After Trump: Making Dixie Great Again

The Trump Train seems to have run off the tracks as of late, or at the very least, lost most of its steam. Though the “Make America Great Again” effort has not been successful, the movement has in many ways been beneficial to the alt-right, including the alt-South. If I may, I would like to propose a few positive aspects of Trumpism that we can build upon to help the Southern identity movement.

1.Federalism. As a reaction to Trumpism, blue states have once again started to rediscover the beauty of states’ rights. Sanctuary cities have vowed to fight the federal government attempts to enforce federal immigration law. There has even been some talk of making all of California a sanctuary state. In response, musician Charlie Daniels proposed creating sanctuary cities for unborn babies. I’m not sure how serious he was, but the idea has merit.

As foolish as we may find the blue states’ reasons for pushing states’ rights, we can be pleased that the supremacy of the federal government is being challenged, and take the opportunity to challenge it ourselves. We may keep the notion of Southern independence as a long-term goal, but focus on smaller, more manageable steps in the meantime. I think a short-term goal should be cultivating local and state-level leaders who will, like sanctuary city mayors, use selective law enforcement and their bully pulpit to push back against federal and administrative overreach.

2. Culture. We have always known that Hollywood and the entertainment industry were run by people with lifestyles and values far different from our own. During the nastiness of the 2016 campaign, the facade slipped like never before, and the contempt with which our celebrities view red-state America was on full, ugly display. Some celebrities even openly called for our demise.

We don’t need them. They need us. We need to stop giving our money to people who not only hate us, but who in many cases use their money and fame to actively work against our interests. Cut the cable. Stop going to movies. Use social media to make known why you are doing this, and encourage others to rethink their blind consumption of Hollywood garbage.

Another offender, though to a lesser degree, is Nashville. The music of Dixie has been distorted and exploited by music industry suits turning what was once an honest expression of the Southern soul into pablum to maximize profits. Not all big artists have “sold out,” and there are plenty of lesser-known artists doing wonderful, authentic music. We should seek out and support these artists.

3. Commerce. Big business has been part of the cultural juggernaut pushing our culture to the left. Lately there has been some successful push back. During the campaign season, several large companies made their distaste for Trump supporters known and were called out for it. In the past year, Target embraced the LGBT agenda with their trans-friendly restroom and changing room policies, and Starbucks announced their intention to hire 10,000 refugees. Both chains suffered headline-grabbing hits to their bottom line. As with Hollywood, they have forgotten that they need us more than vice versa.

We can take this trend further. We can actively seek out local alternatives to businesses with agendas counter to our interests. Besides not giving money to our adversaries, small business owners will appreciate the support, and our communities will benefit.

4. Communication. The alternative media, which used new technology to bypass the legacy media outlets that were once the gatekeepers of information, played a large role in Trump’s upset electoral victory. As they attempt to regain control, online censorship efforts have been steadily increasing. Big Social sometimes bans disfavored accounts entirely, and also employs more subtle algorithmic methods to surpress communication of black-listed topics or users. Lately, they have begun to hit independent media in the pocketbook, demonetizing content that is “controversial,” “hateful,” or otherwise not “advertiser friendly.”

We can help by supporting worthwhile independent reporters and outlets with clicks, shares, and even financially if possible. Many honest, brave researchers and reporters who are not supported by the establishment depend on their readers and viewers, and if enough regular viewers and readers make small donations, it can make a big difference in their ability to do the work we value. We should also seek out, and support, smaller alternatives to the Big Social sites that have demonstrated a commitment to the free exchange of ideas.

5. Identity. One of the greatest services that the Trump phenomenon did for us is to break the stranglehold that political correctness had on our national dialogue. Ideas that were once left unspoken, or only whispered, are now being discussed and debated. This can only help the cause of Dixie.

The cultural Marxists have, in the past few decades, succeeded in stigmatizing the Confederate flag and all things Southern to the point where many of our fellow Southrons have been deterred from defending their identity at all. Because of the taboo against respectable people speaking well of Confederates, many others have only heard the Yankee revisionist version of American history. We are now freer than ever to correct the record and defend ourselves and our forebears. We should do this as often and aggressively as possible.


  1. If nothing else the unlikely success of the Trump campaign demonstrated to the arrogant, out-of-touch (((elites))) that there is a lot of discontent among working and middle-class White Americans, especially in rural and Southern areas. So we can at least be thankful for that.

  2. Building a wall and solving the immigration problem is “so difficult”, but trillion dollar wars can be started on a whim.

    Pro Whites Against Trump.

  3. @Miss Emily…

    I think you are right about looking on the upside. Many things The Lord has blesst us with in the last year.

    As to Blue States once again rediscovering the beauty of states’ rights, they’ll forget about it as soon as they can get back into office.

