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  1. Why is there no rage against this clown, McMaster? Why do we give military people a pass when they are willing participants in the destruction of this country and the whole Western World? I am not talking rank & file though I do put blame on them to a lesser degree. I am talking about the whores in the Pentagon and the others which includes the queer crap, pumping the military with anti-whites, etc. Who is worse? The ones who gives the orders or the ones that willingly carry them out? I’d say there’s real equality in that mission.

  2. I do not support the Myrmidons – and haven’t for a long time. NO fucking excuses.

    The TrumpenTool is kicking off Armageddon, at the behest of his Demonic Masters. Kushner is the Anti Christ. I am not joking.

    Get ready. This is NOT a drill.

  3. I wonder if any servicemembers will refuse to fight in Trump’s / Kushner’s war of Zionist aggression? Naturally the kike-run press would single them out for abuse as “traitors”.

  4. I really didn’t expect Trump to carry out the Clinton foreign/war policy. The Wolfowitz Doctrine lives. Israel calls the shots in Middle East policy. Voting and elections and promises mean nothing.

    Will Trump really start WWIII? Is he psychologically able to back down when necessary to avoid it? Can this now-inevitable war remain conventional? The regime change cry is now at fever pitch. Reports of US troops, artillery and tanks crossing into Syria from Jordan. True? Tillerson’s planned trip to Moscow called off by President Putin? What a mess.

    Those who start WWIII should lose it…

  5. “Kushner is the Anti Christ. I am not joking.”

    Denise, the bible appears to state that the anti-Christ will rise out of Jordan. That’s Jordan, not Jersey. But, seriously, perhaps the anti-Christ isn’t a man but a “religion”. It is rising…. no? It is rising in power each passing day. Judaism. Perhaps Judaism itself is the anti-Christ. You can’t get more obviously anti-Christ than their words and deeds.

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