Black Lives Matter Philly Endorses Segregation

Black Lives Matter Philly’s upcoming April meeting will be a Black Only space:

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  1. Off topic, but you have to admit that’s an impressive setting, with Philadelphia’s City Hall, in the Second Empire style, flanked, at its rear, with the Art Deco bank building on the photograph’s left and the postmodern office building on the right.

  2. Segregation is good. But, Whites also must demand Whites only meetings.

    Whites need White only cities and towns. Where there are many Whites, things are good. Where there are many Blacks, things are bad.

  3. No White person in his right mind would ever want to attend any gorilla love-in, especially in Niggerdelphia.

    • What is the context of that image ? Were they there to protest Malcom X, or were they there to support his stances against the establishment ?

      • That was the Nation of Islam meeting, not Malcolm X’s Muslim Group. Malcolm X’s Muslim group was in existence less than a year before his death. This was one of the reasons Malcolm X left the NOI and another was the NOI cutting deals with the Klan

        • Yeah, I think it was a 1961 meeting back when Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X were still allies (Rockwell talking about shipping the Niggers back to Africa really got him going on top of what you mentioned).

          Still one of the most hilarious images out there involving American history.

      • They were invited by Elijah Muhammad technically, although Malcolm X did speak at that rally.

        • Rockwell also had some positive things to say about the newly formed Black Panthers, did he not?

    • That wasn’t Malcolm X that was Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam

      Malcolm X’s organization was founded in 1964 and only existed about a year and fell apart at his death

        • Don’t torture yourself, Mr. Cicero – Rockwell never would have impacted mainstream America because he would never have been given access to TV, and, without that, when I was a child, you could not be more than marginal.

          • Anyone of “us” that got on TV back then was a sell out, possible exception being George Wallace. Rockwell didn’t have the kindest of words for him either.

          • Well, they might have been a ‘sell-out’ as you say, Mr. Whitaker, or just plain liberal. That was the day of Edward R. Murrows and Walter Cronkites being the dominant faces.

            As to George Wallace – he was not oft on TV, but, his name was – and they drug it through the mud, over and over, as they did erstwhile Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus, Miss’ippi governor Ross Barnett, and, of course, the most infamous to all White Scalawags – the great Georgia Governor Lester Maddox,

          • I see. Well, as you know, Buckley was a New Englander, and, unlike you, he believed, as do most of your brethren, in the proposition nation of deracinated individuals – only, nowadays, it extends to degenderized and desexuality-ized!

            It’s very troubling, at the least.

          • You may be right. Had he lived Rockwell ‘s influence on White America might not have been much greater than that of Duke or Metzger because back then the country was still largely White and prosperous. Unfortunately things have to start getting pretty desperate before the public finally starts to wake up.

          • Yes, Mr. DeLarge – it’s very hard for you to imagine those times. The enormous strides you have made in your own thinking is largely, if not entirely, due to the massive freedom of access of the internet.

            In the 1960s, in Raleigh, North Carolina, we had ABC, NBC, CBS, and Publick TV, and they all were singing the same tune, on evening news at 6:30.

            There were newspapers, such as The Raleigh News and Observer, but, they were trending towards the TV gospel, and, if you took a suscription to The Washington Post or The New York Times, you got more of the same – the whole world, in great detail, from the liberal anti-White point of view – to such an extent you did not realize it.

            I never heard of Rockwell until coming to this site – nearly a half century after the period in which Rockwell lived.

            Please don’t think I am an exception, in this regard, because I am not.

    • No, there won’t be, Mr. Owens – this because those you mention have already made their contribution in creating these things, and, that so, it would not do to be on the scene.

  4. Dylan Roof is on Investigation Discovery right now 8pm central time. If anyone is interested

  5. If this is being held in a public or taxpayer funded forum and they refuse white people entry then whites need to purposefully attend and when they’re denied entry sue these idiots bankrupt for racial discrimination.

      • If it went to court and the court decided it wasn’t racial discrimination then take it to a higher court and then sue the lower court as well. No one can deny this is racial discrimination eventually some court would agree.

        • “No one can deny this is racial discrimination eventually some court would agree.”

          I respond:

          Oh yeah? I bet Ruth Bader Ginzberg, Elena Kagan and that “Wise Latina” on the SCOTUS could deny you most everything.

          It’s like White Farmers in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe trying to appeal to Mugabe’s Court appointed justices arguing that Mugabe’s War Veterans raping their 12 year old daughters that somehow that violated the Zimbabean Constitution.

          So many White people put all their faith in laws and constitutions that the worst non Whites don’t care anything about – nothing.

          Illegal immigration is supposedly…

          Against the law!

          11-20 million non White illegals show they don’t really care much about the letter of the law. Frankly neither do I.

          Hey buddy….

          Grow a set of **** and start being a man.

          Stop crying and running to the teacher, running to the courts to complain that life is so unfair.

          Be a man.

          • We’re on the same side yet you chose to purposefully insult me like a child. You go to the courts because that’s the rule of law. Would you prefer people take the law into their own hands? Why don’t you try acting like a man instead?

  6. I’ve askt around a bit, where I live, and the Negroes I’ve talkt to do not care for BLM one bit – the segregation part invoking their polite ire.

    • High end negro curve usually gov employed and reside in medium household income. Segregation would be the end of their plush safe community.

      • Well said, RPM, though, there are other reasons, for their stance, as well.

        Thank you for your reply!

  7. I don’t have a problem with this and it indirectly proves White Genocide: Reverse the races and all the usual suspects would be screaming “racist!”, “Nazi!”, “White supremacist!”, “hater!”.

  8. We have open pro Black segregation events here in Chicago. This week is Black Women’s Expo at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center – it’s heavily advertised on TV. This event is in something like it’s 23rd year.

    I created this graphic image (Can be made in to a poster) presenting a very similar event of a “White Men’s Expo” that I somehow don’t think the “Powers that Be” would allow at McCormick Place.

  9. Give it to them! Encourage them! Kieth Ellison, the Buh-lack Full of Vice Chair Muslim of the Demonrodent Party advocated a Black Separatist Country!!! Same wiff Jizzy Jackson. When they get theirs, WE GET OURS. All White Nationalist should be full on with Black Separatist Movements.

    It’s “One Two, Bucket My Shoe, White Comrades!

    • Yeah, but they want five Southern states for the Black Separatist Country. Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina. And reparations, of course. I don’t know how the White Southerners living there would feel about that.

      • Then how about this: Create new sub-states within few states, with minority land area and a fixed amount of votes for statewide elections. This will guarantee minority status forever. Allow state resources to flow into these Nigaroll sub-states only on the basis of their contribution.

      • Give them part of each state to control as their own, with only a fixed amount of minority votes in the state legislature.

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