NY Magazine: ‘Perfect Sense’ for Alt-Right to Abandon Trump

Jesse Singal argues in a recent New York Magazine article that “all of this should be seen not as a shocking parting of ways, but as a sensible move for the media personalities of the alt-right. Renouncing Trump, and eventually abandoning him, might actually be the most advantageous play for alt-right celebrities trying to maintain their peculiar online kingdoms, while handling the weird ramifications of having won.”

Singal conflates the Alt-Lite (Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich) with the Alt-Right and gives three reasons we are parting ways with Trump over his missile strikes against Syria’s military:

1) It gets us attention. Here Singal is correct if we are talking about the Alt-Lite and Watson and Cernovich. Singal correctly points out that “They are constantly growing their brands, growing their followers, and trying to poke their way into every conversation.” Cernovich is first and foremost a brand – a way for him to make money and get attention. He has jumped from one thing (Gamergate, manosphere, Alt-Lite) to another to get followers. That is not us. Sure, we want to spread our views and see them gain popularity with the public. But we do so as believers in our cause, not to make money. We work real jobs, support our families and promote Right-wing identity politics in our spare time because we believe in the message. We are not primarily a commercial brand.

2) It allows us to stay in the opposition. This is incorrect. We always based our support of Trump on what he could do for us in restricting immigration, breaking political-correctness taboos, protecting our industries and jobs, promoting identity politics for Whites and opposing the Neo-cons’ foreign policy. We want to win on these points. The prospect of winning animated us. We were excited about defeating our enemies. Unlike the cuckservatives we do not like losing for “muh principles.” Having Hillary or Jeb in office would be better for us if we just wanted to be in opposition to everything the US president did. We agree with them on practically nothing.

3) It feeds our narrative on Jewish control of the System. Singal is basically correct on this. Trump campaigned on an openly anti-globalist platform and then surrounded himself with globalists (both Jews and mainstream globalist GOPers like Nikki Haley) once in office. We never expected pure nationalist leadership from Trump but to say that he has been a disappointment of late would be a gross understatement.


The big point that Singal misses is that our opposition to Trump’s attack on Syria is consistent and principled. I opposed the US war against White Christian Serbia in the 90s which made the Balkans safe for Muslim expansion and terror. I opposed the US war against Iraq which destabilized the country, took out a secular leader who kept the radical Islamists down and unleashed an awful civil war. I opposed US attacks on Libya that took out a secular leader who was holding back the African hordes who wanted to flood into Europe. I opposed US intervention in Syria on behalf of the so-called “moderate rebels” (ISIS). That intervention led to a civil war, the migrant crisis in Europe and the expansion of ISIS. It also nearly toppled a Christian-friendly, Western-educated and moderate leader who held the country together and was helping to make it prosperous. None of these wars were good for us or in any way bettered our lives. And none of the alleged bad guys (Serbia, Iraq, Libya or Syria) was a danger to us here.

We have long opposed US intervention on behalf of Muslim radicals and the Neo-con agenda of taking out Israel’s potential competitors in the region in the name of “spreading democracy.” The wars mentioned above were a massive waste of blood and treasure. This is not to say that we are against war in any and all cases, but we are against wars for Israel, wars to spread democracy and wars to line the pockets of the military-industrial elites. The Alt-Right grew out of that opposition and its present position against Trump’s aggression is principled and consistent.

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  1. Agreed. My main reasons for voting for Trump were: 1. The Wall. 2. Getting rid of illegals. (I want ALL of them, including the “legal” ones, ejected, but you’ve got the start somewhere). 3. Breaking the hold of Political Correctness/the MSM. 4. No more military adventurism, and rapprochement with Russia, one of the few remaining countries that even semi-resembles a white ethnostate.

    I’d be happy to celebrate him unconditionally if he attempted to meet those 4 objectives. Messing up on 4 is particularly loathsome because it endangers the other three, both through distraction and by energizing the fricking neocohens and libs.

  2. @Ironsides…

    My motives were similar to yours, only add that my first was what would be his appointments to the courts.

    Like you, if your #4 don’t work out, that WILL be sad, but, still does not change my other motives for voting for the man.

    I mean, – can you imagine this country with two more Kagans or Ginsbergs on the High Court?

    I can’t, though, it surely would have happened with Miss Hillary in office.

  3. One more thing – I said, all last year, here, that Donald Trump not only does not dislike Jews, he loves them, and that he is NO White Nationalist, in any way, shape, or form.

