Visiting Auburn

I did some recon on the Auburn University campus this evening:

It was already like this when I got there which was about 5 PM this evening.

Someone had distributed tons of these sticky fliers all over Auburn’s campus. By the time I got there, many of them had already been ripped off, torn, covered up or written over with political messages. Clearly, there are two groups contesting public space. It appears that Kek has an underground following at Auburn University which isn’t surprising. There are White Student Union and Identity Europa fliers cropping up on campus. I didn’t see those while I was there, but the opposition has posted photos.

Note: As I write this, we have people converging on Auburn, AL from all directions. Auburn is shaping up to be a major Alt-Right event and if you can be there tomorrow evening you ought to come check it out. We’ve seen some antifas claiming to be on the ground now.

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  1. What better way to celebrate the anniversary of the Fuhrer’s birth than by cracking a few commie skulls?

  2. Afford them all equal rights- the right to a belting of equal measure whether they’re male or …… kind of female. Belt blacks and commie whites equally …. don’t discriminate. Make it look like self defense. Look like the good guy but come out on top. Kick femmo butt.

  3. Sounds like things are developing rapidly. Keep your eyes open, don’t be intimidated, and watch each other’s backs, guys! Hail victory!

  4. @Solidus, I hope nobody gets hurt. If our side can just have our say, uninterrupted, then nobody need be. The Left expects this right for themselves, but are violent if others try it. All they have to do is back off, shut up, and let us speak. Ideally, nobody should get harmed, but these are professional troublemakers.

  5. Here’s what looks like the best video of the violence after the event. The Antifa (very large) throws an elbow to the face of our side’s (very large) security guard. It’s hard to see if it lands, but after all is done, he’s got a nasty cut and is bloodied.

    It looks like a rather full on MMA/UFC fight – our guy gets a good take down, some others (our side) get in a few (not very substantial) kicks. Then the cops break it up and arrest both combatants.

    It’s clear their side initiated the violence and our side then fought back.

    It looks like we did OK, appropriate physical force. I hope we have legal defense so the system doesn’t just screw our body guard.

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