The War on “Evil” – Alawites & Branch Davidians

“Assad gassed his own people, we must fight evil wherever it rears its ugly head!” This is the typical narrative that the media, establishment politicians, ordinary people, and even (and unfortunately) President Donald Trump parrot when confronted about justifications for recently attacking the Syrian Shayrat airbase. On the surface this is a compelling argument (assuming the accusations of intentional gassing are true). However, I think it behooves us to deconstruct this narrative and look deeper at the issue.

First, I want to disclose that I’m no expert on the Syrian conflict. However, that can be said of pretty much everyone in the West, and even if one is well versed on the subject, how can any Westerner with genuine intellectual honestly declare one faction in the conflict “evil” and another faction “innocent“? As a Westerner with no vested interest in the outcome, it is tenuous to make moral judgments about the belligerents in their civil war. All we can do is state facts – and, those facts are hard to ascertain and verify.

Let’s go over some basics. I did a little refresher reading before starting this essay on the causes of the Syrian Civil War, which is 7 years in the making. Again I am no expert, but gathering undeniable facts is the first step.

The Syrian war is part of the larger “Arab Spring” that prompted the assassination of Momar Qadhafi in Libya and uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. The world was also grappling with the economic fallout of the Great Recession that resulted in the US stock market crash in 2007, which in turn was due to a housing bubble caused by ill conceived sub-prime Wall Street lending practices. Yes, the Arab Spring can, in part, be attributed to the global misery that greedy American Empire investors had caused (American fuck-ups seem to be a common theme with global instability.) By the way, that sub-prime housing bubble was caused by egalitarian lending regulations imposed by the Bill Clinton administration in the 90’s. His disastrous polices also weave into other themes that we will discuss.

Syria is led by Bashar al-Assad, a secular president of the Alawite ethnic sect. Many of the rebels in the Syrian conflict are Sunni Muslims. Before starting this essay I was unaware of this, but evidently the Sunnis make up the majority of the Syrian population and the rebel factions. It is interesting to note that Assad is supported among minority religious sects, including Christians. Yes, you read that correctly. Assad’s government is protective of Syria’s minority Christian population. You won’t hear that on NBC, CBS, ABC or even FOX News.

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For a nation that codifies Freedom of Religion in its first Constitutional amendment, it seems rather odd that the United States would declare a secularist president who protects minorities, that practice the same religion as its own majority, as the embodiment of evil. But alas, the American Empire is no longer a Christian nation and neither are most nations in Europe (Western Europe anyway). We are de facto Jewish (look who makes up Trump’s cabinet at the very least) and it is not in Israel’s interest to have a secular neighbor that stabilizes and protects religious minorities. They would lose their eternal victim card if they didn’t antagonize the Syrian regime and support Islamic extremists who are openly hostile to the Christians. Perhaps this is also why the pro-Christian Russians are aiding the Syrian army? But what do I know, I’m just a dumb Southerner with no say in the matter.

Western media will claim that the Sunnis (again, the majority religious demographic) are freedom fighters battling oppression. This runs counter to Western egalitarian narratives that claim that the majority (in our case *badwhites*) are always the oppressors in any situational dynamic. This is a good place to point out just how murky the waters can be when trying to decide who the “good guys” and the “bad guys” are.

Let’s delve (and challenge) even deeper (and more nuanced) into the simplistic good guy/bad guy narrative and sovereign leaders attacking their own people. Even if we believe that Assad attacked the rebels with a chemical agent, is there really any moral difference in blowing up “innocent” people with explosives versus killing them with gas?

On February 28th, 1993 and culminating on April 19th of the same year, a compound held by the religious commune in Waco, Texas known as the “Branch Davidians” was held under siege and ultimately bombed, burned, and leveled by United States ATF and militarized FBI forces on orders of then-president William Jefferson Clinton.

Guess how many died? About as many as were reportedly killed by Assad.

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Their supposed crime? Suspected weapons violations. There were never any claims that the Davidians, led by David Koresh, had killed anyone or harmed anyone outside of their compound in any way. There was never a trial for these government accusations. Sure, David Koresh was a nut and these types of cults eventually include the leader sleeping with the men’s wives, but is that worth razing a community to the ground? Hell, as far as women go, there’s probably not that vast a difference between Bill “‘You Better Put Some Ice on That” Clinton and Koresh.

Rumors were also spread by the media that Koresh had been engaging in sexual acts with underage residents of his compound. But again, nobody ever stood trial, and by all accounts the Branch Davidians were peaceful and engaged in no hostility with the community at large.

The Davidians, while bizarre and strange to most normal folks, were essentially a “Christian” related religious cult which sought to get off the grid and disengage from secular society. They were not militant “muh white supremacists” and many members were black, but a successful commune such as this could be seen as a model for segregationists seeking to uphold their fundamental human right of freedom of association. That’s a big no-no in light of the globalist egalitarian schemes that the Clinton administration was pushing and they would have none of it.

