No More Globalist Wars

Note: This piece was written before Trump declared that the US would not invade Syria. That is, however, not the primary point of this article. But, who knows what might happen next week – the neocons could be calling for ground troops in Yemen.

In light of recent events, it is not too far-fetched to consider that there may soon be yet another official theater in the never ending War on Terror. Just as the lines in the military recruiting stations were out the doors before the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent surge; it is not inconceivable to imagine this scenario once again repeating itself. This is surely alarming to the majority of identitarians and nationalists living in America.

Especially alarming is the amount of enthusiasm for this potential war that I’ve seen from many acquaintances and passersby. No one is really all that sure why it would be such an awesome idea to invade Syria, but dammit, it’s the right thing to do! Assad is a dictator who gases the children of his country, just like Hitler gassed all those poor Jews. There’s no rhyme or reason to it; he’s just an evil man! Americans love themselves a good war, even if nobody really has a clue what exactly makes it “good.”

This general attitude of starry-eyed, misguided patriotism possessed by many Americans is nothing less than ideal for the machinations of the managerial class. The military has transitioned (heh, in more ways than one) from being a force that protected the nation’s borders and acquired land and resources for the nation to being the bludgeon of international finance and foreign interests. This blind adoration that many Americans have for “the troops” is well-documented and critiqued by many (for example, Lew Rockwell’s website), but it is still worth remembering that this is a major obstacle to us. This blind support of military action is just one more cog in the machine by which we are hastening our own dispossession, especially in the case of Southerners.

Statistically, the military of the United States is majority white; and, of course, as you start looking specifically at jobs in the combat arms, such as the Infantry, it just gets whiter and whiter. Personnel in these jobs obviously suffer the highest mortality rates and physical/psychological trauma. Who makes up the majority of these white personnel in the military? Southerners of course. When looking at the rest of the country, we notice, of course, that the Yankees are conspicuously under-represented in the armed forces in regards to their population.


That proud, Southern tradition of familial, military service passed down from father to son has been twisted to suit the needs of the globalist, American Empire. There is no honor in going to war for something as trivial to us as ousting an evil dictator in Syria (if you actually believe that nonsense). Sure, there have been countless displays of the personal honor and courage of individual service members over the past century, but what do we as a people stand to gain from these endless, uncertain wars? The correct answer is absolutely nothing but our own accelerated destruction. This is not an attack on those who have honorably served either; it is just a harsh reality.

We, as Southern Nationalists (and the greater Alt-Right), must not stay silent on this matter and must stamp out the foolish cries of misguided patriotism when we hear them. For too long, White men- especially Southern, White men- have fought, bled, and died for an Empire that does not care about them. The strong argument could be made, in fact, that the Empire hates them. The Empire, also known as ZOG, wages selfish wars and treats brave, young men as pawns to further the interests of globalism, international finance, and foreign states such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. Some of these dangerous idiots calling for war might claim that “we’ve got to go to war to defend our freedoms!” What freedoms? The freedom to shove a dragon dildo up your butt or the freedom to mutilate your genitalia and call yourself a woman? For this our best and bravest are dying in far-off deserts. “No more globalist wars” must become our mantra.

In conclusion, speaking to the young, White men who may be contemplating military service, I know that many who read this might just blow it off. I know; I’ve been there. I dreamed of jumping out of airplanes to close with and destroy the enemy when I was a child too. But those are childish thoughts, given the context of these wars. This isn’t a game, or some Nietzschean/Darwinian struggle for power or self-mastery. You are seriously considering dying in a desert to further the power of an Empire that doesn’t even represent you, and has not for some time. The America Empire is evil, and outside of hopes for personal achievement and camaraderie, there is nothing to be gained by serving it. Your birthright is here waiting for you to claim it; not in some Godforsaken desert. Fight for Dixie, not Israel.

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  1. When was the last time the demonic jew thanked the White Southern soldier for his service in advancing Zionist world domination? If anything the jew has contempt for White rural Southerners and NEVER misses an opportunity to ridicule and revile them.

  2. To all the young men and women who’ve died in these obscene, useless wars…..its ok – the political elites did pay you their respects…
    They died for a government that doesn’t provide safe streets, is committing genocide against their race, is offshoring jobs to China and tax you to death whilst handing endless amounts of foreign aid to failed states that give nothing back. Money that should be for Americans. Folks….thats what they’re fighting for these days.
    And has any war actually been won since before Vietnam? That conflict alone should have taught us something.

  3. We already have about 5,000 troops in Iraq, more than 4,000 airborne in Kuwait, and around 1,000 in Syria. These are all ground forces in place and do not count the various air and naval forces in the area. Mattis wants to add another 30,000 to 50,000 to attack ISIS. Some have put the number as high as 150,000. They would enter the region via Kuwait and Iraq, bypassing the Russians on the Syrian coast.

    The candidate I voted for has disappeared.

  4. I still don’t understand why we need to go after North Korea. Sure, the Norks are talking about firing nukes at everyone. When HAVEN’T they been talking about firing nukes at everyone?