    As to making Dixie ‘great again’, the biggest obstacle to that are our Southron Brethren, themselves, for, oh, so many of them do truly love The Yankee Empire and have the idea of not being enslaved to it.

    I agree with your course of action. It’s very sound, and more than a few of us are working on that, already.

    All the best to you!

  4. Trump was never totally a “White” nationalist. But he was the best choice at the time… compared to Hillary.

  5. “blue states have once again started to rediscover the beauty of states’ rights.”

    They never lost the beauty of states rights. They nullified the Fugitive Slave Act. Massachusetts created the right of one state or states to level war against another state or states, when they sent a private army into Missouri and Kansas. A right the Blue states kept to themselves. The States of Ohio, in collusion with the State of Pennsylvania, created the right of a state or states to create another state out of the territory of an existing state. “West’ Virginia.
    But denied the Southern states the right to succeed and organise a state known collectively as the CSA.

    “the supremacy of the federal government is being challenged, ”

    The Blue states are the Federal Government. They’re not challenging the Federal Government, merely exercising the suzerainty the won, by war, in 1865. The North, along with her political allies on the Pacific Coast, are still at war with the South and now the Interior West, as well. They will continue to insist on their supra rights, gained by right of war and conquest, and to insist that the Constitution be “interpreted”, rather than read, because it supports their superior claims, whereas read straight, it does not.

  6. @Afterthought…

    ‘Federal Judge strikes down Texas voter ID act.’

    Don’t worry – it will go right up to the Supremes, and, thanks to president Trump’s recent nomination, will win 5-4

  7. @RB…

    ‘Building a wall and solving the immigration problem is “so difficult”, but trillion dollar wars can be started on a whim.’

    I learned this as a young man. When a woman does not want to date you she has no time. When she does, she’ll meet you at 1:30, if needs be.

    ‘Pro Whites Against Trump.’

    No, Pro-Whites need to focus on developing a constructive platform to attract people, only a portion of which is resistance to the system.

    Pro-Whites have to stop hating and whining, and get busy with building up structures that will work over the long haul.

  8. @Don Gates…

    ‘A really great, uplifting post. Very good. A good analysis of the immediate past and a good outline of a course of future conduct. Well said.’

    I second that.

  9. I pretty much take exception to being called ‘Ultra Right’ when all I want in life is employment, safe streets, people around me who are on the same page and have similar background, to not be at war and for our jobs to be safe from offshoring. I’m not ultra anything. These views were still mainstream as recently as the 1960’s, now its ULTRA something. It implies that our ideology us somehow extreme and unreasonable.
    We need to reclaim the mainstream – its where we used to be.
    Are the Chinese, Koreans and Japs Ultra- Right as well, as they have the unity and safety we’ve always argued for.

  10. We now have the Internet…free of Jew/leftie influence- so take advantage of it and use it wisely and productively. Reach people by telling them 80% what you’re FOR and 20% what you’re against. Articulate your position calmly and intelligently – know what you’re saying and don’t sound like you’re still twelve. At all times be truthful. Everything we support is based on facts that back us up, so we don’t need to lie. In fact, some are offended by the truth – doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said. Notice how those opposed to free speech are those most afraid of the truth?
    The 21st century will present our race and culture with a fork in the road where we must finally decide if we fight or die away. With this in mind, we need to reach, and influence as many as possible.

  11. States Rights: We need to setup build-the-wall originations where people can make tax deductible contributions to build and maintain our own walls and deny these political liars the opportunity to promise they are going to build them for us…build a combination of a fence and a 60′ wall topped with razor wire separated by a no man’s land planted with land mines to make them impenetrable and keep these welfare suckers/murders/thieves/terrorists out…

  12. States Rights: We need to setup build-the-wall organizations where people can make tax deductible contributions to build and maintain our own walls and deny these political liars the opportunity to promise they are going to build them for us…build a combination of a fence and a 60? wall topped with razor wire separated by a no man’s land planted with land mines to make them impenetrable and keep these welfare suckers/murders/thieves/terrorists out…

  13. The odd thing is this. If you go back to the United States ca 1915 the 50th anniversary of the end of the war and only the 38th year since the end of Reconstruction the idea that Southern ideas or Southern imagery was something to be ashamed of was unheard of. All over the South they were building Confederate monuments, hosting Confederate picnics you name it. Birth of a Nation was wildly popular in both the NORTH and the SOUTH and the depictions of Negroes in the naescent advertising industry of 1915 was always as a shucking jiving coon. The GOLD DUST TWINS, Goldie and Dustie from the Gold Dust Washing Powder Company, two pickaninnies were among the most popular advertising trademarks in the USA. Countless companies in 1915 and up to the 1950s used Coon imagery.

