OD Twitter Gagged For Opposing Neocon Warmongers

In the last 24 hours, I haven’t tweeted about anything except for opposing neocon warmongers and their plan to launch a devastating new war in Syria:

Anyway, I have no regrets. It was the right thing to do. I guess someone is very unhappy with my tweets. Maybe it is some cuckservative senator like Lindsey Graham or John McCain.

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  1. We are watching in real time what they did to Chamberlain.

    It’s morbidly fascinating. It would be nice to be able to publicly comment on it.

  2. I ll pay $10 for a Russian/Syrian based Twitter style tweet account

    Sort of like an off shore Swiss Bank

  3. This is one more reason why nationalists must create their own social media and information warfare technologies. We can not rely on the opposition to control communications.

  4. Google: “Bari Italy 1943 mustard gas”

    In late 1943 the German Luftwaffe struck the Allied port of Bari in Southern Italy. One of the American cargo vessels was carrying a load of mustard gas, a weapon of war banned by international treaty. The German bombs caused the gas to be released, resulting in many deaths among the Allied military personnel and Italian civilians living or working near the port.

    The Allies covered up the true nature of the event until long after the war was over.

  5. I got knocked off twitter about 2 weeks ago. The only thing that I can figure is that an exchange that I had with Ali Velshi was my crime. I did not initiate the conversation with Velshi. He started it, when he replied to a comment I had made to his employer NBC/MSNBC about his conduct & treatment of Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan.

    Velshi was badgering & being disrespectful to Jordan who was patiently trying to explain the healthcare issues. I was interested in hearing what Jordan had to say, not in the noise of a Canadian Muslim.

    Btw, just remember Twitter is owned by a stinking Irish Roman Catholic named Jack Dorsey. The Irish Catholics are starting to stink as bad as niggers sweating at election.

      • Yeah, Dorsey does look pretty fruity. Naturally, being a good Roman Catholic he rolled over under pressure from the homosexuals, Jews, Moslems & other special people.

  6. This is not fascism it is a re-run of the allies in ww2.
    If Trump does this he’s likely doomed.

  7. @AfterThought

    Yes, the Alt-Right got the fascism they’ve been calling for at long last. Zion-Fascism. Hows it working out for you kids?

  8. I hate this new commeting system about as much as I hate Twitter. And I hate Twitter a lot.

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