    This didn’t seem to bother anybody then. Some even told me I was being a spoiler, in fact.

    My question to y’all who now so despise him is this :

    What if he does surround himself with Jews?;, and what if he does continue The Same Anglo-American-Rothschild Middle East policies?; but, deports millions of immigrants, revives a moribund economy, and sets about tax and healthcare reforms that help folks, in addition to putting justices on the courts which allow states to assert their sovereign rights.

    Will you still be hating him?

  4. Well, sir, if he does what you say, I’ll retreat to cold neutrality towards him. Assuming, of course, that he doesn’t get us into a hot war with Russia, either — though if he does that (which it looks like he might), then our problems will be solved rather abruptly and permanently.

  5. @Ironsides…

    Well, Sir, I would most certainly agree with you that if we get into a war with Russia, nukes or not, his presidency is an irredeemable disaster.

    Yet, in such a case, he could not be given all the blame, as the United States Government has been bullying a lot of people a long time, and, eventually, somebody would stand up to it.

    That said, I think ‘the nearness to war drama’ is like a publick theatre being given – like tow cocks parading their feathers who have no intent on having it out.

    Ambassador Haley already signaled from the U.N. today, that The Administration has no intention of going any further. unless.

    Both Assad and Putin are reasonable men, as is Trump, which leads me to believe that there will be no ‘unless’.

    Have a good night!

  6. We’ve given up on sensible US foreign policy so many times. If we would have allied with Russia, stayed with NATO(while pushing them to spend more on their defense), stopped the invasion from the Muslim world (we could have easily done so with drones, satellites and our troop carriers to land them back on the beach they left), reduced tensions with Iran and stopped the middle eastern wars by allying with Assad and rooting out ISIS, we could have spread good will in Europe, Russia and provided a counter balance to China but no the Jews had to fuck it up.

  7. Jesus, what a bunch of fair weather fans here now denouncing Trump when a few weeks ago he was a “god emperor.” So the guy lobbed some missiles at Syria, how do you know Syria didn’t do it? They’re all a bunch of blood thirsty savages. Regardless of where it came from it gave Trump a needed opportunity to look tough to Xi Jipeng and Kim Jong Un as well as downplay the “Russian Puppet” meme his enemies have been running with. I just hope he remembered how getting involved over there derailed Bush Jr. presidency and notice how effective Obama was subverting here at home by not getting involved. Some here must really have expected him to name Jared Taylor David Duke and Richard Spencer to his cabinet?

  8. @Nightowl2548 He said he wasn’t going to get us involved in these stupid wars. He tweeted about 15 times about how stupid/insane it would be to attack the Syrians and trigger World War III.

    We’re not turning on him like “fair weather friends” because we’re not turning on him because he hit some storms through ill luck or the enmity of others. He manufactured the storms, personally, intentionally, because he is an utter, absolute, shameless, worthless LIAR who said one thing loudly and frequently, then gleefully did the opposite just 80 days into his presidency.

    I didn’t think he’d name any white nationalists to his team, but now it looks like Bannon — the finest of the lot — is on his way out and we’re now openly the servants of Israel.

  9. Has it occurred to anybody that Trump shot those missiles to outmaneuver his critics re: Trump/Russia “collusion”? I find it VERY interesting that this “gas attack”(LOL!) and Trump’s retaliation happened around the same time as Devin Nunes recused himself from the House investigation of Putin’s Trump puppetry.

    I’ve also been reading that while Bannon was removed from the Principal’s Committee of the NSC he’ll still be attending their meetings which leads me to think this was just a feint on Trump’s part to reinforce the perception he created with the missile strike. Thereby defanging the Democrats and the Neo-Cons in the Republican party.

    Also I think that Trump allowing DAPA and DACA eligible illegals to continue to sign up COULD be a tactic to draw these illegals “out of the shadows” and make it easier at some later date to round them all up. After they’ve filled out all the forms including providing their home and work addresses.

    Of course he could just be cucking. But we won’t know for sure right away.

  10. People on the left generally won’t admit or acknowledge that the real “far right” has been consistently anti-war on principal. They are always analyzing the right by trying to tie us the the center right to discredit them. That’s where you get this denial from. They desperately want to think that mainstream cuckservatives are just neo-nazis in disguise.

  11. “it’s simply laughable for anyone to have thought the rich asshole wasn’t going to engage in foreign misadventures.”

    The alt-right is laughable, yes.

  12. It didn’t have to be a misadventure to dismantle Israel’s next door neighbor.

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