The Atlantic: The Alt-Right Curriculum

The Atlantic has published an article about how Jewish public school students in Boston are being taught about Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right:

“Dropping a handout with a photo on each student’s desk, the teacher Kathryn Leslie asked the teens to study the picture of Richard Spencer, the leader of the “alt-right” movement who advocates for a homeland just for whites. There was Spencer, the image of confidence, smiling in a suit coat and open-collared shirt as he leaned against a brick wall.

Does Spencer, Leslie asked her Brookline High School students, fit the stereotype of a white nationalist? Spencer had no visible tattoos advertising white pride or hate against non-whites or non-Christians. He also had graduated from college. …

Asked to react to the podcast, nearly every student raised a hand to offer an opinion. While many could understand how white nationalism might increase as a reaction to the country’s changing demographics, some were shocked to hear that Spencer would want whites to live in a separate country. Others said little surprised them, given personal experience with racism in Brookline, a town known for its liberal-progressive bent. …”

Can you believe Richard Spencer graduated from college? Wow. Just wow.

In 2017, The Atlantic is edited by Jeffrey Goldberg and David Frum. Since this is about a class on White identity, I think I will share an article from the February 1901 edition of The Atlantic by Hilary A. Herbert called “The Conditions of the Reconstruction Problem”:

“The dispensing of supplies without price to able-bodied persons must always tend to produce idleness: this tendency of its own work it was the especial duty of the Freedman’s Bureau to correct. The greatest crisis that ever occurred in the lives of four million people had arrived. Slavery had lifted the Southern negro to a plane of civilization never before attained by any large body of his race – had taught him to be law-abiding and industrious. If the guardians of this man, who was bewildered by his new surroundings, and who was clay, though unwashed clay, in the hands of the potter, had shown him the absolute necessity of continued industry the negro would have had at this critical moment the best chance of thrift that was ever to come to him. But, unluckily, this was not to be. Instead of being properly directed, the credulous freedman was in many instances encouraged in idleness, while he was deluded by false hopes …”

Hilary A. Herbert was a Secretary of the Navy under the Grover Cleveland administration. He fought for the Confederate Army and was a congressman from Alabama.

The moral of the story is that racial discourse is a product of its time and place. Richard Spencer’s racial views are milder than what The Atlantic was publishing in 1901. At the turn of the 20th century, the Alt-Right would have been well within the “mainstream” whereas Ta-Nehisi Coates would have been the “extremist.” Whiteness was something to be proud of at the time.

The great moral panic over “racism” was still several decades away. It was a product of the Second World War and Cold War. The legislation and cultural attitudes that came out of that era reflected a moment of hubris in American history when the United States was at the apex of its power.

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  1. If anything Spencer (and “Doctor” Duke) are far too moderate. But as The Atlantic magazine demonstrates the jews do not make any attempt to hide their poisonous anti-White agenda from the public.

    • Honestly, this is going to backfire. Spencer is not some raving lunatic and comes across as reasonable. Some White kids at that school are going to be recruited to the Alt Right because of this stupid shitlib teacher introducing them to Spencer.

        • This was the best part of the Article:

          “The common civic norm of disavowing overt and explicit expressions of racism has not changed, said Meira Levinson, a professor of education at Harvard University.

          “But the question is, how quickly and to what extent will there be a shift?” said Levinson, who has been coaching educators on how to navigate the 2016 election in their classroom. “It is the case already, thanks to Trump’s tweets, statements, and rallies, that he has been redefining certain civic norms and values that had been seen as common and unproblematic.” ”

    • Spencer and Duke are waaay too moderate.

      Hovewer, people that gets into White survivalism because of them may in time become more hardcore than them later and it is our duty to help them in that path.
      Civic nationalism, traditionalism are not good as of themselves but they can be a step to something that is. Even former Alex Jones listeners has become full-blown Natsocs/fascists.

    • Actually they do, they have some liberal channel on Chicago Radio that I came across while driving through Indiana. One guy spouting their marxism was trying to sound all “folksy” like a grandpa on Old McDonald’s Farm. Another show was a pretend Christian Minister they think will serve as sort of a gateway drug to the progressive agenda. Remember how in the 30s and 40s all these New York Jews and Communists dressed up in blue jeans and started strumming “folk” guitars to try to fake membership in what they thought was the “proletariat.” Didn’t work and they abandoned that effort to concentrate on the Negro in the post war period, but their “schtick” was copied by all these latecomers in the early 60s and led to that awful early counter culture of “folk” music with men singing these sissy songs about peace and daisies.

    • It may not relate to the point you are making but I’m amazed the French Army was prevented from gathering ethnographic data about its own forces before ww1. What kind of lunatics were running that state?

      Stunning. You may have stumbled over why the French army failed to perform the mere function of defense in ww2.