    The last Confederate General Gen. John McCausland died in 1927 at his home in Point Pleasant WV. The last two Yankee officers, General Adlebert Ames former Mississippi Gov died in 1933 in Florida and Captain Aaron Daggett who was a brevet General died in 1938 outside of Boston. The year after Daggett’s death GONE WITH THE WIND became one of the most popular movies in history. The high water mark for Southern Culture.

    Following WORLD WAR II the Frankfurt School and the American Communists realized that to enslave the American FUTURE you had to PERVERT THE PAST. They first did this by changing how folks reacted to images. Through the Rockefeller Foundation, these Communists gave money to groups that worked to change advertising. By 1955 almost all of the major advertisers banned Coon imagery and all Black imagery to such an extent the Negroes began to complain that advertising was too white. The conquest of history, so-called Neo-Abolitionism in which the War was seen strictly and presented through the lens of the Marxist Dialectic was next. Southern Imagery was WRONG because it represents White Christian Civilization so all of it, from Coons and Mammies to Beauty Pagents and Neoclassical buildings have to be destroyed. The ANTI-SOUTHERN meme played heavily throughout 1950s and 1960s tv shows and up to the modern day.

    in 1905 on the FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY of the end of the war, PRESIDENT TEDDY ROOSEVELT spoke these words in Roswell Georgia

    “It has been my very great good fortune to have the right to claim my blood is half southern and half northern, and I would deny the right of any man here to feel a greater pride in the deeds of every southerner than I feel. Of all the children, the brothers and sisters of my mother who were born and brought up in that house on the hill there, my two uncles afterward entered the Confederate service and served with the Confederate Navy.
    “One, the younger man, served on the Alabama as the youngest officer aboard her. He was captain of one of her broadside 32-pounders in her final fight, and when at the very end the Alabama was sinking and the Kearsarge passed under her stern and came up along the side that had not been engaged hitherto, my uncle, Irvine Bulloch, shifted his gun from one side to the other and fired the two last shots fired from the Alabama. James Dunwoody Bulloch was a commander in the Confederate service…..
    “Men and women, don’t you think I have the ancestral right to claim a proud kinship with those who showed their devotion to duty as they saw the duty, whether they wore the grey or whether they wore the blue? All Americans who are worthy the name feel an equal pride in the valor of those who fought on one side or the other, provided only that each did with all his strength and soul and mind his duty as it was given to him to see his duty.

    In 1907 Teddy Penned the following about his Confederate Uncle, James Dunwoody Bullock, the most powerful Confederate in the United Kingdom.

    “My mother’s two brothers, James Dunwoody Bulloch and Irvine Bulloch, came to visit us shortly after the close of the war. Both came under assumed names, as they were among the Confederates who were at that time exempted from the amnesty. “Uncle Jimmy” Bulloch was a dear old retired sea-captain, utterly unable to “get on” in the worldly sense of that phrase, as valiant and simple and upright a soul as ever lived, a veritable Colonel Newcome. He was a commander in the Confederate navy, and was the builder of the famous Confederate war vessel Alabama. My uncle Irvine Bulloch was a midshipman on the Alabama, and fired the last gun discharged from her batteries in the fight with the Kearsarge. Both of these uncles lived in Liverpool after the war


  14. +JAMES OWEN The States of Ohio, in collusion with the State of Pennsylvania, created the right of a state or states to create another state out of the territory of an existing state. “West’ Virginia.

    The odd part of the whole West Virginia thing is that in 1776, the people in Southwest PA, Trans-Allegheny Virginia and Eastern Kentucky tried to be recognized as a 14th State called Westsylvania. The Congress refused to hear the matter. This state would have encompassed everything from Pittsburgh to the Cumberland Gap. For this reason and because of the Jeffersonians refusal to spend money in the Trans-Allegheny there was a lot of hatred for Richmond. Only about 1/4th of Present-Day West Virginia actually supported separation from Virginia, the Lincoln govt arbitrarily drew up the rest of the boundary lines, chopping off the northern Shenandoah.

    The Wheeling Cabal as it was called, was a consortium of wealthy businessmen in the Northern Panhandle who exploited the situation presented by the war. The old families of Wheeling were for the most part Confederates. Noted among these are descendants of Ebenezer Zane the founder of Wheeling, Zanesville OH and the trailblazer of the Zanes Trace. Ebenezer’s Great Grandson Edwin Greathouse Zane was a Confederate Calvary captain who died of wounds sustained at Gettysburg. Zane Grey the author was a cousin of Captain Zane. There were others throughout Northern WV who joined the cabal. Stonewall Jackson’s own sister Laura Jackson Arnold was such a staunch Unionist she helped nurse wounded Yankee soldiers. I am not quite sure why the part of West Virginia which was then the B and O corridor now where US 50 runs was very ANTI-Confederate during the war. Likely just impoverished malcontents who hated Aristocrats. Something like that.

    Strange thing was after the war when Confederate Democrats took over West Virginia, they still refused to reunite with Virginia.

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