  5. Confederates can do plenty of good by belonging to groups – from the Militias, State-Tea Parties, KKK, Advocacy Groups, Civick Groups, and Churches, and speaking about not buying into The Yankee Empire and the whole Americana tripe.

    Many will think you crazy. Some will not, and we will, as we have been doing, build on those some who do not think it crazy.

    Don’t worry about the national scene. It’s out of our control.

    Take back your own county, and then, when there seems little opportunity there, go right over to the next county and begin your work there.

    It’s all perfectly legal, by the laws of The Lord and man, and nobody can stop you.

    Spend less energy fretting and meditating on race, and more energy politicking where people know you and your family, and build on that.

    A lot can be done.

  6. I wish there was a state by state breakdown of this. I wouldn’t think the numbers for Missouri would be so low, being that it is a Southern state but I reckon it’s weighted down by the other states in its group. Worth noting the entire Northeast from the Mason Dixon to Canada is white.

    Yankees and Immigrants dominated the Federal Army from 1861-1880’s or so. There were also quite a few Southrons from Kentucky and West Virginia in the Federal Army as well. I remember reading that after the war, the first Southrons to really embrace the Federal Army again were Texans and that was because of the Indian wars. Texas, unlike most of Dixie always had a strange relationship with the Federal Army. I read in a book once that thousands of poor Texas boys flocked to the Federals after the war, mostly to fight Comanches. As late as the 1898 Spanish-American war, it was worried that the South wouldn’t support the action in Cuba as it had only been 21 years since Reconstruction ended. Surprisingly Generals Fitzhugh Lee, Thomas Rosser and Joe Wheeler volunteered to go and they and others whipped up support in Dixie for the efforts in Cuba. Following the war which was short but popular Dixie fell back into line and was again dominating the Federal Army.

    By World War Two had a Southern Nationalist said something ANTI-WAR he would have been lynched. Even Vicksburg Miss between 1863 and 1898 barely celebrated the Fourth of July and after the Spanish War began celebrating it only sporadically. It wasn’t until WWII that the celebration became widely accepted in that city.

  7. Unelected U.S. President Jared Kushner is thankfully helping to create the disunited states. What an insult to the voters does he symbolize, and a real slap in the face. The upside of course, is that his ilk should further motivate the whites to finally wake up and undertake the required action to ensure their racial and cultural security.
    I’m guessing the Kushners of the world will be held accountable, and by the middle of this century. Remember when you’re down, you can only go up…and thats what we’ll do.
    I’m tired of ‘but they’re human beings fleeing possible death’ (pass me the tissues). WE WERE NEVER ASKED TO BE ENRICHED! WE NEVER ASKED FOR ENDLESS WAR.
    And sharia law anyone? No thanks.

  8. @Billy Ray: During WWII colored troops were always led by White Southern NCOs because the War Department knew they were the only ones capable of handling the nigras. Funny how the jews and commies waited until that war was over before they began pushing for desegregation. They knew their side could only win using White troops.

  9. Lets see Chris Kyle, Audie Murphy, Alvin York, what did they all have in common?The Alt Right has coined a good term in the world Patriotard. In reality Patriotism is from the Latin word for father (Pater). Thus is its original and most pristine sense loyalty to a kindred stock. What passes for patriotism in this Globalist Occupied Government (GOG) in which we live- the kind of patriotism extolled by John Cena in a popular You Tube video- is NOT patriotism but the very negation of it!

  10. The patriotards are a real pain in the arse.

    It’s pretty much pointless to try to use reason with these types the same as it’s pretty much pointless to try to use reason with open borders immigration Jews.

    My advice is to treat them like misbehaving family dogs. Rub their noses in dog poo. Certainly don’t tolerate their nonsense.

    If you are up for it, attack their sense of honor. Tell them there is some Saudi Arab rich fat guy in the town that thinks that since you do all these wars for them that you should therefor also let him F$*%&$ your wife and daughters.

    Also, suggest to his wife or girl friend that she should leave as he’s a cuck, an idiot etc..

    I also like to put the word out about these types that they are drug addicts. That they actually believe the lying propaganda on cable news, since they believe the Neo Conservative war propaganda they must also believe the BlackLiesMatter and Saint Trayvon propaganda.

    When you are around these types, especially family members – don’t let them watch TV. Treat them like children.

  11. @more of the same…

    ‘Patriotism, the last refuge of a scoundrel.’

    Anti-patriotism – the first instinct of a traiterous coward…

  12. I’ll try to write a blog about the history of the Turkish Muslim conquest of Constantinople, lots of the Balkan Christian communities and the Muslim Sultan and his top guy’s rather rough policies regarding enslaving the conquered White European Christians – sexual slavery for the girls and military service slavery for the White Christian boys.

    These White Christian boys were taken from their villages by the Turkish Muslim occupiers and then raised as Jannisary slave warriors to serve the Sultan. So in key times like the sack of Constantinople, the White Christian Greeks had to look at blue eyed White Jannisary slave warriors leading the attack.

    Our Southern boys in the US Military are now slave warriors to the Israelis, the Jews – but also sometimes also to other Muslim elites like the Saudi and Kuwait royals.