      In Mein Kampf Hitler pointed out his experience of depots, admin and staff being the main place you find Jews in the Imperial forces of both Germany and Austria-Hungary. What on earth were the Frogs intent on hiding?

      • That may be, Captain, but, I will say to you that the tactical grasp of modern warfare was appallingly low in all the general staffs of that time, most especially in the French.

        Gone was the Great Corsican One.

    • Madison Grant was as OLD YANKEE as it got. As it has been said before on other blogs, the Abolitionist/Racial Equality cant was largely rejected in the Northern US after the writings of Sir Francis Galton, Charles Darwin and the research of Gregor Mendel showed the truth about race. In the 1890’s you see this strange sort of split in the old WASP aristocracy. While none of them would have supported a Ben Pitchfork Tillman, considering him crude, most privately would admit that Ben was right. You had a few true believers in the racial equality sect, but they were fast dying. Thus you had this bizarre split, while Harvard technically allowed students of all races to attend, it also had classes on Eugenics which stated that Europeans were superior. The problem that the YANKEE had with Race was that he thought that if he IGNORED THE PROBLEM IT WOULD SIMPLY GO AWAY.

      Malcolm X said this was what he came to understand about the Northern White man, that he either preferred to ignore the issues or he would shake your hand talk about brotherhood and do nothing.

      • Madison Grant’s last book THE CONQUEST OF A CONTINENT or THE EXPANSION OF THE RACES IN AMERICA was blocked from sales and publication in 1933 by the Jewish Lobby. Had Mr. Grant written this book in 1913 it would have probably been sold but by 1933 the Jews had locked down sales distributions and promotions so much it wasnt allowed to be sold

          • I believe that was referenced in George Lincoln Rockwell’s book WHITE POWER or THIS TIME THE WORLD i know it was one of the two. Madison Grant during the era of Teddy Roosevelt was a demigod. Teddy and Mr. Grant were friendly and here is what Teddy said about THE PASSING OF THE GREAT RACE

            “The book is a capital book; in purpose, in vision, in grasp of the facts our people most need to realize. It shows an extraordinary range of reading and a wide scholarship. It shows a habit of singular serious thought on the subject of most commanding importance. It shows a fine fearlessness in assailing the popular and mischievous sentimentalities and attractive and corroding falsehoods which few men dare assail. It is the work of an American scholar and gentleman; and all Americans should be sincerely grateful to you for writing it.”
            – Theodore Roosevelt 1917

            By 1925, Jewish Hollywood, Jewish Radio and Jewish Jazz dominated the culture. Jews controlled the Newspapers since 1870 BUT as late as 1917 they WERE NOT ABLE to black out all opinions they didn’t like. By 1933 when Madison Grant’s last book came out the Jewish Kelilah, the ADL, Bnai Brith and the rest joined together to stop it. The Jews got bold after they got Henry Ford to shut up and ever since its been pedal to the metal on the Highway to Hell

      • “The problem that the YANKEE had with Race was that he thought that if he IGNORED THE PROBLEM IT WOULD SIMPLY GO AWAY.”

        This is why “traditionalist” romanticization of the past is not a good thing. They didn´t have the solutions back then failed. The world today is a result of that, it is up to us today to think em up and apply them.

      • My understanding is that the aftermath of WWI marked a turning point when racial egalitarianism started to gain the upper hand.

        • That was exactly when. The Council on Foreign Relations was the backdoor to the United Nations (League of Nations II). Because President Harding refused League of Nations I. A globalist, Elihu Root who had been Secretary of War under McKinley and Teddy, Secretary of State under Teddy and a NY Senator was appointed the first head of the group. The Rockefeller and Carnagie Foundation gave millions to the CFR. At the same time, the Jews consolidated Media and Entertainment when they took control of all of the Radio Networks. That was about 1925 when Zog was fully consolidated in the USA. Combine Prohibition and the Jewish Mob-Perfect Storm

  2. Everyone forgets about Kenneth L. Robert’s, the best selling author of historical fiction, who also wrote an important book called why “Europe Leaves Home” which was a defense of the northwestern Europeans who founded the USA.

    Here is a famous quote of Robert’s talking about the Jews primarily & the others secondarily: If America doesn’t keep out the queer alien mongrelized people of Southern and Eastern Europe, her crop of citizens will eventually be dwarfed and mongrelized in turn.

  3. Well, isn’t it shocking that Spencer made it through college without being thoroughly brainwashed by the multicult?

    Don Black’s son wasn’t so lucky.

    • Don Black’s son is a classic example of why the Alt Right shouldn’t indoctrinate their kids to the hilt. I’m sure Derek Black was sick and tired about hearing of White Genocide from birth. Just let your kids be kids but don’t let them watch Hollywood crap and listen to rap music. Raise kids in a traditional setting but don’t pressure or force them to get into political activism.

