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  1. That Daily Shoah graphic looks like the cover art for Black Sabbath’s album “Master of Reality”.

  2. “It’s been pretty good up until, fuck, dude, seven days ago, right?” (5:46)

    Yeah–unless you were a relative of that Navy man whose life Trump threw away while the alt-righters were still sleeping off their post-inauguration hangovers.

  3. So glad to have McFeels and Halberstram back:

    The Alt Right is back, having had is greatest week ever post-Syria.

    What was the problem?

    The Alt-Right and Trump were not clicking post-election.

    On our side, we were not prepared to be partners to power (undisciplined, too extreme).

    On Trump’s side, he is either a betrayer, stupid, or both.

    As we broke with Trump we simultaneously are regaining our old form; not coincidental.

    We ceased fighting with the alt-lite; not coincidental.

    We are talking again about geo-historical earthquakes, like Partition and “burning it all down”; not a coincidence.

    What are we all about? I’ll sum it up: there is an enduring natural order in the universe to which we – individually and collectively, presently and our posterity – are best served by accommodating our lives to that order. We have a right to assert the interests of our people and the obligation to reciprocate to friend and foe alike.

    In concrete terms, God wants the nations, and humanity does not have to give way to what comes after man, be it robotics, AI, trans-humans, or the brown tide. We go to the stars with our genes, culture and language intact.

  4. This is exactly what ((they))) want. Division in the alt right. Just let Trump do his thing. He’s outsmarted every news outlet and politician that was running and the entire cuck establishment. Give him some credit. Wait till election time and THEN vote him out if he fals us. Don’t be so quick to jump off the train. Who else you going to go with?

  5. “Don’t be so quick to jump off the train. Who else you going to go with?”

    They aren’t going with anyone. The consensus is the system can’t be fixed, so they want to destroy it all. TTGH

  6. @John Bonaccorsi…

    Great comment. You ought have your own Alt-Right blog.

    You might do some good, over the coming years.

    Again, truly great penetrating analysis!

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