Several combat engineer vehicles (tanks), grenade launchers, .50 caliber weapons, and tear gas were deployed to attack the residents of the Davidian compound. All of this because Koresh and his followers were engaging in their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, and a once protected right, and still morally principled right, of freedom of association. I contend that the latter violation of egalitarian Weimarican values is the real reason that the Davidians were so brutally slaughtered.

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The events of Waco, Texas are not some far off, long ago, forgotten piece of American history. Most adult residents of Waco can still recall those events, and even as we are experiencing the first 100 days of the Trump administration, his political opponent in the 2016 election was Hillary Clinton, the wife of the president who ordered the 51-day siege and attack.

Bill Clinton and his Attorney General Janet Reno faced quite a backlash in the eyes of the American people for the events at Waco. However, he was never accused of being “evil,” he never faced any consequences, and no coalition of United Nations or NATO forces attacked the ATF or FBI headquarters in retaliation for the incident. The fact that William Jefferson Clinton won re-election in 1996 and his wife was a legitimate contender for the presidency this past year is a testament to the hypocritical standards that the (((globalists))).

In the wake of Donald Trump’s decision to attack the Assad regime for their sovereign decision to bomb rebel forces, engaging in the attempted overthrow of his government, it is clear that globalist forces and the Deep State are too firmly entrenched to defeat them (currently) democratically. The only power that we on the Alt-Right have is the truth.

Spreading the truth far and wide is our only weapon at this point in the struggle…please do your part to spread it, one person at a time.

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  1. I remember seeing the Waco Compound burn i was 16 then. Made me mad then and it still makes me mad. Words cannot describe how much I physically hate these people, Bush Clinton all of them.

  2. I remember watching that in college as we all gathered around the TV. The only Jew in the group cheered his ass off and when I pointed out there were women and children involved he said “f*ck em. they are all Nazis.!

  3. Good article boys! I will repost it on my profile. I was a child when the feds burned Waco, but I remember it. That is one of the events that woke me up to the patriot movement in my teens, before I had my racial awakening. The people at Waco were different, but peaceful citizens. The Feds murdered them, just like when they laid siege to Randy Weaver shortly before Waco. For those not up on the Ruby Ridge tragedy, I have a blog essay on it at this link:

  4. “Assad gassed his own people, we must fight evil wherever it rears its ugly head!”

    I know, right? And what about Abraham Lincoln?

    Yankee Empire hypocrisy is so glaring that you don’t even have to peel it back – as it just glares at you.

    And it’s always the same playbook – demonize anybody, so that, once the publick is behind you, they feel licenset to do whatever they wish to them.

    It’s, oh, so tiring. Anybody feel like raising a Confederate flag?

  5. I know a Syrian Christian dude. His whole family fled to Germany after the Civil War erupted (he has been in America for over a decade). He said the Alawi aren’t really Muslim and that Muslims hate the Alawi. Make no mistake, the Syrian Christian and Alawi populations will face genocide if America overthrown Assad

  6. @Billy Ray Jenkins…

    ‘I remember seeing the Waco Compound burn. I was 16 then. Made me mad then and it still makes me mad. Words cannot describe how much I physically hate these people, Bush and Clinton … all of them.’

    I second that, Mr. Jenkins.

  7. Of course Jews don’t give a damn about Christians. It’s a religion they’ve hated and been at war with for 2000 years.

  8. @James Owen…

    ‘” Anybody feel like raising a Confederate flag?”

    Everyday, Junius.

    That, Sir, is the winning answer!

  9. As expected from a puppet posing as conservative, the (((inspired))) ultra-Catholic president of Poland, Andrzej Duda – married to Agata (((Kornhauser))) Duda, has declared his “full support for the military operations that USA have carried out to stop Bashir al-Assad”. He even urged the rest of the civilized world to fight the Syrian “tyrant”.

  10. Poland has always gone along with American adventures, they sent thousands of troops to Iraq.

  11. @Miss Lucy & Mr. Finkelstein…

    ‘As expected from a puppet posing as conservative, the (((inspired))) ultra-Catholic president of Poland, Andrzej Duda – married to Agata (((Kornhauser))) Duda, has declared his “full support for the military operations that USA have carried out to stop Bashir al-Assad”. He even urged the rest of the civilized world to fight the Syrian “tyrant”.

    What would y’all expect, what with Poland in between Germany and Russia?

    It’s the same situation as 1939 – and the Polish government is basically allied to the same Rothschild Inc, only now it is not so much centred in London as in Washington.

  12. The enduring image of Waco for me was a photograph which appeared in Time, Newsweek or US News back when I read such drivel. It pictured 3 or 4 black men wearing camouflage plants and wearing black ATF tshirts. They were smiling and high-fiving while in the background the compound was aflame.

  13. I remember hearing back then that the Texas Rangers wanted to examine the scene and was refused permission by the Feds. It was quickly bulldozed.

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