      Grooming a kid from birth to be some leader in anything is almost destined to fail. Look at that football Quarterback Todd Marinovich. His dad raised him from an infant to be an NFL QB, eating the right foods and training right. Well, Marinovich made it to the NFL, but he quickly washed out because he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted, something his dad had always deprived him of. Just like Derek Black and White advocacy, Marinovich was no longer much interested in being a QB and took up drugs and surfing.

      Its not surprising at all that someone like Spencer became a leader in White Advocacy given his normal, albeit privileged, background.

      • From what people who know him said about it, I get the impression Derek was always a weak person. How an individual turns out is 80% genetics/20% nurture.

      • Many in the Alt Right have a disturbing lack of social skills. Lack of serious thinking isn´t far behind either.

        • The two are related. Lack of social skills leads to a blindness to human psychology. That leads to a strategy of “just tell the truth, we’re right so people will follow us.”

      • It is a huge mistake to involve any minor in public political activism like Black did with his son. You are basically putting a tremendous burden on someone, a burden that even 99.9% of adult white nationalists will not take on, on someone with no choice in the matter whose views are not fully formed. It’s bound to breed resentment. Putting a kid on national TV as a “future white nationalist leader” is an idiotic thing to do and should not happen again.

        There are other examples of this happening too.

  4. Good. I’m glad kiddos are learning about Dick Spencer in school. No doubt some of them will go home, read up on Spencer, watch his Youtube videos, and be recruited to the Alt-Right. Thanks shitlib Public School teachers!

  5. “It was a product of the Second World War and Cold War.” I’d like to explore this theory more. I’ve been reading a lot about World War II lately, and I am currently reading part of a trilogy about the War in the Pacific. From what I can tell, American soldiers from Marines storming the beaches to the Admirals in the Navy were very racially conscious: the Japs were barbarians, savages. To be killed with impunity. Admiral Halsey’s “kill japs, keep killing japs” comments come to mind. Hell, the decision to drop two atom bombs rather than risk American (i.e. white lives) attacking Japan was a racially loaded decision (a right one too). One of the early architects of the US’s cold war policy of containment, George Kennan, was very much a racialist. He loved Russians, hated the USSR. Amren did a great review of his diaries published a few years ago.

    Where did this come from? Not from the soldiers/sailors/even generals/admirals who won the war. From politicians, academia, media.

    • Nope.

      These cities were not targeted to make Japan surrender (the Red Army attack on Mengjiang, Manchukuo and Korea did that).
      The objective was live test them on civilian populations. After WW2, the US gov deliberately exposed US soldiers to fallouts and the objective of the cold war was quiet simply nuclear genocide on Russians and east europeans. Even East Germany had 93 urban targets, including East Berlin.

      Unwitting accomplices like George Kennan is why the traitors and (((enemies))) prevailed. There is no honorable peace with the System, not in 1940, not in 1949 or 2019 either.

      • That’s out and out false. It WAS to make the Japanese surrender, and in fact they were very close to not surrendering even so. The Japanese were preparing a massive defense of the islands, including large numbers of suicide weapons.

        There are a number of very strong proofs that they believed it was necessary at the time.

        1. The U.S. was conducting a massive additional mobilization literally up to the moment of Japanese surrender; they called up 2 MILLION more men for the invasion of Japan and were in the process of training, arming, and equipping them. Why go to that immense expense and effort if a surrender was expected to be forthcoming? They continued the preparations AFTER the nuclear bombing was ordered, because they weren’t even sure it would be enough to force a surrender.

        2. Truman was hesitant to drop the nukes. The military presented a study, based on in-depth casualty analyses they developed based on a careful examination of casualties in the island campaign based on terrain type, number of defenders, type of assault, etc., which indicated a minimum of 600,000 American casualties during the invasion of Japan. Truman doubted this and handed the information over to a civilian analysis company. These chaps looked at the data and said that the

        3. Truman authorized the use of the nukes against military targets; he didn’t specify a specific target. However, at that point, the Japanese had almost no high-value military concentrations left, with their manufacture distributed to small workshops, etc. The Air Force ended up picking targets that they hoped contained a large amount of workshops, etc., in order to comply at least partly with Truman’s instructions.

        4. At that point, they had no idea of the actual power of nuclear bombs. Those two bombs were originally earmarked for the landings in Japan — the plan was to nuke 2 points on the coast, then send U.S. soldiers in through the gaps created in the defenses. They had no idea about the radiation effects. MacArthur himself would have been swaggering in through the nuclear wasteland, then wondering why his teeth were falling out. In fact, they started building several other nuclear bombs specifically to do the same thing, in case the nukes failed to force a Japanese surrender.

