that is if someone actually believes in the values of diversity and multiculturalism (I don’t).

    • When the invader comes in force, the multicultist can no longer pretend that the outsiders mean them no harm.

      It’s all about deniability.

    • If not for the brave front line states of Eastern Europe like Hungary, Poland, Croatia, and Slovenia forming a bulwark, Europe would have been completely overrun by now.

  3. If Germany goes extinct then the largest reservoir of German genes will reside in the American Heartland.

      • Some other interesting developments. Eastern European countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic are offering asylum to any defectors from the West. Some of you history buffs may recall that Germans were purged from those areas after WWII. But now they want them back. Is that wild or what?

        But I think the Eastern Europeans have looked at how developed Western Europe is and they realize that they can import White Western Europeans who could do wonders for their own infrastructure.

        I just hope it isn’t another situation where they have these ethnic minorities from the West. Any fleeing Western refugees must be prepared to fully assimilate to their new countries. Don’t make a basket case of your country of origin only to bring in the same awful ideas to new places, like Californians.

  4. It seems clear that Germany as a whole lacks the will to survive.

    More likely it is the current German elites who are operating from a combination of lack of will to survive as well as outright pro-globalist treason. As for your average German…if they still have the blood of their ancestors, whether Bismarck or Arminius, it is another matter.

    The dilemma is that the elites control the main instruments of public opinion making: media, academia, bureaucracies. They are also increasingly making use of censorship and street violence to suppress the opposition. All this indicates that the elites are losing their grip. Perhaps this is one reason they are flooding their own countries with third worlders…to replace their own population with an atomized mass of malleable individuals.

    Elections are just one front in the struggle. Alternative for Germany can gain some seats in elections, but the real battle will be fought for control of the media and the streets. Right now, nationalists have the advantage with the Internet and social media. This has to be exploited to seize control of the other instruments of public opinion.

    As for the German military, it’s worth reading an account of the post-WWI Freikorps to get an idea of what they can do in a crisis.

    • So long as it is directed at Brown people I’m okay with this.

      Steady on with the Jews and mostly squeeze them out instead of direct confrontation like last time.

  5. Normally when a country is defeated in war it is briefly occupied by the conquering army, forced to give up a few border areas, pay some restitution and then that’s it, they are free to rule themselves again. Not so with Germany. The Germans have been mind-raped for over 70 years. And 1/3 of their prewar territory has been taken away from them. Small wonder then that so many Germans have no love for their own race or fatherland. I fear the damage may be too extensive to repair.

    • What was made over the course of thousands of years cannot be undone in just a few decades.

      The trick is finding a way to free the Germans from the vermin pouring waste into their culture. When the yoke is removed, the German spirit will quickly reawaken.

  6. germans have for decades been subjected to guilt propaganda while in school….made to feel guilty about being german…the nazi war crimes etc…white nationalism…white-guilt propaganda crammed into the heads of young and malleable germans ….that creates warped, masochistic adult germans who hate their own nationality….that white guilt is being exploited by the corporations who want to boost GDP, growth and profits via mass immigration

    • I do not understand why so many Whites are so easily snookered by the Race of Devils called “Jews”. Especially Germans. We are Whites so ready to believe the worst lies and slander, about our own beautiful Race?

      I’m so glad I’m a Celt. So is the brilliant young the proprietor of this blog. His surname is totally Welsh. I and He are of the Race of Tuatha Dé Danann. we are the seed of Angels and Gods. We are the Chosen Race. We are PERFECT and flawless and better than EVERY-ONE else.

      See how easy it is?

      • Wales has no airforce.

        Also Wales is just a variation of the German word for Foreigner.

        Wellas, Wallach…

        Free Siluria!

      • Don’t claim perfection, it is self-worship. It focuses on the material and suggests that we don’t need to improve ourselves. We, as Christians, Whites, and Britons, understand ourselves to be imperfect and as such constantly try to improve, reaching for higher ideals. Besides, believing oneself or ones people to be perfect is a narcissistic form of apathy.

    • If they can’t find a place in the Sun they will sure as shit bring the children of sunnier climes in to make Germany vibrant.

  7. I cannot comprehend the insanity of spending so much money on foreigners while neglecting the well-being of your own people. Neither could any nation’s founders, or there would have been some very strong and clear prohibitions made against it.

    • The Germans have around $300 billion in surplus. They want more tax payers and population.

  8. Nations that turn their face from Gott don’t survive. It has something to do with Ordered Patriarchy which gives bonuses to birth rates, economic productivity, and military prowess.

    While there must have been many, I don’t recall seeing a single church in Germany, or much in the way of religion (excepting Islam, of course).

    I wonder what a map of American religiosity defined by churches per capita, and political resistance to the False Song as defined by supporting Trump at the county level would look like?

  9. Beat dogs or a people down long enough in direct and also in subtle ways and you end up with a population whose subconscious tells them constantly that they’re worthless and would be better off dead. That’s what has happened to our White brothers and sisters in Germany. They don’t want to live and they don’t want to reproduce. They just want to cease to exist. They need to be awakened.

    Of course if you ask most Germans if the above is true, they’ll probably say that they do have self-esteeem, etc. and love life, but I’m talking here about the messages that are in their subconscious minds that are keeping them from multiplying as they should.

  10. Simple fact, if Germany does anything in it’s actual own interests, they’ll be pounced on by the U.S. and Britain faster than a scalded haint. NATO’s purpose is to keep Germany from ever being a white country again.

  11. “The German federal election which is scheduled for September is coming down to a race between Angela Merkel’s allegedly conservative Christian Democrats and Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats.”

    So states the medias. Trump´s move will results in more votes for the AFD by exposing this hypocrisy.

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