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  1. If Trump (he’s no longer “President Trump” to me) thinks sucking up to the jew warmongers and cuckservatives is going to make them stop attacking him and his family he’s wrong. The attacks will only intensify, because he will be rightly perceived as a weakling and a fool.

  2. The jig is up, we were Conned again. Conservatism is the real evil. Everyone one the left understands what they are for. Cons are just rubes.

  3. (((Conservatism))) really really likes launching Talmudic… err… Tomahawk missiles at the Middle East.

  4. I thought it was like a time machine back to Bill Clinton’s Cruise Missile Diplomacy. Big theater, choreographed victims and little effect.

  5. The Deep State has taken over. Trump has finally proven beyond a shadow of a doubt it doesn’t matter who we elect. Well I knew this a long time back but now it should be obvious to all. The machine moves without anyone at the helm

  6. Looks like we don’t have 4-8 years left…the South needs to pull out as soon as possible…

  7. You’ll never get a better president until you get a better system. And the swamp is still not drained.
    Something will need to give some time thus century, be it overthrowing the government and correcting the system or a Southexit breakaway. The South are YOUR states. You live in them, breath them and know them. if Washington doesn’t deliver, this could be a viable option. Most nations were born this way.
    Us whites are rightly sick of Jews, wars , the Left , the Neocons and thirdworlders. We’re tired of sorting THEIR problems out…..facilitated by Jews.
    The Whites are not responsible for the problems of the entire world.
    In closing – yes Africans are starving and in all kinds of dire straights. What are THEY doing about it?…….

  8. Yes indeed, Trump has now openly betrayed his “America First” rhetoric to strike Syria for the interests of Israel. I am glad that the Alt-Right is waking up to who we have in the White House. The election of Trump has conclusively proven that no longer who is elected to the Presidency, white Americans will be betrayed into the hands of International Jewry.
    The white identity conscious and “anti-Semitic” Alt-Right fought to elect Donald Trump (civic nationalist who disavowed Dr. David Duke) so that Trump could literally put Jews (Kushner) in the White House and carry on the (((Neo-Con))) foreign policy of Dubya.
    I stated my reservations about Trump saving America in my election day post “Five Things That Today’s Vote Will Not Do” on my blog. Trump has now openly betrayed working class whites who wanted a non-intervention foreign policy and for the Federal taskmasters to lessen the burden on our people. What a day this is. Reality can be bitter.

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