        5. The Japanese didn’t give a rat’s ass about the Soviets invading Manchuria. The Soviets, in fact, waited until the last moment to do so, and in fact, continued seizing more territory AFTER the Japanese surrendered, ignoring the surrender because they wanted the ground. The Japs had stuck their most useless troops in Manchuria — the pensioners, mostly — which indicates they viewed it as secondary to stopping the Americans on Japanese shores.

        5a. It’s true that the Japanese Peace Party sent envoys to the Soviets, but they had no authority to do so from the central gov’t. The Soviets understood this clearly and sent them back to Japan. The War Party was still in control and the populace was preparing for resistance, including training children to carry grenades, approach an American, and pull the pin on the grenade.

        6. Though the Germans had surrendered, the British were ALSO mobilizing more men — they were going to participate in the invasion also, to “share the agony” of the losses, as Churchill put it. Again, if they expected the Japanese to surrender, why summon up more men, arm them, build landing craft, etc. after they had already won in Europe?

        7. The Japanese peace party’s writings at the time referred to the nuclear attack as a “heavenly gift.” With cold Asian logic, they viewed the sacrifice of a couple of small cities as an acceptable price for gaining the very narrow margin of influence that allowed them to create a tie in a supreme council, which the Emperor then broke with his single vote for peace/surrender.

        Really, quit the anti-White propaganda. We have enough people hating on us for every thing we do without joining in weeping and bawling over the “poor, poor little Japanese murderers and torturers and rapists, who dindu nuffin other than try to loose bubonic plague flea-bombs on the West Coast, torture huge numbers of Americans to death, etc. etc.” I get so sick of people on our side yowling in sympathy with detestable wogs while flagellating us for EVERY single thing we’ve ever done. You people might as well be a bunch of white-hating liberals.

        My considered opinion is that they were correct to drop the nukes on the Japanese. Hundreds of thousands of dead white people — and no doubt hundreds of thousands of dead Japanese — to spare the people who started the war and carried it on with the utmost barbarity against the hated round-eyes?

        The “testing on civilians unnecessarily” myth is just that — an anti-White myth along the lines of the utterly fictional “smallpox blankets.” They were preparing for a massive, extremely costly invasion of the islands. They decided to try the nukes as a last-ditch effort. The nukes worked, barely.

    • From what I have read, the shift happened with upperclass young WASP men who were too young to fight in WWI. Their fathers were racialists like Grant, but they started to gravitate towards racial liberalism and even Marxism while college students in the 1920’s.

      • By 1920 Frans Boas had been teaching at Columbia for 25 years. The shift started really in the Ivy League. Remember the Ivy League was PRO-NEGRO during the 1850s, the War happens, after the war they become pro Eugenics and ANTI-NEGRO but they still have token integration.

        Jews begin becoming prominent in the 1880s so the Ivy League and most integrated schools across the USA begin imposing informal Jewish quotas and most schools also imposed Negro quotas. These collapsed in WWII. In fact if you look at the football teams of almost all Northern colleges PRE WWII there were maybe a handful of Negro players before that time period. WWII brought the official integration of most Northern schools when they actually stopped using quotas.

        The liberalism took about 20 years to really seep down from the Ivy League into the State institutions and it wasnt overnight it was a bit at a time

    • “…Hell, the decision to drop two atom bombs rather than risk American
      (i.e. white lives) attacking Japan was a racially loaded decision…”

      I would be fully ok with it if it was true but this is not true. There are new unclassified documents that showed that the Japanese were going to fight for every last square inch of their territory. We got this from stolen diplomatic intercepts that we decoded so it policy that they were telling each other. All the stuff about the Japanese surrendering are all made up from whole cloth. Truman rightly, considering the millions of casualties to Americans, decided to bomb them with nukes first to see if that would change their minds and it did.

  6. Racist in a three piece suit meme. Actually, if they really wanted to teach students about white supremacists they’d zero in on Bob Whitaker, someone they scrupulously avoid. They’d have to expose kiddies to the Mantra, the truth of which becomes more evident everyday.

  7. I hope I don’t ruffle any feathers, but, history would indicate that Mr. Spencer is likely to get killed, unless he gets himself some security.

    The Jews will create the atmosphere, and then an actor will appear to do the deed.

    For this reason, I worry about you, Mr. Griffin. I hope you carry concealed, everywhere you go, and, as well, your wife.

    We are not far from a 4th generation war, and you, Sir, are bound to be a prize target.

    But, even if you are not concerned for yourself, I ask you to take precautions, because what you do for is is not replaceable, not at this time.

  8. All Christian homeschooling families should take note of this and have mini-classes to educate their children on Jewish subversives. Maybe even do a paper on the Alt-Right or Kinsim. Perhaps do a book report on Robert E. Lee, or on something written by Dr. Duke. We can play the same game to preserve our people.

  9. It certainly helps if people have parents who teach them to think for themselves, as I did. The liberal propaganda I was exposed to in college, went right into the memory toilet, which is where it belonged.

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