    So treat these Southern boys in the US military as well, slave warriors for the Jews, for the fat, disgusting Saudi Sunni Islamist royals. Ask if they have to provide sexual favors to their slave masters.

  13. I find the whole “for the children” argument hypocritical.
    We starved 500,000 in Iraq. Our drones killed more.
    And we have the Abortion Holocaust (((some hate calling it that))) here.

  14. Did anyone see the World War II movie “Enemy at the Gate”? It’s about a sniper duel between a German top guy and a young Russian, I think it’s in the Battle of Stalingrad.

    There’s a scene where thousands of Russian/Soviet troops are being thrown ahead to be slaughtered and they are under armed. The Soviet Communist propaganda guys have a megaphone and telling them”

    “You have one rifle for 2 men, when the man ahead of you is killled, then pick up his rifle to go ahead”.

    It should be like that now, but the reality is the US ZOG military keeps US casualties low and relies on high tech weaponry, air attacks etc.

    Look what happened in Somalia – the US forces lost ~ 8 guys and the mission was scrapped.

  15. @More of The Same…

    ‘winbornmill, That’s the point. Flag waving traitors use us time and again.’

    Thank you for the clarification. If you put it that way, I’m 1,000% behind you.

  16. All the Commissars in that Enemy at the Gates film were identified as Jews btw. How that slipped by the censors I do not know.
    vasili zeitsev played by Jude Law was a dumb but talented goy sniper used by the Jewish commissar to help Soviet troop morale.

  17. I love the South and really like Southerners especially the folks I have met here and through the League of the South.

    That said, White Southerners now this year 2017 have some weak points – just as other groups of White, non Jewish Americans have weak points (liberals, feminists, snobs etc).

    Here are the 2 worst weak points with White Southerners,

    1) Virtual unconditional support for all Neo Con, ZOG wars, “Support the Troops” – there was very little opposition in the South to World War I, World War II, or the Neo Con ZOG wars against secular Arabs in Iraq, now Syria.

    Hell, few Southerners really said or did anything in opposition to the USA under Clinton and M Albright bombing our kinsmen the Serbs to create a Turk Muslim beachhead in Kosovo Serbia! What the F**** was with that?

    2) Worshiping Black SEC and Baylor Black thug rapist Football Players. “College” (in name only) SEC football and NFL – Negro Felon League football is still the overwhelmingly most popular cultural/sports spectator sport in the (White) South.

    Come on guys, make the switch to College hockey and the NHL. Do you really want your sisters and daughters getting raped by Baylor, Vanderbilt, U Georgia Black football players? It’s like the White Southerners in 1980 still voting straight Democrat party tickets because:

    “My Daddy was a Democrat and my Grand daddy was a Democrat, so by God I’m a Yellow dog Democrat” – this at a time when the National Democrat party is solidly in the hands of the likes of Jessie Jackass Jackson, Jacob Javitz, Harvard and Yale marxists, Hollywood Jews etc.

    Fortunately White Southerners have broken their addiction to the Democrat party, it’s a problem that they now are getting addicted to the corrupt, Neo Con, Goldman Sachs national republican party.

    Where’s the choice?

  18. Perhaps Trump is playing 4D chess. He can’t get anything done with these parasitic globalists, and, so a plan is hatched. Go along with a strategy and smoke the weasels out. A mild strategy but an effective one. We bomb a Syrian airbase (because we know McCain has helped plant chlorine gas in it), alerting both Syrians and Russians beforehand, and play along with the lies while getting rid of aged weaponry. Note: does the Sarin gas narrative fit the pictures of rescue? Then, allow nature to run its course. He finds out that indeed the information given to him by his “most trusted” advisors was indeed flawed. Now, he’s got ample proof that there are traitors in the house. And, so, a tale begins…..

    Who knows?

  19. Feel good story to balance the heavy doom and gloom atmosphere here, lately.

    Teen accidentally kills himself on Instagram Live as friends watch

    A Georgia teen was livestreaming a video on Instagram Monday evening when he accidentally shot himself.

    Malachi Hemphill, 13, was rushed to Gracy Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, where he was pronounced dead, news station WXIA reported.

    His mom, Shaniqua Stephens, was home when her son fatally shot himself while handling the gun in his bedroom in Forest Park, Georgia. She said he had been trying to put a clip in the gun.

  20. @Jack Ryan…

    ‘Our Southern boys in the US Military are now slave warriors to the Israelis, the Jews – but also sometimes also to other Muslim elites like the Saudi and Kuwait royals.’

    The Empire – The Jew England Yankee Government, Israel, and The Rothschild System, are one, and consider everyone in the world subject to them.

    Somebody is going to have to teach them a lesson.

  21. @Jack Ryan…

    ‘I love the South and really like Southerners especially the folks I have met here and through the League of the South.

    That said, White Southerners now this year 2017 have some weak points – just as other groups of White, non Jewish Americans have weak points (liberals, feminists, snobs etc).’

    Everybody, individually and collectively, has weak-points.

    It’s a big reason why Holy Matrimony is exactly that – a holy sacrament of The Church, because we need longterm partners to help even us out, and, ideally, to protect us from our lacks.

    That said, sometimes the partners we choose, and or chose us, do the opposite.

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